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In Topic: An important skin care reminder- please read!

Yesterday, 05:35 PM

it puts the lotion on it's skin.......... 

In Topic: Bill belichick and his delusions

Yesterday, 04:50 PM

This is probably the best way to put it, don't miss Lafell, but wouldn't shock me if he put up big numbers.


well..................it would shock the sh*t outta me!

In Topic: Jake Delhomme on the Mac Attack - Panthers have more than enough weapons for Cam

Yesterday, 02:55 PM




Listened to the audio in the linked page. He also talks about talking with Ricky Prohel and talk about Smitty and how he was in the locker room... And also Jake picks on Gross about his weight loss, and looks now.



Thanks............really enjoyed that.


was Jake busting on Key?

In Topic: Will you support your parents financially even if they make terrible money de...

Yesterday, 08:35 AM

Yes...........as best I can.

In Topic: Panthers will face former QB twice this year (Bucs name QB)

07 August 2014 - 06:56 AM

Lovie's got his guy.

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