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In Topic: Panthers trying out DBs?

Today, 01:49 PM

like this here:


Another fine, classy gesture by Gettleman.




Imagine if we could've signed him to a two or three year, hometown discount deal.  We'd have one less problem on the back end right now.  Gamble was always one of my favorites...


other teams came after gamble after he was cut in an attempt to get him to sign but he turned them all down.  if we're speculating here i'd go so far as to say that i doubt gettleman broke his spirit so badly that he literally quit football in response to being cut but that's more like my opinion.

In Topic: Panthers trying out DBs?

Today, 01:46 PM

So a guy posting how Gamble wasn't given an offer as well as being unceremoniously cut by Gettleman and then me quoting that and responding to it qualifies as a "circlejerk" now?  I think the number of people preaching "patience" and defending his every move by citing Hurney's shortcomings far outnumber anyone that criticizes what does...  Although the number of people that are at least questioning his moves are increasing with each horrific blowout.


I don't hate the guy.  I'm just not a big fan of some of the moves he's made and I don't think he's the most tactful person in the world either.  He doesn't seem to handle all of his moves with the class you would expect from a football executive/general manager.  We don't have to re-hash all of his failed transactions from this offseason, as it is currently apparent, but generally, when we lose, I have a tendency to highlight them and vent...


yeah it is a circlejerk.  nothing outlines that concept better than someone posting some kind of inflammatory or misleading premise and then others working off it without actually consulting the facts.


there's questioning his moves and then there's outright revisionist history which is all that post was.  really could anybody have just googled "chris gamble retirement"?  was it that hard?

In Topic: Panthers trying out DBs?

Today, 12:15 PM

gamble's agent talking about dollar store dave prank calling his client's house and beating him up and stealing his lunch money:




“A number of teams have expressed interest in Chris Gamble,” Poston said. “However, Chris informed me last night that he wants to retire. Even though he still loves football, he told me that he’s decided to focus on life after football. Chris has been a class act. I have represented him for nine years, ever since he came out of Ohio State. He’s been an ideal client and he was one of the best corners in game.


“He’s doing it the right way. He has taken care of his money and his investments to retire successfully, and now I wish him the best in his future endeavors.”


e: also i suppose none of you remember gamble getting benched by fox in 2010.  it's possible his heart hadn't been in it for a while and your hateboner for our GM may actually have had little or nothing to do with it as hard as that is to believe.


In Topic: Panthers trying out DBs?

Today, 12:10 PM

Gamble didn't want to play football anymore and turned away interest from other teams after he was cut. He had carefully planned his finances out and was leaving pro football with his health in tact.

Sorry to break up the little circlejerk and all but that's how it happened.

In Topic: the official "Dave Gettleman fuging sucks" thread

Yesterday, 02:05 PM

i'm just saying guys building an NFL team is hard and complicated and sometimes things don't go the way you think they should


seeing a lot of faces in this thread who were jerking off mickey loomis this summer for "how much better he was making the saints"

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