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In Topic: Western Conference Finals Thread

Yesterday, 10:37 PM

Love the fact Harden was too much of a coward to take the shot.

In Topic: Western Conference Finals Thread

Yesterday, 10:24 PM


Making my way in. Shoulda been in faster but I'm an alcoholic in the BART parking lot.



Can't believe I'm typing this but I'm a SoCal Laker fan hopping on the bandwagon.


Figure you've got the son of a Laker great out front and you're kicking Dwight Howard and James Harden's ass so I hope you win it all.

In Topic: Post a pic, any pic.

Yesterday, 08:54 PM

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In Topic: Explain your Huddle username

Yesterday, 08:40 PM

Grew up a Ram Fan here in SoCal.

When that bitch Frontierre took my team to St. Louis I was done.

Followed my favorite player from that point and have been a Panther fan since.

I recall trying a coupe other usernames when I first registered here but they were taken.

In Topic: Arguments for and against concealed carry

Yesterday, 08:58 AM