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#1133182 guys there is literally a 0% chance that gabbert will be any good

Posted by Verge on 07 April 2011 - 09:38 PM

that was fuging amazing, but really guys? you're giving me the "cool story bro" treatment? whats next, chuck norris jokes?

Sorry, never heard of him
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#1130980 Some more info.

Posted by Verge on 06 April 2011 - 05:45 PM

So my friend that works within the organization who told me Cam Newton would be the pick is singing a different tune. Apparently the word around the Panthers organization is that Cam was not impressive in his interviews/workouts, and the Panthers will not draft him.

Now he says this is not direct information as he had almost nothing to do with Cam's interviews and what not (Only three people did I assume), but the word circulating around is that Cam will not be the pick.

Again, take it for what it is worth.

#1128783 Now that it's almost certain Cam will be the pick, what are your thoughts?

Posted by Verge on 05 April 2011 - 02:42 PM

Dareus and Green are the leading contenders at this point, followed by Peterson, and then MAYBE Cam...

Nope, it's all Cam at this point unless he does not have a great interview, then I kind of expect it to be Green.

#1124771 So I might as well admit it...

Posted by Verge on 03 April 2011 - 02:34 AM

The pick is not going to be Gabbert, the pick is not going to be Mallett, Green, Locker, Dareus, PP, or Fairley.

I talked to an inside source earlier this evening and well, he is about 90% sure the Panthers are taking Newton. He isn't the highest player on their board but apparently they have pretty much fallen in love with him.

In my three years of knowing him as a source he has been wrong about only one thing the Panthers have done, and no, this isn't some bull poo "My cat is the inside source."

Embrace the Newton.

#1124243 Cam Newton Arrested.

Posted by Verge on 02 April 2011 - 04:23 PM


#1123458 Siefert on Newton - Myth & Reality

Posted by Verge on 01 April 2011 - 10:18 PM

You're delusional. Just because Gabbert was better than Favre and Warner in COLLEGE doesn't mean those stats will transition to the NFL.

....Yeah...I know.

That is EXACTLY what I was pointing out.

#1121803 April First Mock Draft.

Posted by Verge on 01 April 2011 - 12:29 AM

Here you go, you all knew it was coming.
Also, yes this does belong in general discussion because who puts the mock drafts in the draft section? Pft.

1. Carolina Panthers
Posted Image
Andrew Luck

The best qb to come out of the draft since Jesus Christ himself stepped foot upon the grassy field. He has the arm of Jamarcus Russell (if there was an actual rocket attached to his arm), the mind of Peyton Manning (if he were Einstein), the speed of Michael Vick (with rocket ice skates on frozen butter), and of course the accuracy of BP's risk management group. How do you not pick him, they should probably even trade up into round 2 just to draft him again for safe measure.

2. Denver Broncos
Posted Image
The ultimate defensive prospect, he can play the super saiyan 1 technique, super saiyan 2 technique, super saiyan 3 technique and of course the all important giant ape technique, lord knows that is the only way to get through that beast of a tackle that the Raiders have in Jamarcus Russell.

3. Buffalo Bills
Posted Image
Plaxico Burress

I'll be honest here, they need to win now, and the only way to do that is if they draft Burress and have him shoot the corner covering him in the leg every play. Can you say Ryan Fitzhattrick?

4. Cincinnati Bungals
Posted Image
Carson Palmer

Brown is a smart guy and he won't play Palmers game, "Go ahead and retire Carson, I'll just draft you again and you'll have to play for me forever. Take that ya bum"
Now that is dedication...

Another player stuck in Mike Brown's evil clutches for the rest of his career.

5. Arizona Cardinals
No one.

They also cut everyone on the team, Ken is incredibly convinced that Fitzgerald can win it all on his own, and I am not one to doubt head coaches!

More later.

#1119450 Warren Moon sees racial bias regarding Cam Newton

Posted by Verge on 31 March 2011 - 04:38 AM

I don't not like Newton because he is black lol, I don't like him because he seems like a shady dick, who has one year of starting experience and has some serious issues.

#1108244 POLL: With the 1st pick you select?

Posted by Verge on 24 March 2011 - 01:35 PM

Gabbert, Mallett, or Locker.

#1103418 Newton, Mallett, and Gabbert given form of our playbook

Posted by Verge on 21 March 2011 - 06:33 PM

When the Panthers asked for their playbook back, Cam Newton threw his out a window.

#1103381 Source: Panthers leaning to stick w/Clausen & pick Dareus

Posted by Verge on 21 March 2011 - 06:12 PM

Best DTs in the league

Suh: 6-10
K.Williams: 6-10
Dockett: 5-11

I am probably missing a few, I am not including NT

Best Qbs in the league

Manning: 10-6
Brady: 14-2
Vick: 10-6
Rodgers: 10-6 (super bowl)

Find me a team with a franchise qb who had a losing record, because I can find you plenty of franchise dts with losing records.

#614253 What would happen if in the next draft the nfl reset it's rosters?

Posted by Verge on 06 June 2010 - 02:21 PM

Please keep in mind this took about a week to write as I spent about 10-20 min a day on it.

#614044 What would happen if in the next draft the nfl reset it's rosters?

Posted by Verge on 06 June 2010 - 01:38 AM

Due to hours of boredom and nothing else better to do, I compiled a mock draft of a draft reset. Assuming the coaches make the picks. (Ill try to update reasons once a day)

1. St.Louis Rams: Drew Brees (Why would you not took a guy who single handedly took his team to a superbowl and won it, I get they like Bradford, but no way you pass up on Brees.)

2. Detroit Lions: Matthew Stafford (They love this kid, though they should take Rodgers or Rivers here they are in love and truly believe he can win them the big one.)

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Philip Rivers (I could argue this should be Rodgers or Brady but I am not going to, Rivers has won more than them the past two years and is younger than Brady)

4. Washington Redskins: Jay Cutler (Shanahan will not pass up on this guy, he drafted him and he thinks Cutler is the best qb in the nfl, no way he passes him up for anyone.)

5. Kansas City Chiefs: Tom Brady (It's fitting as they almost ended his career, Brady wins, and Haley loves elite old qbs, might as well give him Brady)

6. Seattle Seahawks: Aaron Rodgers (Holy Crap is Seattle lucky, Rodgers could of gone one, but he falls in their lap and are they happy, they just got the qb with the most upside in nfl history)

7. Oakland Raiders: Chris Johnson (You know Al Davis, he loves track and field guys, and this pick can actually be justified considering he just rushed for over 2k)

8. Cleveland Browns: Peyton Manning (Mangini knows what Peyton can do, and Peyton is easily the best qb on the board, he will lead this franchise to a lot of wins almost by himself for a good eight years)

9. Buffalo Bills: Adrian Peterson (The best rb in the nfl is sitting here and Chan Gailey is big on rbs, it only makes sense for him to take Peterson here and build around him)

10. Jacksonville Jaguars: Patrick Willis (Though Del Rio should take a qb so he does not lose his job, Willis is a fine pick and should lead this defense for many years)

11. Chicago Bears: Jared Allen (Lovie loves defense, he takes probably the best dline player on the board, Allen is young and can lead this defense for years as he has so much upside)

12. Miami Dolphins: Demarcus Ware (Parcells loves linebackers, like he has a fetish for them or something, it only makes sense to take Ware here.)

13. San fransisco: Jon Beason (Mike could not land Willis, might as well take someone almost as good with more upside, Beason is a true leader and one hell of a player.)

14. Denver Broncos: Larry Fitzgerald (McDaniels main thing is character, Fitz is a huge character guy, though probably to early for this pick but whatever, he is an amazing WR)

15. New York Giants: Eli Manning (He is on the board, of course New York takes their qb)

16. Tennessee Titans: Steven Jackson (Titans should not make this pick due to wear and tear, however they love to run the ball and Jackson has limitless upside and could get a good 3-5 years of amazing seasons out of him.)

17. Carolina Panthers: DeAngelo Williams (Panthers are loyal to their players and DeAngelo is in my opinion the best back in the nfl, so you might as well take him with his limitless upside and very little mileage.)

18. Pittsburgh Steelers: Darrele Revis (D, D, D, thats what the Steelers are, take Revis and have a good defense for the next 10 years.)

19. Atlanta Falcons: Matt Ryan (the fact that he landed here is a miracle in itself, you take the qb that is already the face of the franchise, not to mention who would Mike Smith have butt sex with if he was not there.)

20. Houston Texans: Matt Schaub (After last year he is cemented as a top 5 qb and a leader, the texans like him and won't get him in the second, take him now.)

21. Cincinnati Bengals: Carson Palmer (They are loyal to Carson and he can still make a come back and still has a butt load of upside, I may disagree with the pick but overall it is not a bad one, he is a franchise qb.)

22. New England Patriots: Sam Bradford (He reminds people of Brady, accurate and a piece of glass if he gets hit. Belichick knows you need a qb to win, might as well ****** up Bradford, though Flacco would be the better pick.)

23. Green Bay Packers: Joe Flacco (when is the last time they went without a franchise qb? They are lucky he fell here, they wont pass him up.)

24. Philidelphia Eagles: Ray Rice (The perfect young back for what the Eagles want to do on offense.)
25. Baltimore Ravens: David Harris (He reminds me of Sugar Ray a little, mlb has been the staple of this defense for a while, this will not change.)

26. Arizona Cardinals: Vince Young (I don't get it either, though Whisenhunt is a trick play guy and VY has a lot of upside and is a young qb.)

27. Dallas Cowboys: Tony Romo (How did he fall here? I don't even know, Cowboys don't even blink an eye)

28. San Diego: Ben Rapemoreberger (They understand that he might go on a rape festival in good ol san diego, they just hope they raping is done to opposing defenses.)

29. New York Jets: Mark Sanchez (Rex Ryan likes this guy to much to pass up on him here, he can be a really good qb and has a high ceiling.)

30: Minnesota Vikings: Maurice Jones Drew (Run first team will miss AP, but MJD is very suitable for what they want to do.)

31: Indianapolis Colts: Chad Henne (The Colts know more than anyone you need a qb to win, and Henne is possibly the best young qb out there, the Colts grab him up pretty quick)

32. New Orlean Saints: Josh Freeman (Payton wants a qb I am sure, so they pick a guy with a lot of upside even though he is not that good. Though he has the potential to be.)
Round 2
1. St.Louis Rams: Ryan Clady
2. Detroit Lions: Calvin Johnson
3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Kevin Williams
4. Washington Redskins: Brandon Marshall
5. Kansas City Chiefs: Jordan Gross
6. Seattle Seahawks: Troy Polamalu
7. Oakland Raiders: Donavan McNabb
8. Cleveland Browns: Reggie Wayne
9. Buffalo Bills: Kevin Kolb
10. Jacksonville Jaguars: Michael Turner
11. Chicago Bears: Demeco Ryans
12. Miami Dolphins: Haloti Ngata
13. San fransisco: Jason Peters
14. Denver Broncos: Andre Johnson
15. New York Giants: Mario williams
16. Tennessee Titans: Jimmy Clausen
17. Carolina Panthers: Matt Moore
18. Pittsburgh Steelers: Frank Gore
19. Atlanta Falcons: Desean Jackson
20. Houston Texans: Michael Crabtree
21. Cincinnati Bengals: Nmandi Asomugha
22. New England Patriots: Albert Haynesworth
23. Green Bay Packers: Michael Roos
24. Philidelphia Eagles: Michael Vick
25. Baltimore Ravens: Michael Oher
26. Arizona Cardinals: Miles Austin
27. Dallas Cowboys: Dez Bryant
28. San Diego: Rashard Mendenhall
29. New York Jets: Asante Samuel
30: Minnesota Vikings: Steve Hutchinson
31: Indinapolis Colts: Bob Sanders
32. New Orlean Saints: Vincent Jackson
Round 3
1. St.Louis Rams: Lamar Woodley
2. Detroit Lions: Ndamunkon Suh
3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jarius Byrd
4. Washington Redskins: Trent Williams
5. Kansas City Chiefs: Jamaal Charles
6. Seattle Seahawks: Reggie Bush
7. Oakland Raiders: Julius Peppers
8. Cleveland Browns: Darnell Dockett
9. Buffalo Bills: CJ Spiller
10. Jacksonville Jaguars: Russel Okung
11. Chicago Bears: Dbrickashaw Ferguson
12. Miami Dolphins: Antonio Gates
13. San fransisco: Vernon Davis
14. Denver Broncos: Elvis Dumervil
15. New York Giants: Shaun Rodgers
16. Tennessee Titans: Eugene Monroe
17. Carolina Panthers: Demaryius Thomas
18. Pittsburgh Steelers: Kris Jenkins
19. Atlanta Falcons: Jonathan Stewart
20. Houston Texans: Clay Matthews
21. Cincinnati Bengals: Brian Cushing
22. New England Patriots: Wes Welker
23. Green Bay Packers: Greg Jennings
24. Philidelphia Eagles: Owen Daniels
25. Baltimore Ravens: David Garrard
26. Arizona Cardinals: Dominuqe Rodgers Cromartie
27. Dallas Cowboys: Ryan Matthews
28. San Diego: Karlos Dansby
29. New York Jets: Bryant Mckinnie
30: Minnesota Vikings: EJ Henderson
31: Indinapolis Colts: Terrell Suggs
32. New Orlean Saints: Josh Cribbs

Notable round 4 picks:
Denver Broncos: The Golden Calf of Bristol
Carolina Panthers: Jeff Otah
Indianapolis Colts: Randy Moss
San Diego Chargers: Devin Hester
Green Bay Packers: Chris Gamble
San Fransisco 49ers: Darren McFadden
(Reasons why coming soon)

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