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In Topic: Defensive Lightswitch

13 October 2014 - 10:18 AM

Not in the eye of public opinion that Richardson subscribes too. Im not too sure life in prison would satisfy the media at this point.

Hardy will play this year, he will have the support from former players like Deon etc and six games is the new standard which is "the tougher" standard set.

In Topic: I give the bucs only about a 50% chance of scoring on offense.

24 October 2013 - 02:30 PM

Let's just hope we don't lay a dud like Rivera is capable of doing.

Rivera to his credit hasn't laid an egg this year IMO he's coached us to success the players haven't executed on a few different plays. Seattle we still had Godfrey good coverage but always seems to be one step to slow like on the TD. And then Dwill fumbles our chance to close the game. Buff we all know Rivera wouldn't have gotten scored on at age fifty if he was out there on the field Josh blew that simple. Az Rivera didn't drop a Td and a first down, another first down on fourth down etc. Dude has us playing lights out since day one to me this season and we don't really notice it based on his past DUDS I understand but when I speak on him know I truly give him mad credit he's on his sh*t this year

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