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In Topic: Best huddle post of all time....someone please find this..

Today, 09:13 AM

i like the weak ass "callout" threads the best.  the ones where a huddler misguidedly tries to rain internet death on another user and the end result is pure comedy.


this one's my favorite:




it has it all-mother's basement references, you have no friends/you're a virgin, "yeah you're real tough hiding behind your computer screen" and then finally "goodbye huddle i'm not posting anymore just wanted to take this bee-atch to the mat"

In Topic: My biggest worry about Gettleman

Yesterday, 08:50 PM

Does anybody believe we would fire Ron and actually get somebody decent? Or just one of Gettleman's buddies he knows from way back in the day.


we're going to hire you

In Topic: My biggest worry about Gettleman

Yesterday, 07:47 PM

My biggest worry: too cheap


why do people keep posting stuff like this


when you look at the guaranteed money that this franchise has slung around over the years and the cap hell we're always in what is it that fires in your brain that causes your fingers to type something like that and click "submit"

In Topic: Our starting Left Tackle

Yesterday, 05:05 PM

heres my issue or knock on Edmund Kugilba is that he was a guard who only managed 8 starts out of a whopping 10game schedule during his final year at Valdosta State,once again,as a result of not being in football shape, but more importantly,i mentioned Kugilbas name because for one he was better suited at guard rather than tackle where we have glaring needs that need to be addressed asap and two is DGs inability to spot talent at the tackle position and that echoes true with two names Byron Bell and Nate Chandler.so,even though i like DG,i consider evaluating talent for the oL is by far his biggest weakness.


so really your point is hey we need tackles so gett should have drafted a tackle instead of kugbila with that pick


aka let's draft for need in the 4th round

In Topic: Our starting Left Tackle

Yesterday, 06:30 AM

Btw,dont even get me started on the fact DG took freaking Edmund Kugbila with the 108th pick in the 2013 draft.i am starting to see a pattern here and one that i dont like at all,whatsoever.


the second day of the draft is for drafting developmental players with upside/athleticism which is exactly why kugbila was selected in the first place


even teams that hit on picks like that were rolling the dice with their selections.  really if you want to see a bunch of other similarly obscure names go look at the other players drafted in that round in 2013.  the 49ers, a team that i think everyone would agree drafts pretty good, spent their 4th on marcus lattimore who hasn't even compiled a stat as a pro yet much like kugster for one among several examples.

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