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Making a patty melt for lunch. Dinner TBD

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18 September 2014 - 01:52 PM


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18 September 2014 - 01:45 PM

add Kurb you newbs

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18 September 2014 - 01:44 PM

So, I've seen tons of people complaining about Destiny's story... Think about this and see if it changes things for you:

1. It's a "10 year" game, so maybe this is just Chapter 1. The Intro.

2. What if it turns out... POSSIBLE SPOILER!?!?
The Traveler & The Ghosts are the bad guys and you are just a foot soldier for them?

Think about it. How many times does this game tell you to "Kill them all!" or "Slaughter the Fallen"? And why is it the "enemy" has names like Knights, Wizards, and Acolytes while we are Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks? The names of our class choices are some what sinister compared to the "bad guy"s.

Extra Thought. What if WE are The Darkness. Guardians are the ones who spread through the galaxy and destroyed everything. It's kind of funny how once the Guardians are BROUGHT BACK FROM THE DEAD, the Darkness returns? Maybe, just maybe the Fallen, The Hive, and The Vex are fighting us because WE are the evil forces.

And just another thought... Correct me if I'm wrong but the Traveler came from Mars or Venus and the settled into Earth when the darkness started to close in. WHAT IF, the traveler is actually a Star-Eating entity that destroys entire solar systems and was making its way to our sun when it got stopped on earth by the Darkness. Then went into a hybernation of sorts and sent out the Ghosts to recruit the Guardians (Who actually were dead people brought to life as a Zombie work force... Kind of) to protect the Traveler until he could build up enough strength to destroy our sun. That could explain why the Fallen, Vex, and Hive are chasing it down but still fight one another. The Traveler did the same in each of their solar systems. That explains why the "Darkness" follows the Travel. The darkness is actually the aftermath of it's previous destruction catching up to it in the form of pissed off species.

The amazing part would be if down the line... Bungie lets this story unfold and you then choose which side you want to be on (Destiny 2). You can either stay with the guardians and fight the "good" fight, or join a rouge faction and play as rebels. That would also be a way to bring a little PvP into the PvE gameplay. Say you are on patrol and you spot a "rebel fireteam" doing their own mission. Then your mission pops up to stop them at all cost. BOOM! Would make an already great game 100x better.

So that's my crazy conspiracy theory that a lot of other people on reddit have ran with and found all kinds of other things to back this up. Your thoughts?

BOOM! Huddle iPhone app.


I've had this same thought.

The "other guys" are always the bad guys.


Perhaps the folks on earth were running from the traveler, not the darkness.



Or course the Fallen are "Vandals and Dregs".


Anyone else notice "War Mind Rasputin" has it's fingers across 4 planets? I think he is the Vex.

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17 September 2014 - 12:17 PM

Thank you my favorite Mod!!!

I love you.

Shut your ***** mouth and never make direct eye contact with me again.

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