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#2866348 Scoreboard

Posted by Firefox on 27 July 2014 - 10:54 AM

They have it rated as the 3rd largest screen in the NFL, larger than Dallas' screen... but every time we see the Dallas screen it's full screen.


We will see.


And I thought I read that the ribbon boards, new screen and new sound system were paid for by the team, and the other stuff was paid for by the city money? (new dome lights, paving stones and escalators)

I can't remember.


Jaguars scoreboard > Panthers scoreboard





#2843181 PJ Hairston punched a high school kid tonight?

Posted by Firefox on 08 July 2014 - 07:07 PM

And Steve Smith was a sucker puncher, 😂

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#2791872 Panthers sign Tyler Gaffney

Posted by Firefox on 18 May 2014 - 08:21 AM

Is he the first pick from the entire draft class sign?


Bears had ALL of their picks signed by May 15.



#2780725 Will not watch NFL network for next 5 days

Posted by Firefox on 11 May 2014 - 12:13 PM

I bet that little twink got the pounding of his life last night.

#2771365 WR's than run 4.5 or slower

Posted by Firefox on 09 May 2014 - 08:50 AM

I don't think a lot of people realize how big 6'5", 240lbs is.




Dude seriously needs to get in shape.

#2700975 10 Players (only 7 on the roster) are eating 85.3 Million in 2014 cap space

Posted by Firefox on 16 March 2014 - 03:35 PM

How does Gross still count against us if he retired?


Question 1.12

What happens if a player is traded or retires?

Answer: We already know that if a player is waived on or before June 1, the remaining signing bonus that has not been included in salary “accelerates” and is included in that year’s team salary. Acceleration also occurs when a player is traded or waived and picked up by another team. The new team is not responsible for any of the original signing bonus. The team that waived or traded the player is responsible for the accelerated signing bonus (in the same manner as described above).

In most cases, if a player retires, the remaining signing bonus that has not been included in salary “accelerates” and is included in that year’s team salary. Thus, the team will take an immediate salary cap hit of the remaining signing bonus.



#2444820 Healthcare

Posted by Firefox on 23 October 2013 - 08:14 PM



#2430236 Government Shutdown

Posted by Firefox on 15 October 2013 - 06:34 PM

Who Shut Down the Government?
Even when it comes to something as basic, and apparently as simple and straightforward, as the question of who shut down the federal government, there are diametrically opposite answers, depending on whether you talk to Democrats or to Republicans.

There is really nothing complicated about the facts. The Republican-controlled House of Representatives voted all the money required to keep all government activities going -- except for ObamaCare.


This is not a matter of opinion. You can check the Congressional Record.


As for the House of Representatives' right to grant or withhold money, that is not a matter of opinion either. You can check the Constitution of the United States. All spending bills must originate in the House of Representatives, which means that Congressmen there have a right to decide whether or not they want to spend money on a particular government activity.


Whether ObamaCare is good, bad or indifferent is a matter of opinion. But it is a matter of fact that members of the House of Representatives have a right to make spending decisions based on their opinion.


ObamaCare is indeed "the law of the land," as its supporters keep saying, and the Supreme Court has upheld its Constitutionality.


But the whole point of having a division of powers within the federal government is that each branch can decide independently what it wants to do or not do, regardless of what the other branches do, when exercising the powers specifically granted to that branch by the Constitution.


The hundreds of thousands of government workers who have been laid off are not idle because the House of Representatives did not vote enough money to pay their salaries or the other expenses of their agencies -- unless they are in an agency that would administer ObamaCare.


Since we cannot read minds, we cannot say who -- if anybody -- "wants to shut down the government." But we do know who had the option to keep the government running and chose not to. The money voted by the House of Representatives covered everything that the government does, except for ObamaCare.


The Senate chose not to vote to authorize that money to be spent, because it did not include money for ObamaCare. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says that he wants a "clean" bill from the House of Representatives, and some in the media keep repeating the word "clean" like a mantra. But what is unclean about not giving Harry Reid everything he wants?


If Senator Reid and President Obama refuse to accept the money required to run the government, because it leaves out the money they want to run ObamaCare, that is their right. But that is also their responsibility.


You cannot blame other people for not giving you everything you want. And it is a fraud to blame them when you refuse to use the money they did vote, even when it is ample to pay for everything else in the government.


When Barack Obama keeps claiming that it is some new outrage for those who control the money to try to change government policy by granting or withholding money, that is simply a bald-faced lie. You can check the history of other examples of "legislation by appropriation" as it used to be called.


Whether legislation by appropriation is a good idea or a bad idea is a matter of opinion. But whether it is both legal and not unprecedented is a matter of fact.


Perhaps the biggest of the big lies is that the government will not be able to pay what it owes on the national debt, creating a danger of default. Tax money keeps coming into the Treasury during the shutdown, and it vastly exceeds the interest that has to be paid on the national debt.


Even if the debt ceiling is not lifted, that only means that government is not allowed to run up new debt. But that does not mean that it is unable to pay the interest on existing debt.


None of this is rocket science. But unless the Republicans get their side of the story out -- and articulation has never been their strong suit -- the lies will win. More important, the whole country will lose.



#2428802 Government Shutdown

Posted by Firefox on 14 October 2013 - 09:46 PM

Certainly haven't read this entire thread, so ...... found this:


" I have worked in the government on and off for 40 years. During that time I became quite familiar with requisitions, bidding, awarding contracts etc. It is a time consuming process with bean-counters and pencil-necked bureaucrats every of the way. The simplest request takes months not days or hours.

In less than 8 hours of the shutdown, miraculously, professionally printed 3X4 foot signs appeared all over the country in the tens of thousands saying-“this [park, facility, etc. with custom logos] closed due to government shutdown. There has not been a government shutdown in 17 years.

These signs were designed, specifications were determined, signs were then requisitioned, bids were posted and vetted, government contracts were awarded. The materials were then ordered and the signs manufactured then distributed U.S. Mails or .

This shutdown was orchestrated and planned well in advance at least 6-8 months ago. Millions of tax dollars were appropriated and spent in this process. There is a paper trail a mile long leading directly to the White House."



#2428029 The Return of Jonathan Stewart

Posted by Firefox on 14 October 2013 - 01:51 PM

I thought with PUP he had to be out 6 games ?


"Stewart is focused on a return to action for Week 7, the earliest he will be eligible to return from the PUP list."

#2418859 This forum needs to be renamed

Posted by Firefox on 08 October 2013 - 08:35 PM

to "Idiot Huddle".


Did you see how many Huddlers were in the Gameday Thread complaining about the "In the Grass" calls?



#2414736 CJ's sack-strip fumble-touchdown

Posted by Firefox on 07 October 2013 - 07:30 AM

CJ was already bringing Palmer down when the whistle blew.


^ this.  Play over.


RULE 7 Ball in Play, Dead Ball, Scrimmage

Section 1 Ball in Play

Article 1


: Live Ball. After the ball has been declared ready for play, it becomes a live ball when it is legally snapped or

legally kicked (a free kick or fair catch kick). The ball remains dead if it is snapped or kicked before it is made ready for


Section 2 Dead Ball

Article 1: Dead Ball Declared


. An official shall declare the ball dead and the down ended:

(a) when a runner is contacted by a defensive player and touches the ground with any part of his body other than his

hands or feet. The ball is dead the instant the runner touches the ground. A runner touching the ground with his

hands or feet while in the grasp of an opponent may continue to advance; or

Note: If, after defensive contact, any part of a runner’s leg above the ankle or any part of his arm above the wrist touches the

ground, the runner is down.

( when a runner is held or otherwise restrained so that his forward progress ends

#2405276 Healthcare

Posted by Firefox on 02 October 2013 - 07:28 AM

Will ACA make insurance cheaper or is this a fallacy of wishful thinking?

I think everybody should know the answer to that.  You have to pay for the program somehow.
I got my new BCBS 2014 rate yesterday.
2012 $555.61 / mo.
2013 $596.84 / mo.
2014 $740.91 / mo.
$5500 deductible. (up from $5000)
That's tough.  Totaly unfair I have to pay for the freeloaders !!!!!
edit:  and that is the "Bronze" level.  The LOWEST level of coverage.

#2402594 I wish we were playing the Jaguars this season

Posted by Firefox on 29 September 2013 - 04:39 PM

It's sad that we have to wish for sorry teams to play.

#2401596 How do you feel about the Panthers playing in merry old England?

Posted by Firefox on 28 September 2013 - 10:06 AM

Haven't read the whole thread, but London is my favorite city in the world.  I love going there.


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