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The REAL reason we are the worst in the league

05 October 2010 - 03:25 PM

*This is the first time I have posted here but I have been following the huddle for a few years now. First thing - I am a savy seasoned veteran when it comes to the panthers. *Second thing - hello to everyone on the huddle.*
Ok here goes....the reason we are worst in the league i that we have no explosive players. *Not people with fast forty times because the league is full of those but those with a fast short shuttle - indicitive of explosion and great quickness. *Plays like screens, smokes, punts, kickoffs. These plays that change the landscape of the game with one explosive play. *
Let's look at the patriots for example. They have the all world wes welker. What makes him that good really? *Not his straight line speed that's for sure. It is his explosion. He won't outrun people down the field but he will easily beat a corner to the first down marker. Short shuttle - 4.01 **
How bout juleen edleman (the next welker) short shuttle - 3.91
How bout brandon Tate who was tearing up the field all night last night. Short shuttle - 4.12
How about those terrible chiefs that are 3-0. Oh yeah they have two offensive weapons that make them very hard to beat even though they have a very average QB. Jamaal Charles is extremely explosive. Next to Chris Johnson he is the most dangerous out of the backfield. Along with his straight line speed he has great lateral quickness. (Could not find his shuttle time.). How about Dexter mccluster. Short shuttle - 4.06 This kid looks like is shot out of a cannon every time he gets the ball in his hands. With him and Jamaal out of the backfield and lined up at reciever they are undefeated. As a panther this is very dissappointing. We have three staring receivers at 6-2 or over which explains one huge reason our passing games stinks. These guys have no lateral explosion to make a defender miss and move the chains. Smitty used to be that guy for us but he has lost a step and is not the same. Then they draft armantI who has some speed but honestly he is not very explosive. *Just look at all the teams around the league that have drafted explosive players while we are only drafting possesion style players. So what they can block. Big whoopie!!! They can't outrun defenders to move the chains. We all know that one big play (created by a players explosiveness)can ignite an offense and frankly the whole team. That is exactly what we have lived off for the last three years with smitty but he can't carry the offense any longer. I never wanted to see a complete staff overhaul but I think we need a FO that can draft players that can make their own plays....PLAYMAKERS
defense: primarily those great pass rushers that use that three cone speed to get by those tackles. Somebody please help us

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