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In Topic: Flawed Defensive Philosophy

Yesterday, 02:34 PM

It's bc in the NFL you can game plan for anything after a while. Exploiting weaknesses is what this league is all about

In Topic: I Challenge You All - Fan Duel

Yesterday, 08:18 AM

Great...as if I wasn't in enough fanduel games already.

In Topic: Kelvin Benjamin Still Looks Boom or Bust

15 October 2014 - 10:06 AM

Can anyone pick out something from the article (those that actually read it) and tell me specifically what you disagree with?


The only time he said the word "bust" was in the title and I think a lot of guys read that and freaked out.  He isn't saying anything about KB that isn't true or things we don't already know and understand.


I love what Benjamin does on the field, but I also understand there are a lot of things he doesn't do.  But he's a rookie, and like any rookie time will tell.  Which is precisely what this guy is implying.


I'm really not sure what all the hate is about after reading it, accept for the title, which I think is where many of you stopped reading.

In Topic: Kelvin Benjamin Still Looks Boom or Bust

15 October 2014 - 05:59 AM

I actually get what he's saying. I love KB and think he has been amazing but this guy has a point. You know what separates Benji from the big dogs right now? Explosion. He is just not athleticly gifted to be able to make those kind of plays.

He's big, knows how to use his body, and he's a long strider who can go up and get the ball. But essentially that's all he's shown to this point, which is exactly what this guy is saying.

In Topic: ESPN Picks - Bengals vs Panthers

10 October 2014 - 09:18 PM

Man, I found a glass bottle of Cheerwine at the grocery store down here a few weeks ago. My GF said I was getting wayyyy to happy over a soda. I told her to STFU and to not judge me. It was magical, I haven't had Cheerwine in years, we can get Sundrop but it's just a crappy consolation prize.


Went back to get more and they haven't had it since. I should have bought every bottle in the damn store when I had the chance.


Now I has a sad.


There is something amazing about a glass bottle Cheerwine.  I'm originally from Salisbury so I used to get them all the time.  Sams sells the glass bottles in 24 packs, I literally cried a little when I saw it.

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