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Legal help, adverse possession laws.

07 April 2015 - 12:16 PM

Ok so the wife and I just bought a house. We got an estimate on a fence before our land was surveyed, during the survey we found out our property is 6 feet further back then we 1st realized.

The issue is before the survey our property line was on a hill and we would be able to go with a 6 foot fence to block the neighbors behind us. Now with the new property line it is behind the hill and we will need to go with an 8 foot fence to block the neighbors house from view.

The fence being 8 feet instead of 6 is going to cost me an extra three thousand dollars which I would rather save if I could and use it for other renovations rather than 2 feet more of fence.

I am trying to convince the wife we should just put a 6 foot fence on the hill and be done with it but she says if we don't put the fence on the property line then we could loose the land and the neighbors can claim it.

From what I've researched I found that after 20 years adverse possession could play a factor and if the neighbor made improvements to the land behind our fence then they could take it. But all they do is have cars they work on at their propert, we actually had to ask them to move a car that was on our property. But I don't see them "improving the land".

But I also read about "color of title " which properties could be obtained after 7 years but I'm having a hard time understanding that.

Instead of having a fence that goes all the way to property line i was thinking of planting 2 trees on on each corner. But I'm unsure if that's a solution or if I should just drop the extra three grand for the extended fence.

Hopefully someone here has a bit of experience here and couple provide me a little guidance.


Where to watch in Jacksonville, Florida?

27 December 2014 - 12:04 PM

Sitting here in Jacksonville at my brother in-laws house trying to figure out where a panthers bar would be (if any existing) or somewhere good to view our game tomorrow.

Hopefully some Panther fans in Jacksonville can help me out.


huddle meltdown in 3....2...1..

21 September 2014 - 10:26 PM

Guys instead of making dumbass threads In regards to this loss and getting banned just post your dumb comments here.

Caribbean Honeymoon Advice

08 June 2014 - 12:46 PM

So back in January I asked my girlfriend to marry me and for some reason she actually said yes. We will getting married in the mountains September and are looking at an all inclusive resort somewhere in the Caribbean.

I know September is tricky with the weather down there but we're gonna gamble on it being nice.

We really like Jamaica and right now thats where we are considering going. We have looked at alot of resorts there and Secrets resort at St.James is where we pretty much have decided on staying. Its in Montego Bay but its not close to the airport like alot of the resorts are. Its about 45 minutes from the airport and sits on a peninsula.

Has anyone one stayed here and and if so what are your thoughts?

Are there other resorts in Jamaica we should be looking into or other islands you guyd would ssuggest.