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I Mean He Was Found Guilty

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In Topic: Check out this gem from Saints Report

Yesterday, 03:51 PM

so long as tater salad is running the defense in new orleans i just can't be afraid of them

In Topic: Dorial Green-Beckham

Yesterday, 12:25 PM

Lots of teams sat down with him and talked. Word on the street is that didn't go so well. Why is this almost 20 pages when there is .00000001% that he's even on our board.


the discussion of this prospect dovetails nicely with the non-stop complaints about the panthers only being interested in "fielding a team of choir boys" and how this organization "doesn't care about winning" among the usual boilerplate on this site.


if some team drafts him and he suddenly turns into mr. rogers then that's wonderful for them.  i can understand why several teams, including the panthers, aren't sold.

In Topic: Dorial Green-Beckham

Yesterday, 11:48 AM

Dammit DGB, why aren't you a Saint of the Catholic church?  We need you to be a 19-20 year old without any problems, and convert to Christ ASAP!  


you're not stupid and i think you know that this isn't a real counter argument


framing it up like anyone who disagrees with you possesses some kind of indefensible, unrealistic viewpoint is just strawn man bullshit

In Topic: Dorial Green-Beckham

Yesterday, 11:41 AM

the main thing that makes me think a lot of this is driven by fanboyism is the kind of rhetoric coming out of the DGB camp on this board when confronted with what he's accused of


there is a hell of a lot of smoke surrounding the accusations against him which people seem hell-bent on downplaying like it's a simple he-said she-said with no evidence and no paper trail.  or that it's just "alleged" so we can safely assume that absolutely nothing happened and it can all vanish into the ether.  or perhaps even a tacit admission that yeah okay something similar to what he's accused of probably did happen but hey he was a young kid and it was a "mistake" like getting caught with a tiny bit of weed or a drinking ticket or buying a stolen laptop and then throwing it out a window because he was scared. 

In Topic: Dorial Green-Beckham

Yesterday, 11:26 AM

Yeah, that would be the exact same thing.....

If the person you saw him push had bruises consistent with being pushed down stairs, a busted in front door, and dozens of texts from Fidel's girlfriend apologizing, intimidating and begging her not to press charges.


these are all documented things that anybody can go read about


"buh buh charges were never filed" is all the DGB defense force has