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Panther59Cold Cat

If you can't find the game, try here around kickoff time, it's a website that streams TV channels and such, [url]http://www.justin.tv/directory/sports[/url] (if it's not listed yet don't fret. the broadcaster may not start broadcasting the channel until kickoff). Don't worry, it's safe, secure and most of all, FREE! ENJOY!!!
Aug 12 2010 08:34 AM


The game very well could be here. Check it later today. I use it all the time during Hockey season. Hope it works out for you. Derrick [url]http://atdhe.net/watchtv.html[/url]
Aug 12 2010 04:56 AM

Cold CatWither

I live near the VA line as well. I'm in Caswell Co. Moving Back to Canada soon tho.
Jan 07 2010 07:18 PM

Cold CatPanther Boyd

Hey guy. Haven't talked with you in quite a while. Just lookin over my messages and remember your post. I'm down now and got a group of friends that want to go to a game. We are looking at going to either one of the preseason games or the opener. Got any suggestions?
Jul 11 2009 08:31 PM

Cold CatPanther Boyd

No doubt! I'd love to actually go to a game with some fans. Every game I've been to was an away game and I always end up going with the opposing teams fans. I'm hoping to make a Home game this year. Most likely in October.
Jan 28 2009 01:46 PM

Panther BoydCold Cat

I had a buddy that graduated from Elon. If you ever make it down for a game, give me a shout and we'll try to hook you up w/ some food and spirits.
Jan 28 2009 08:48 AM

Cold Catpanthersphan

Yeah I know where Burlington is. Some of my GF relatives live there. Yeah, I was kinda surpriesed at how spread out some of us Panthers fans are. I'm still learning Hockey. I used to go and watch the Thrashers alot when I lived in atl. Tickets were only 7 bucks. Thats when I was in college though. I've been to lots of Jays games though. I'm a ATL fan in the NL. I'm a Boston fan for the AL. So I like to keep up with the Jays because there in the same div. as Boston. Rogers center is ok. Seats could be roomier. Nice to meet ya.
Dec 29 2008 04:07 PM

panthersphanCold Cat

Hello there, I was born in Burlington...a Toronto suburb south along the Lake...I live in NC now. Awesome to see some Canadian...well Panthers fans living in Canada :-) Have you caught on w/ the Leafs or Jays?? 2 of my favoUrite teams!
Dec 27 2008 03:02 AM

Cold CatCanadianCat

Not a problem to say hi. LOL... I'm not really Canadian. I'm an American. I moved to Canada a year ago. I was raised in North Carolina. When I heard a team was coming to my home state I jumped right on and have been a fan ever since I knew we had a team. I love it here in canada. My real name is Andrew. I've only known about this site since abou Feburary last year. 3 years ago I lived in Atlanta... Got tired of falcon fans and moved to Boston. A year ago I was tired of Pats fans and I moved to Canada. Was missing NFL talk and anything related to the Panthers then was searching the net and stumbled on the site. I don't post much but love being able to talk with panthers fans.
Nov 30 2008 09:15 PM

CanadianCatCold Cat

hey! thanks for saying hi! im from Winnipeg, MB. great to see there are more of us canadian cheering for a southern team. everyone around here are vikings fans as its 'only' a 6 hour drive. anyway my real name is alan. have you been on this site for a while.... i mean pre hacker era? ive been on it since 2004 but i usually dont post too much. i just like talking with panther fans!! how did you become a panther fan? alan
Nov 29 2008 03:22 PM