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I Mean He Was Found Guilty

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In Topic: Week 3 Power Rankings

Today, 01:37 PM

what was or highest average power ranking in history?


probably came after that superbowl run


we were top 3 pretty much all summer in 2006

In Topic: Peter King busted

Today, 12:48 PM

it wasn't even ten years ago that i'd hang on every word of peter king's columns along with prisco and all those other guys just hoping to see so much as a paragraph granted to my panthers.  after all, they were the cream of the crop experts when it came to pro football and their opinions should be taken as if they fell out of heaven carved in granite.


glad things haven't been like that for a few years now and there are so many other sources for quality information and well researched opinions



In Topic: Week 3 Power Rankings

Today, 08:53 AM



5.saintsb_logo.gif New Orleans Saints (0-2) - Previously: #4


11. Carolina Panthers (2-0). Previously: #17


That guy loves some Saints


you can set your watch to walterfootball pissing on carolina


Yesterday, 08:00 PM

lol didn't someone here tell a story about an eagles fan just whipping his junk out and pissing in the stands in the 2009 opener


these lions fans are rank amateurs compared to that

In Topic: Miss Ted Ginn?

Yesterday, 07:57 PM

if we take care of our own poo it's not worth getting upset over

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