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In Topic: Captain takes jab at the Panthers and Dwill on twitter

Today, 04:31 PM

I welcome the thought of Captain meeting Tolbert in the open field.

In Topic: Soccer '13-'14 season

Today, 03:38 PM

Muller should have been in way earlier. Guy always makes something happen...can't beleive Goetze didn't finish on the doorstep. Shot it right at Casillas. 

In Topic: Soccer '13-'14 season

Today, 03:13 PM

Pepe is such a clown.

In Topic: Soccer '13-'14 season

Today, 02:55 PM

Every time Bayern gets something going forward, Pepe or another Madrid player just hit the deck and force Bayern to kick it out and stop play. 

In Topic: Soccer '13-'14 season

Today, 02:44 PM

Would like to see both Muller and Goetze this half to push the pace. 

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