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#1903510 The Saints** aren't just 0-2....

Posted by mountainpantherfan on 16 September 2012 - 10:46 PM

I just realized that not only are the Saint* 0-2 but the only 0-2 team in the NFC. Which means they are solely in last place in the conference! LMFAO!!!


#1891774 Offense looks like a wet limp noodle

Posted by mountainpantherfan on 09 September 2012 - 04:39 PM

It feels like not having Stewart coming in has missed up the flow of the offense especially the running game.

#1761029 Can We Stop Pretending That Ron Edwards Is Anything Special

Posted by mountainpantherfan on 02 May 2012 - 09:40 AM

What I don't understand the hate for Fua and McClain. Everyone says they played horrible but what I saw was a struggling defense all around, including guys like Gamble, Anderson and Johnson. Why that was the case I don't know since I'm not a coach but injuries seemed to have played a large part. Imagine what the offense would have looked like with Stewart (Beason), Kalil (Edwards) and DeAngelo (Davis) all went down at the beginning of the season and replaced with Vaughn, Z. Williams and Goodson. Would Smith and Shockey and Olsen had the same amount of success? This is a team sport, success and failure comes from the unit together. Considering the situation I'm surprised they were dead last in defense.

Also, I thought some of our UDFA did amazing. Don't just count these guys out from competing and even winning starting positions and then playing at a high level. It's not about name recognition or draft status, it's about on the field play. And I agree with others, I liked what I saw out of Kearse in the last couple of games.

#1753621 We Have No Pass-Rush Or Secondary

Posted by mountainpantherfan on 27 April 2012 - 10:22 PM

I remember people wanting Anderson and Johnson to be given a chance. Especailly Johnson. He was beastly.

Majority of this board wanted Johnson gone when he couldn't beat out Brayton in 2008. Anderson seemed to be on the Huddle chopping block from his first season when he didn't step in and replace Spoon right off the bat.

With that said not all pan out. Some are given time and just never take that next step. But you can't give up after one year if they are progressing and working hard on and off the field.

#1709492 The Best Player At His Position

Posted by mountainpantherfan on 29 March 2012 - 09:12 PM

I didn't take into account a situation like this. I only posted this considering our spot has the opportunity to draft a player that is the best at his position even if the one that we are looking for is gone. We have needs at every position on defense. To say that CB is the #1 true need is a little iffy to me considering our pass rush and run defense were so terrible.

From a startagy standpoint I get this if the position is thin later on in the draft. Why draft Kirkpartick in the first if you can get Jenkins in the 2nd and get Fletcher or Poe in the first but have to reach in the 2nd for a DT.

#1603940 Who Dat

Posted by mountainpantherfan on 08 January 2012 - 09:01 AM

I'm happy the Saints won. Anytime the refs can help America be more accepting of minorities that's a good thing. All those gay midgets still have a role model to look up (or down depending on their heighth) to.

#1603625 Free Agent Cornerbacks/Safetys

Posted by mountainpantherfan on 07 January 2012 - 10:49 PM

I like Brandon Carr and Aaron Ross. Remember we don't need a #1 corner just a #2. I think either of those guys could take on that role and be effective. There is also the chance Hogan could step up and be a#2 corner as well.

#1184639 Does Kealoha Pilares beat out Armanti Edwards?

Posted by mountainpantherfan on 03 May 2011 - 08:50 PM

It's really hard to compare the two. Everyone has just assumed that Edwards is going to be more of a slot reciever but really no one has a clue there's really no analysis on him at the WR position that would tell us anything. I know a lot of people have labled him as the slot guy but that might not be his best fit.

To play the slot you have to go over the middle and be fearless doing it. Thats just something guys either have or don't have. Does Edwards have that? I don't think anyone can say that either way. And it's really not something you can force yourself to learn either.

Under Fox, the offense only had two starting WR spots, the Flanker and the Split End. Smith was the Flanker and Moose was the Split End and generally seen as a possession receiver. When Henning was still running the offense in the early days Proehl was the Slot Receiver but Fox still didn't see it as a starting position.

Now, under Chud, all three spots will have starters but the Split End will not be seen as a possession receiver anymore. Under Chud, the Flanker is typically a taller and really fast WR. The Split End will be just as fast but will need to be more stout in order to fight off jams at the LOS. Another difference is that the Slot receiver usually lines up on the LOS as well and the TE is then allowed to back off the LOS. This is one reason why Gates has been so much more effective in Turner's offense. Giving him 5 yards to seperate is just unfair to the defense.

Anyway, if I were to guess at how best Edwards would be used I would say as a Flanker as compared to a Slot Receiver that Pilares is a natural at. So to me the question is a little premature until we see more of Edwards and exactly how Chud is going to use the different WRs.

#1183984 Position Holes

Posted by mountainpantherfan on 03 May 2011 - 03:11 PM

QB - Ideally a vet would be nice but after hearing Rivera and Hurney I think it will be more along the lines of strickly a mentor and teacher and absolutely only emgergency backup rather than a Bulger or Hasselbeck short term starter. I think Todd Collens may end up being the guy as he has a long history as a backup in Coryell offenses.

RB - I think we are set here but don't be surprised if Goodson is traded once the season opens up. If they are able to resign Williams, Sutton is much more the type of back used in the Turner version of the Coryell system. Having Williams, Stewart and Sutton would allow them to deal Goodson and he might actually bring in some good compensation.

FB - This is a weird position. Jackson is more than likely gone and Fiammetta, while fairly athletic, isn't an ideal fit. I think he might make the roster but ultimently his strengthes will be largely unused in Chud's offense. Actually, the best fit for the starting FB in Chud's offense is Rosario who played FB in college. FB in this offense have to have great hands and run good routes on top of being a good blocker. That really hits Rosario to a "T".

TE - So basicly the FB and TE positions are somewhat interchangable. Actually, ideally you want a guy or two in this offense who can line up at multiple spots (TE, FB, H-Back, F-Back, Slot, Flanker) and the TE fits that mold perfectly. While I don't see King coming back I see them signing one more guy to help.

WR - There is now three starting WR spots on this offense so there will actually be more WR on the final roster than under Fox. Still I think they are set if Smith returns or not. There is a lot of young talent on this team and they all fit a spot in Chud's offense.

OL - This is a position where it's not about scheme fit or talent but about injury concerns. Starters are good and backups, in a termorary role, are set. But if say Otah is a no go again then there is issues. Basiclly we don't have that one backup that has talent and experience like we use to have in Hangartner and Bridges. But I just don't see this as being a priority until someone goes down for good.

DL - They are set at DE as long as Johnson returns but there is a hole with DT. They are set at the 3-Tech spot with McClain and Landri (great camp battle right there) but at the NT or 1-Tech spot Fua really is the only option and they need something more. I completely understand why there are rumors out there of Barry Cofield being on the teams wish list.

LB - Most everyone feels this position is set. It isn't. Davis has big injury concerns and a free agent. Anderson is a free agent and Conner has injury concerns. Williams is set to also be a free agent and the rest are a bunch of career back ups. Norwood is a nice young talent option and Wilson could develop into something special but for now he is just a ST ace. Don't be surprised if some players are brought in to compete. Remember, this is Rivera's position in the NFL and I'm sure he wants it to be as great as the 85 Chicago lineup was. Hunter Hillenmeyer is someone I expect to see in Carolina next year.

CB - Gamble is one starter but the other starter position is in question. If Marshall comes back, this position is set. If not, there are some major questions mainly because while Munnerlyn has impressed he just isn't a starter and Hogan who was just drafted will be out with injury until mid season. Stafford and McClain were really impressing the former staff and Ron Meeks is the new secondary coach, so there is a chance one of them could work their way to the starting position. If not look for them to look more at mid-teir free agents like Eric Wright and Johnathan Joesph but I do wonder how close Rivera and Antonio Cromartie were back in San Diego?

Safety - This is a position that we are set but again one don't be surprised if another guy is brought in. Eric Weddle comes to mind very quickly...

ST - Don't count out some changes here. Rivera's last two spots were effected a lot by ST play. In Chicago for the good with Gould and Hester and then in San Diego with the ST that was so bad that the #1 offense and #1 defense didn't make the playoffs. Kicker, punter, returners, gunners, ect. I think all will get a look at if they can be improved and some of that already began with the draft (see Pilares and Wilson).

I've mentioned a lot of names in free agency and no I don't expect all of them to be signing here. (Although I really think Hillenmeyer is almost a lock but just a gut feeling though.) Some moves will be made in the offseason but I think most will be made as either very short term to make room for the younger talent as they mature or they are already young talent and can be long term moves.

#1180235 Fullback situation

Posted by mountainpantherfan on 01 May 2011 - 10:21 PM

In Turner's style of the Air Coryell system, the fullback position is not used in that traditional blocking back style. Remember when Turner came to San Diego and the next season they let Lorenzo Neal go? That wasn't just because Neal was getting older.

In Turner's version, the h-back or TE is more likely to lineup in the backfield than the fullback. Turner's offense usually will feature a 3rd WR more often than not and there will always be at least one TE. The running game has to be a power running game based on the the running back and the offensive line. And instead of the TE and WR being asked to be overly aggressive in run blocking, their speed and and the threat of big plays in the passing game pulls defenders away from the line of scrimage.

Fiametta came out mainly known as a great run blocker. Don't really remember what his pros and cons were coming out but I would say Rosario now has a better chance of being the starter at fullback than Fiametta. Thats the type of fullback Chud probably covets.

#1176040 Round 3: Panthers Select Sione Fua

Posted by mountainpantherfan on 29 April 2011 - 09:57 PM

I like the Fua pick more than the Mcclain pick but I like them both. They seem to have high floors and low cielings. Probably neither will ever be pro-bowlers or all-pros but could end up being starters on the #1 defense.

Something interesting though is that neither of these guys are known for pass rushing. That tells me that Jim Johnsons pressure from LBers and Safetys and Ends is the defense we are going to.

#1167766 NFL motion for appeal of stay denied

Posted by mountainpantherfan on 27 April 2011 - 09:26 PM

God I hope I am wrong. But for those of you thinking the is no way that the players will force the league into no draft ect. through the courts are fooling yourself. Mainly because the players no longer have any power collectively. Tom Brady and his legal team or any other player who says fug it I want to screw over the NFL because I was cut for not being any good can sue the NFL for having a draft. The future of the NFL is no longer in the hands of the players and owners, its in the hands of lawyers and judges.

And I fuging hate lawyers and judges...

#1163606 Roger Goodell: Football's Future If the Players Win

Posted by mountainpantherfan on 26 April 2011 - 02:11 PM


Sell your boat if you can't afford the maintenance. A NFL team is a luxury. There are only 32 in the WORLD. Sell the team and let someone who wants to pay for that luxury enjoy it!

I could careless if Richardson has to flip 100 more hamburgers inorder to pay for the team, but the fact is he is making money, while enjoying the notoriety of owning 1 of 32 NFL teams.

The fact is a NFL team is luxury. Richardson, if you aren't making as much as you would like, then sell, but don't EVER show me a pie chart again, you country hillbilly! I don't give a poo, just pay what's necessary and put a winning product on the field or get the hell out!

So owning a NFL team is a luxury but playing in the NFL is a right?

You are so fuging stupid you don't even know it.

#1158413 Von Miller

Posted by mountainpantherfan on 23 April 2011 - 03:22 PM

Hater :prrr:

I would go off on some rant about how people have only mentioned other black linebackers in comparing Miller but I won't go there.

On a serious note, I really like Von Milelr. If Rivera were to think of him in the same light as a LT type of playmaker then I think Hurney should listen. Back when Jim Johnson was at the heighth of success in Philly his defensive lines weren't that impressive. Good but not great. He really relied a lot on the LBers and Safetys to make plays. Very similar to what Dick LeBeau has been doing in Pittsburgh. Both of those styles are very similar in their approach but most fans wouldn't realize that due to the allignments being different.

It would not surprise me at all to see a LBer be the sack leader on this team next year. But I would also expect the sack total to be very low but spread out among several different players. Instead of one player like Peppers racking up 17 and the next guy have 5, you would see 5 or so players with 6 or 7 sacks. Confussion is the heart of his defense. Rivera wants the QB to be guessing at every position on the field. Remember how Capers had that DT roll out in coverage in the NFCCG and the big guy got a pick 6? Thats what Rivera, Jim Johnson, Dick LeBeau, Buddy Ryan ect. like to do. You never know what is coming next.

Beason and company are all good players. But for the most part they fit a different type of defensive system that what Jim Johnson ran. Now Rivera ran a Tampa Two in Chicago and a Phillips 3-4 in San Diego. Three different styles and success with all three. So he is going to be able to use and get a lot out of Beason and company because that is the type of coach I think Rivera is. But I think he is also probably going to want to finally run the defense exactly like he has always wanted to with a head coach interfearing.

That's where Von Miller really comes into play. Could the former LB be wanting to run a defense that is built around the LB core and thus Miller gives him that secret ingredient? Much like Fox built his defense around Peppers really. If Rivera were to go defense with the #1 overall and thus that player becomes the center of Rivera defense do you think it would be a DT or CB? DE makes more sense but a LB with DE type of skills is even more realistic to me.

I think Rivera's style is going to be very aggressive and very calculated. He can take good players and make them look great. He can take great players and do something special with them. That, IMO, is what is so appealling with Von Miller. Most just see a LB, Rivera could very well see the next LT.

#1157294 Newton only similar to one successful QB in last 5 years..

Posted by mountainpantherfan on 22 April 2011 - 08:00 PM

Newton is behind and it will take time for him to learn some basic things in the NFL. The chances of him starting his first year is very slim or at best the team shouldn't be drafting him with the intent of him starting the first year. People who are big supportors of Newton need to accept that.

The people who don't support Newton need to also accept the fact that Newton is a special player. He isn't the typical #1 overall QB (mainly because of the fact he came from systems that didn't require him to call plays or break from huddles) but he is a top 10 pick. And while we all would love the Panther's to get better value with the pick, QB is a major concern on this team this year and moving forward and drafting Newton at least makes sense.

And both sides should get a grip with trying to prove points that can't be proven. Every draft pick is a crap shoot. I trust Hurney, the scouts and the coaches with this pick. We all can give our opinions all we want but I do hope that come Thursday no matter what the decission is fans will not have forgoten that they are Panther fans above all.

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