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In Topic: Huddle is on High Alert....

Today, 08:13 AM

DO complain about Nazi mods when your shitty rehash topic about shula gets locked

In Topic: This can't be right. Check my math

Today, 07:22 AM

Just saying their point earning/redemption price ratio needs a bit of tweaking


all of the "reward systems" or whatever you want to call them are set up like this.  they're all designed to squeeze as much of whatever the people running the program want (money, time, canvassing, whatever) out of you with minimal cost to themselves.


remember how lowes foods used to run that "s&h greenpoints" scheme?  i think they changed the name a few years back.  either way i used to work there in high school and one day we calculated what you'd have to spend to win the top rewards and the kind of numbers we ended up with make this promotion from the panthers look like a bargain.

In Topic: fug you NFL Network. fug you so so so hard.

Yesterday, 02:33 PM

Just for the record, Thursday night games should be broadcast on a local station for those in the Carolina areas without NFL Network. They always have been. Check your TV schedule.

People outside the Charlotte market don't get it

I missed the giants game in 2012 (thankfully) in chapel hill because time warner didn't carry NFL network then. There were no local stations carrying the game either.

In Topic: Same bet as last year.

Yesterday, 12:54 PM

Geno will be replaced by Vick before Week 8.


close enough

In Topic: Newton sings the Super Mario theme

Yesterday, 10:32 AM

Blah blah should be focusing on foosball blah blah film room blah

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