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Preseason 4 tickets ea game Section 123 Row 8 Asile Seats

25 July 2012 - 01:53 PM

I'm posting these up for my grandfather, just message or reply here that you would like his contact information if you're interested.
These tickets are located in Wentworth NC, around the Eden, Reidsville area just north of Greensboro.
I'm not sure how he feels about shipping, so you'll have to work out the details with him.

4x Preseason tickets to each exhibition game face value of $83 each; he would like to get $60 each.
These seats are on the lowest level, section 123, behind the End-zone!
Row 8; Seats 15, 14, 13, & 12; These are asile seats (seat 15 is right on the asile)
Your point of view with these seats is looking straight down the Carolina Panthers side line.

Note: Since these forums frown upon advertising tickets higher than face value, which as PSL owners we have every right to do, we do not advertise our regular season tickets here. However, if you buy these pre-season tickets my grandfather is likely to let you buy some regular season tickets for face value.

4 Tampa Bay @ Panthers Lower Level seats

19 December 2011 - 07:27 PM

All 4 SOLD

I've got 4 tickets to See the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play the Carolina Panthers at Bank Of America Stadium this Saturday Dec. 24th at 1:00 PM EST
About the Seats: Aisle Seats! Located in Section 123 Row 8, seats 15,14,13,12!!! That means LOWER LEVEL right behind the ENDZONE looking straight down the CAROLINA SIDELINE!

I'm in Eden, NC. I'll meet in Rockingham County. I'm asking $225 for all 4; face value is $83 each.

The seats are located in section 123, row 8, and seats 15,14,13,12
These lower level seats are located behind the end zone looking straight down the Carolina sideline. Seat 15 is right on the aisle. Last year we saw Jerry Richardson right in front of us in the endzone before the game
It's too hard to sell just one ticket, so I will sell them in groups of two or four.
I'm not holding these tickets for anyone, First come first served.
I can take paypal & use email forwarding to get the tickets to you right away, but there is a $2 charger per ticket & an additional 3% fee.

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