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Our 3rd

09 May 2014 - 09:31 PM

What number is it?

Had a fantastic dream last night

26 April 2014 - 01:03 PM

We sold this years and next years 1st to move up into the top 10 to get Watkins, then got Dominique Easley with our #60 pick. Was a good dream.

Gale Sayers is signing autographs at the Mirage in Vegas

05 March 2014 - 06:48 PM

Yeah the offseason I know

Lend Me Your Ear for a Moment...

12 January 2014 - 08:15 PM

The tone of the fanbase tonight feels very similar to the sour ending back on January 10th, 2009. It’s been exactly five years and two days since that fiasco. Though the faces and names are mostly different, many of the same old sentiments are floating around.


Some believe our fanbase is simply fickle and fairweather by nature, scattering like roaches from a paper plate left out too long, only to return when things get good again. After an amazing roller coaster ride of a 12-4 season, it’s hard to blame many of those we see on suicide watch tonight. This loss was big, a far larger margin than any of us thought possible. It almost wasn’t even competitive in the second half…


As one juggernaut of an opponent after another fell at our feet, more and more new faces popped up here on the Huddle. Hell, I don’t recognize half the usernames calling for heads here tonight. Some may be true bandwagoners who just wanted to ride the wave with us diehards, but I believe most are reluctant fans. This team, in its history, has been consistently average to mediocre more often than not, so part of me can understand why they would abandon the team when things aren’t looking good.


To those people, I urge you to not give up the yoke, and here is why:


Back in 2009, we were riding on the backs of an aging gunslinger and his fiery partner in crime. Smitty is still here, though in a much reduced role. Foxy was still hard at work trying to recapture that 2003 magic. As a whole, the team was on the back end of its window of relevancy.


Now, in comes 2013. The storyline of this team is completely different. This team consists of young centerpieces on both offense and defense, fiery veteran leaders, a coach who is finally starting to “Get It”, and a slew of players and assistant coaches ready to support. The culture and mindset of this team is not that of a fluke team returning to the basement, but that of a team ready to rise into its place as a perennially competitive contender.


Don’t jump off the bridge yet. It’s like Riverboat said, “We are not done yet!”


Indeed, Ronald, we are not. I expect the defense to be back next season, Hardy or no Hardy, and the offense to be improved, Shula or no Shula. Do I know the future? No. Was I bitching and cussing during/after the game/for two hours after the game? Yes I was, but only for the same reason the players were crying. They came so far and just absolutely dropped the ball. No one person can be blamed for the loss, the team rose and fell together. Even the refs only deserve part of the blame, however large their blame is. This loss is a hard pill to swallow, but this team will move ahead together, and we all must follow it wherever it goes. Band together, Panther Nation. Today sucked, but the future is coming. Let’s look there for answers.



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