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At least there is TD

18 November 2012 - 07:32 PM

At the beginning of the season I had high expectations for this team just like everyone else, and the Panthers certainly did not meet those expectations. However, one thing I didn't expect was for Thomas Davis to even be on the field at this point, but the guy is still out there playing his heart out every snap. By now, I'm numb from all of these normally heartbreaking losses, so paying more attention to individual performances versus the score comes naturally for me. And watching TD play reminds me how long it has been since we've seen TD actually play consistently (I remember people predicting him to be the next Derrick Brooks when he was finally stepping into the Will spot, right before he tore his ACL for the first time).

I know there are other TD appreciation threads out there, but I just wanted to remind everyone here that even though this team may not be getting the results we want, we have some special players on this team that make football really fun to watch. And TD is one of them....God only knows what kind of player he could have been if had stayed healthy. Look like he's already rubbed off on Kuechly.

Oh and don't forget, that man can drop the hammer on some players! lol

Interesting Thoughts on the New Batman Film

21 July 2012 - 04:30 PM

Hey Tinderbox folks, I don't usually post a lot on the Huddle, but as an avid Panther Fan, I've been around for a few years just reading. I've always found the topics in this section always to be pretty fascinating with the news updates and events of happenings around the world that you might not see on the nightly news.

These past few months, I've found myself looking into the topics such as UFO's, the economy, and the corruption of the nation's leaders, etc. I try to look at everything with a level head and maintain a certain level of skepticism, but if anything, all of these subjects are flat-out interesting to read about.

ANYWAYS, with my intro out of the way I just wanted to post something that I thought some of you might find interesting as well.


So, I watched the Dark Knight Rises midnight premiere the other night, and I observed some thought-provoking messages in the film. For those who believe in the corrupt evil banks/corporations who pretty much run the world, it is also believed that they are in control of Hollywood, yes?

Without spoiling anything (a little?), I found it funny that the evil weapon used by Bane, was originally a free-energy device that "wasn't ready" because it was too dangerous and could be put in the wrong hands.

An interesting choice for the film, when in just a couple months, an Iranian scientist M.T. Keshe will hold an international conference in Belgium to display what he says is a world-changing technological and scientific breakthrough, involving free energy. Oh yeah, and he wants to distribute it around the world...for free.

There are some other interesting messages in the film, but I don't want to ruin it for everyone. I'd also like to repeat that I don't do crazy research nor do I have a certain stance on any of this, and maybe this Keshe guy is full of crap. I just like to look at this stuff, because I find it fascinating, and from what I've read, this M.T. Keshe is being very serious about this technology.

So what are your thoughts?

Sorry if TL;DR. lol

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