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Cyber Monday Question: I need a new computer/laptop

01 December 2014 - 10:28 AM

Presently I have a laptop that crashes when I have more than one excel sheet open and I have to hold the power cord in by hand in order for it to charge. I also have a desktop tower that as of this weekend Windows is corrupted and the computer will not start.


So I figure today is a good a day as any to replace one or both. But I am not technically savvy and while I know what I need, I don't know what that means in terms of specs. So I thought I would put the question to you all to see if I can get a recommendation.


  • A couple hundred gigs of storage space. I don't want to rely exclusively on cloud storage.
  • I'd like to play some games. I don't need a power gaming machine, as I'm not playing Crysis or anything. But if I could play Battlefield 3 on Origin, that would be cool.
  • I'd like to spend less than $400

No preference on Laptop vs. Desktop (only need the tower for the latter). So if you've seen a good Cyber Monday deal that fits the bill or can make a good recommendation, please let me know! Thank you all in advance.

Stock in "Faith in Humanity" plummets - Nanny Edition

24 November 2014 - 02:30 PM

I'm not a parent, but this affects me in such an inherent and overwhelming way. This may be just about the most disturbing footage I've ever seen online. Not only because of what it shows, but what it means could be going on in households across the globe.



There is a happy epilogue of sorts. The girl is fine and the father found the footage and gave the nanny a whoopin' so bad she's wheelchair bound and being fed through a tube.



Rob Bironas Dead at 36 in Single Car Crash

21 September 2014 - 07:30 AM

Former Titan Rob Bironas killed in car crash

(Don't know how that link will work, but I'm on my mobile)

Boy, this has been a banner year for the NFL so far. Poor guy.

My Plan for Dealing with Jackasses

29 August 2014 - 08:52 AM

I've been reflecting on the growing number and brazenness of assholes. And it's occurred to me that the reason there are more assholes is because, in all honesty, it's awesome to be an asshole! Think about it:


You see a long line of traffic in an exit lane for an exit you want to take. What do you do? All the honest schmucks are in line, waiting for 10 minutes to take the exit. But, shoot! I can just drive up to the front of the line, cut in front of one of the other cars, like literally just sort of start turning into the lane, and force my way in, because what's the other guy gonna do? Hit me? No, he's gonna stop, I'm gonna get in, and I'm gonna skip the whole long line! Sure he might honk at me, but who cares? Big deal, you honked at me, but I still got what I wanted!


And that is representative of every asshole scenario. If we're being really honest, assholes are just taking advantage of something that pays off for them immediately in a very beneficial way, and then they suffer no consequences!


Time was, when a guy was an asshole, you just punched him in the face. So a guy knew, "if I act like an asshole, I might get punched in the face." It was a disincentive to asshole behavior. But we live in a different era now. We live in a time of, "Both students in a schoolyard fight get suspended, regardless of who was the aggressor," "Honey, just leave him alone. He probably has a gun," and "I'm recording this. If you hit me, I'll sue you!" So we live in the golden age for assholes. Lots of shortcuts and no consequences.


In a purely biological sense, we should all be assholes. In what scenario that exists in nature would an animal not do something that is beneficial and has no consequence? The only benefit of being honest, and restraining yourself from snatching the low-hanging fruit is you get to have the knowledge and self-satisfaction that you are doing something the honest way. Frankly, the honest people are idiots.


But of course, we can't all be assholes. And we shouldn't allow people to be assholes. Because if we let assholes get away with the justifiable acts of assholeism, like skipping a long line of traffic at an exit, it just emboldens them to take more and more liberties.



So here is my plan: I am making it my personal crusade to make it as difficult and unpleasant as possible to be an asshole.


What we need to do is make it as difficult as possible for assholes to be assholes, and call them out on being assholes. I believe if we make it harder to be an asshole, for example, using the exit lane scenario, by not allowing lane cutters in, then the short cut they can enjoy with ease now will be more difficult and more stressful. And eventually they might need to second guess which is more annoying; waiting in line, or trying to squeeze in to a lane of traffic up ahead when no one will let you in.


If we disincentivize the behavior, diminish the rewards they enjoy, and increase the consequences and negative feedback, they should be less prone to asshole behavior. It's simple psychology, really. If it works on dogs, it should work on assholes.


So I'm inviting you all to join me on this campaign for a more humble and selfless society. Any takers?

Universal "Guns Aren't the Issue" Playbook

25 August 2014 - 09:45 AM

So I was thinking back to the media/politician talking points in the wake of some of the recent shootings and gun-related incidents that have taken place in the US. And for the sake of streamlining the rhetoric, I've whipped up a quick playbook of responses to different scenarios. It's just a prototype at this point, and needs a little re-tooling, but It's pretty all-encompassing. Once I've gone through a few drafts, I will distribute them to the 24-hour news networks. Thanks in advance for your feedback. :)


White shoots Black: It's a racism issue

Black shoots Black: It's gang-related violence

Black shoots White: It's a crime issue

White shoots White: It's violent video games

White shoots Mexican (and vice versa): It's an immigration issue

Student shoots Student: It's irresponsible parents

Student shoots LOTS of Students: It's a mental health issue

Beige Person shoots Anyone: It's the radical Muslims

Cop shoots Citizen: It's indicative of police escalation/police state

Citizen shoots Cop: It's the risk they take as part of their job

Citizen shoots Federal Agents: Whoo! Go Tea Party!

Citizen shoots Politician: It's the increasingly vitriolic bipartisan rhetoric

Soldier shoots Soldiers: It's PTSD. Thanks Obama/Bush!

Man shoots Woman: It's domestic abuse, and indicative of our rape culture

Woman shoots Man: He's a cheater and had it coming

Man shoots Lawyer: lol!

Man shoots Man in Bar: It's alcohol

Man shoots Man in House: It's self defense



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