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In Topic: how dumb is the nfln?

09 September 2009 - 05:19 PM

I believe this as well, only Im not buying it and coming over talking poo on other teams message boards until they prove it ON THE FIELD. I have been disappointed enough, Ill leave all that poo to the bandwagon fans like the ones posting in this thread. Im not saying boycott anything, Im just saying stop annointing sub par players as fan favorites until they earn it. I dont get this taint snuggle fest for Reggie Bush. I mean this is a guy that promised to donate 25% of his jersey sales to Katrina relief IF and ONLY if he could wear the number 5. Eventually he and his agents realized that was not such a great pr move so he wound up having to donate it anyway to stop a shitstorm of disapproval. This dude doesn't give a shite about us or our city yet many of you guys have said "I would bleed for him" I just dont get it. Plus the dude is a injury prone ass clown bust.

Well I dont really disagree with any of this. I certainly didnt come here to talk poo, just to reply to a particular point that I wanted to discuss. I also dont get the blind love for Reggie... though I dont see him as an "injury proness as clown bust." I think he's a good player and I think he helps the team, though certainly he's not the guy he was hyped up to be before he was drafted.

In Topic: how dumb is the nfln?

09 September 2009 - 05:09 PM

Yeah fans of teams who have actually been to the superbowl, fans of a team that plays a fundamentally sound game of foobal, fans of a team would rather play to WIN against a hated division rival that has OWNED them at home than pad personal stats. Just a couple of examples. The problem with most of us Saints fans is that we dont know what it means to when, so we are satisfied with the bare minimum. That complacent mindset has to change before anything changes. We need to DEMAND a championship instead of filling the seats just hoping for one. As long as we fill the stadium and buy the gear, and are happy with a playoff appearance once or twice a decade, thats what we are going to continue to get.

You are seriously telling me that if Tom Brady was about to break the record, there wouldn't be Pats fans counting down the yards? Of course there would! Give me a break. Its possible to root for a win and a record at the same time you know.

As for the rest of your post... so what are you suggesting? A boycott? Stop going to the games and buying merchandise until the Saints start making the playoffs every year? Yeah... that will work out great! Have fun cheering for the San Antonio Saints!

Personally, I think the team and organization does have a commitment to winning right now. They've had some bad breaks the last couple of years (and some bad decisions in there too of course), but I think the team is doing its best and I think it will show this season.

In Topic: how dumb is the nfln?

09 September 2009 - 05:01 PM

It all depends on what you consider a "bust." In some senses, Reggie can be considered a bust... he certainly hasn't been the player everyone expected him to be. If that's all it takes to be a "bust," not living up to expectations... then he's a "bust." But to a lot of people "bust" also implies not just a disconnect between production and expectations but a LACK of production - and that certainly doesn't describe Reggie Bush. He is an important offensive weapon and a productive and dynamic player who's hard to categorize.

As for injuries... missing 10 of 48 games really isn't bad at all. Sounds about average.

In Topic: how dumb is the nfln?

09 September 2009 - 04:54 PM

Yeah, look at the last game last year, the fans cared more about Brees' yardage than actually winning the game. Maybe the TV skewed that as they kept spotting fans with signs counting down the yardage.

Uh... can you think of any team's fans that WOULDNT have fans counting down the yardage if their quarterback was about to break the single-season passing record? Add in the fact that it was a meaningless game for the Saints who wouldn't make the playoffs even if a win got them to 9-7... of course fans were focusing on the record! You would do the same if it was Delhomme. Not that Delhomme will ever even sniff 5000 yards (even 4000 is a stretch), but I think you get the point.

Besides, the fans certainly *did* want to win the game... and really there's nothing wrong with being a stat nerd.

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