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Poster SZ James

30 November 2014 - 08:39 PM

What a friendly guy

Mason or Robinson, who would you put #1 waiver priority on?

20 October 2014 - 03:38 PM

I like Robinson because he comes with WR eligibility. But I feel like Mason is the better back.

"The Fappening"

02 September 2014 - 06:32 PM

What is the argument against this being a criminal act, CarolinaCoolin?

(Keep in mind the guy who hacked Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis' phones got 10 years in prison, so any argument you make is going to make you sound retarded ftr.)

Luke sack gif

17 August 2014 - 08:15 PM


A Theory on Gettlebro's Strategy for the Offensive Line.

10 May 2014 - 10:09 AM

We all know Dave loves his Hog Mollies, and so do I (We are using this as an unflattering term for thick girls, right?)


He came from a team in New York that won two Super Bowls, largely thanks to a dominate defensive line and an offensive line that kept Eli Manning upright, allowing him to attempt poorly-thrown passes and get bailed out by his receivers.


Seattle this past year is another good example. Suffocating defensive line, and defense in general, and an offensive line that overpowers all who come before them!



Except, not so much on that last part. Russell Wilson was sacked on 9.6% of passing attempts last season. That's good for absolute worse in the NFL. Our game against them in the opener, where he ran around fearing for his life, was a sign of things to come for our defensive line that year. But it was also a sign of things to come for Russell Wilson. Seattle's offensive line couldn't block MadHatter trying to berate a welfare recipient if it were 5 on 1.


What they do an above-average job of is opening holes for Marshawn Lynch. Wilson has good numbers thanks in large part to the fact that he actually does really, really well when he's UNDER duress (remind you of anyone?) and he had receivers that could bail him out (that one shouldn't sound familiar) Wilson, like Cam, makes good decisions even with dudes in his face. And despite how terrible their line was, Seattle's done little more to help Russell than we have. They reached hard for a dude who probably won't even play anytime soon in the second round. That's it.


Which brings me to my theory: Dave wants guys who will bulldoze a path for our stable of RBs. Pass protection, for the short-term, will take a backseat. They're going to focus on opening up lanes and giving Cam security blankets for the inevitable situation where Byron Bell gets confused and thinks he's supposed to NOT block people.  Amini's best improvements his rookie year came in pulling out (not like that) and run-blocking. We just drafted a dude to probably start at one guard position whose favorite past time is showing dudes how good the turf smells during running plays.


I still think we'll take a tackle in short order on day three, but don't be surprised if he's of the road-grader variety. They're going to take advantage of Cam's mobility and count on that to mask O-Line woes, at least for this season, and hope it pays off as well for them as it did for Seattle last year.

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