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In Topic: So who do all of you nonbelievers say thanks to..

Today, 08:03 AM

hey op






happy holidays

In Topic: Seriously Brazil nuts...

Today, 07:57 AM

My grandmother has a different name for them...


my mom used to work with a very old woman who would routinely drop that one in conversation

In Topic: To those pondering the benefits of a 5 game Win Out vs. A 5 game Lose Out

Yesterday, 10:10 PM

Yeah that losing to draft early every year thing is working out really well for the raiders, bills, jaguars, rams, redskins, and bucs. Meanwhile the patriots, ravens, colts, seahawks, etc seem to be able to get consistent results without drafting in the top 10 every year. The only team i can think of that fits that description is the niners, who had something like 9 consecutive non playoff seasons. I dont think we need to lose for that long to be "good".


nah man i think he's got a point


it's not like the panthers just drafted a day one difference maker and serious OROY contender with the 28th pick or anything

In Topic: Ravens in last place AFC North

Yesterday, 10:04 PM

LOL...that may be why the Pats and Colts racked up division titles but they were very good teams themselves.  I mean they won 4 superbowls between them and went to like 5-6?  The Panthers right now aren't even an average team right now, they are bad, below average for all the hopeful fans out there.


You're comparing apples to oranges, or just not watching football. 


manning's colts had 8 one and dones actually


panthers fans are in no place to look down their nose at any division title.  that's what i'm getting at fugboy

In Topic: To those pondering the benefits of a 5 game Win Out vs. A 5 game Lose Out

Yesterday, 02:40 PM

the panthers, with their cobbled together roster of castoffs and UDFAs, becomes the first team in the history of the NFC south to win back to back titles.  the derek zoolander lookalike on the bayou with his hall of fame quarterback never did that.  mike smith and matt ryan (who are so unremarkable in every way that i can't think of anything to make fun of them for) couldn't pull it off either.


you have to build a winning tradition somehow and that's a good way to start.  if the panthers ever become the mid 2000s colts or late era schottenheimer chargers and make the playoffs every year but can't get over the hump then it's worth bitching about.

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