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In Topic: bPs BOLD Predictions

Yesterday, 08:13 AM

Oh so "bold" = everything goes exactly the way you want. Nice. I have a "bold" prediction, I win the lottery and buy the panthers from JR!!!

In Topic: Rivera shows emotion....

Yesterday, 06:59 AM

Hate to say this but if we win out I think riveria will be back next year. The (injury forced) personnel adjustments he has made with the offensive line and corners have made a tremendous difference. This team is playing so much better than what it was a month ago.

In Topic: ESPN

14 December 2014 - 07:41 AM

Technically cam isn't starting this week. I bet the Espn graphics guy went nuts when he found out cam wasn't starting so he could slob some johnny football.

In Topic: Ravens in last place AFC North

30 November 2014 - 10:13 AM

Something being "embarrassing" has everything to do with other people and their judgment. 


If you trip and fall down at home ALONE you don't feel embarrassed. 

If you trip and fall on the sidewalk surrounded by people, you probably do feel embarrassed.


You used the word "embarrassing." What other people think automatically applies when you use that word. 


When we are at a point where breaking down the word "embarrassed" has become what we are arguing about, that is a signal that this is going no where fast.  Have a good one.

In Topic: Ravens in last place AFC North

29 November 2014 - 11:11 PM

It's due to wanting to your team to win. Anyone who wants their team to win because they're going to be too embarrassed to face other people if they don't, is a moron. 


Other people go bananas because "I told you so...everyone saw this coming." There are plenty of reasons people hate to see their team lose. Again, anyone for whom "other people's judgment" is the #1 reason they hate to see their team lose, is a stupid person. 


You don't play for them, lol.


I guess I don't understand your point, like I said.  I'm not sure I ever said anything about facing other people.  But it can be embarrassing to be a fan of a miserable team.  That's why people used to wear bags over their heads to go to Browns games or when the Lions were 0-16.  You're telling me that because I don't play for them that I am a moron if I am embarrassed by things they do? I guess we shouldn't feel angry either, or frustrated, or upset, or disappointed, because we don't play for them.  Good to know.


I think you are taking this way too literal.  

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