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Yesterday, 01:01 PM

And I'm over here entering my late 20's single, a failed musician with little savings, a crummy desk job, and nothing to show for any of my hard work than a piece of plastic no one wants to listen to.  But I'm still pretty young I guess I can still turn it around.  At what age do you just say fug and give up?


you aren't a failed musician if your band isn't van halen by the time you're in your late 20s


at least you have a day job and aren't couch surfing like some people i've known

In Topic: Check out this gem from Saints Report

Yesterday, 10:41 AM

the responses were oddly reasonable considering what i'm used to from that board

In Topic: What are your realistic expectations of draft picks?

Yesterday, 10:32 AM

this is my dumb armchair GM belief system:


1st round - needs to be a productive, reliable starter within a season or two while showing something as a rookie.  the "starter" designation is less important if it's a position that gets rotated heavily or if it's a quarterback drafted to sit behind an established veteran.  in that case they just need to be productive when given snaps if they get the opportunity.  if a player from this round busts it hurts the worst.


2nd round - needs to eventually become a starter or fit into a rotation.  it would be disappointing if they don't show anything (think dwayne jarrett) as a rookie.  busts still hurt but the expectations are lower and the value of the pick is smaller the further away from the last pick of the first it is.  spending what turned into the 33rd pick in 2011 to get armanti edwards in 2010, for example, was a major blunder as that's about as valuable as a second round pick can be.  development time for DL and OL positions needs to be considered here as the prospects that fall to this point in the draft may not be as polished as their first round counterparts.  also need to look at position groups and consider whether it's reasonable for a non-first round rookie to challenge established veterans for snaps.


3rd round - needs to at least fit into a rotation or contribute on special teams at some point.  it's less disappointing but still slightly worrisome if they don't show any flashes as a rookie or second year player.  at this point it's to be expected that a rookie from this round would have trouble breaking into a stacked position group.


4th round - 6th round - players selected in these rounds don't earn the "bust" label if they fail to become starters or contributors.  expectations for prospects drafted in these rounds are depth/special teams.  if a player from this round turns into a good rotational player then it's a good pick.  if they turn into a starter or all pro/pro bowler then it's a great pick.


7th round - UDFA - i'm not disappointed by these picks not making the final roster.  if they challenge for playing time then they've exceeded expectations.  if they become productive starters then that's outstanding.

In Topic: Edmund Kugbila

Yesterday, 10:08 AM

And yes, you can find an OL who was drafted after Kugbila who has had more success.  I bet for every one you find drafted after Kugbila that succeeded, I can find one who was drafted before Kugbila and failed.  One case does not prove a point.


like most 4th rounds it consisted of one or two solid players with name recognition surrounded by a bunch of guys nobody has ever heard of:



In Topic: Edmund Kugbila

Yesterday, 10:02 AM

The player drafted immediately after Kugbila has been Green Bay's starting LT for 32 straight games.


bhaktiari might have been the best pick out of that entire round.  green bay had 11 picks going in to that draft compared to carolina's 5 too.