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#1899263 Dumb Saints** fans on Saints** Report

Posted by DeAngelo's #1 Fan(CRA) on 14 September 2012 - 11:37 AM

Was on Saints** Report reading a thread where they claimed in the last 9 games Newton only has 6 pass completions go for 20 or more yards. Others then chime in about how film has caught up to Cam....that the big play is gone.

Last Sunday he had 7 go for 20+

As a rookie QB he had the 5th most receptions go for 20+

#1899208 So, how many altercations will we have Sunday?

Posted by DeAngelo's #1 Fan(CRA) on 14 September 2012 - 10:14 AM

0. im sure there will be some talk but i highly doubt the altercation like last time happen. i think both sides coaches werent very happy about it last time. and really, its not good for the sport. jmo

Since that last altercation....the Saints* intentionally ran up the score on a depleted defense and it came out the they had a bounty on Cam....

I think Carolina is extra chippy.....we will see if that helps or hurts them. In all honesty of they aren't extra chippy....I will be disappointed. They should have an extra edge for a variety of reasons

#1897163 replacement refs giving more of a home field advantage...

Posted by DeAngelo's #1 Fan(CRA) on 12 September 2012 - 10:32 AM

at least in week one anyway.

saw this from rick gosselin (via darin gantt tweet)

the missing PI calls that people were saying were effected by the crowd...not so much of an imagined thing as you'd think.

the good thing is, unless the NFL really cracks down and the replacement refs overcorrect, we should be good the next couple weeks.

Or the reverse happens.....NFL points out what they a doing and they attempt to over correct the problem

#1896679 The problem Maybe Chud...

Posted by DeAngelo's #1 Fan(CRA) on 11 September 2012 - 09:26 PM

CRA, it surprises me how little you pay attention to our offense.

Doesn't surprise me ya go on and on, without paying attention.

Makes most debates with ya, not worth the time.
If you aren't willing to pay attention, it doesn't matter what is put in front of you.

Doesn't surprise me that when I simply ask you what specifically you think I said is made up.....you duck the question and just keep talking noise.

You don't have to agree with me....but I at least am more than happy to show you reasons my opinions are formed. But clearly you don't want to go down that road.

Do you know why people hated Mike Martz late in his career? Chud had a little more Martz in him on Sunday than he did last year.

#1896371 The problem Maybe Chud...

Posted by DeAngelo's #1 Fan(CRA) on 11 September 2012 - 04:19 PM

Yep, Cam an make mindblowingy good throws. Chud wants Cam throwing 30-35times, running 8....and being the entire O. He asks too much....eventually bad things happen.

Once Chud realizes this one man offense he is riding only generates stats and not wins....we will be better. or Chud just leaves. We need to run and let them be playmakers and let C do his part...

But I disagree with many...I don't think he is a genius. I think Chuds approach has been lazy. (bash me if you want)....for the most part Chud's master plan has been for Cam to do just about everything. I get the temptation

#1895911 Moving on...the Saints***

Posted by DeAngelo's #1 Fan(CRA) on 11 September 2012 - 10:42 AM

On point of interest. Chud got carried away IMO to start 2011 and it took him a few games to settle in. he is off to the same start this year.

RGIII had success against the Saints*** running the read option....but one point of emphasis I think can be taken from it.

In the win against NO, only 7% of his pass attempts were over 20 yards downfield.

Newton week 1 was at 24%, which was greater than any team in the NFL last season.

Trying to set up these homerun plays, plays against the OL. We ran too many 3 WR sets and Olsen is of little value if asked to stay in to block. A perfect example was in the 2nd half when he tried to aid Bell and the defender just split them with ease. Play would have stood out more if the G wasn't simultaneously beaten. Those 3 WR sets turn into for WR sets bc Olsen is basically a pure WR who plays TE.

If we come out and try to be the old school Raiders with WRs running deep routes and asking a run blocking O to pass block all day....that is an unneeded gamble.

We need Stewart, we need to bring back the 2 TE sets adding a TE that can actually aid in pass and run blocking. IMO.

And most importantly, if Williams is the only half of Doube Trouble active....the Newton college offense needs to be tabled until Stewart returns.

I don't consider week 2 games a must win.....but Carolina is closer to having one than any team in the NFL this week.

#1895286 Davis has been outplaying Kuechly....

Posted by DeAngelo's #1 Fan(CRA) on 10 September 2012 - 09:39 PM

kuechly was all over the ball at the very beginning of the game and i'll tell u why you didn't see him anymore... schiano game planned him out.

He didn't gameplan him out....Kuechly took out the FB for Beason to make the play.

It was the same thing that happened on the goaline when TD made the big stop....Beason came up and did the dirty work for TD to make the play.

#1895259 the one thing that irks me about this loss...

Posted by DeAngelo's #1 Fan(CRA) on 10 September 2012 - 09:21 PM

Yea and I guess they're better than Gross, Smitty, Dwill/Stew/Tolbert, Gamble?

After that we have: Beason, Anderson, CJ, Olsen, Kalil, the Edwards, and Godfrey

Peyton Manning carries a lot of weight....for example he will turn Thomas into a Pro Bowl WR this year. Thomas has tons of talent....now has a QB.

Peyton, Clady, Champ, Miller > our top 4.

Our RB depth doesn't carry that much weight since they a subbing for each other for the most part. All are very good RBs but the overlap they have dimishes it.

#1895167 the one thing that irks me about this loss...

Posted by DeAngelo's #1 Fan(CRA) on 10 September 2012 - 08:41 PM

The one thing I found amusing about Ron's take (and I am a Ron supporter)

He attempted to justify Chud not running by claiming Tampa brought 8 in the box.....forcing us to pass.

we brought 8 in the box....and defended Tampa's run all game.

would have preferred him to just say, we didn't run enough and will correct it.

#1894488 Williams flat out doesn't fit

Posted by DeAngelo's #1 Fan(CRA) on 10 September 2012 - 11:51 AM

The whole Williams doesn't fit our offense argument is stupid at best. The point that Chud made when he came here was that he was going to fit the offense to what the player's skill sets are on the team. He did that with Newton putting him in the pistol, he did that with Stewart running him between the tackles and did that with Williams running on the edges. We did have a good running game last year and Chud made the pieces fit but it took time. If there is an argument to be made it is that we didn't much to highlight what Williams does best yesterday. Which could be said about the offense as a whole.

Yesterday we played against a defense we were not prepared to play against. We didn't have a good gameplan and executed pretty poorly. It wouldn't have mattered if Stewart was in there or not. The problem was not one player but an offense that just wasn't prepared for what we saw. Chalk one up for the Tampa defense. I doubt we make the same mistake when they come to BOA later in the year.

But to assume that the Williams doesn't fit the offense because of what happened yesterday is simply making the information fit what you already believe to be the case, not looking at the evidence and objectively deciding what it means. Otherwise you could argue that Newton doesn't fit what we do on offense based on what happened yesterday and you would be just as wrong.

It an argument based on fact....fact of what this offense has done on a football field. As you know, I have argued this since last year. You saw Sunday the ONLY looks of Williams doing the zone read under Chud. Sunday supports what I have been saying.....largely to you. So claiming this is a new argument based on Sunday has no merit.

And in my initial post, I clearly stated Chud didn't run plays to suit Williams and should have.

fact is Chud runs a scheme that plays against what Williams does well. Williams can find success here but he needs Stewart and Cam to get the car jump started based on what CHUD is doing.

Chud is what he is....I wish he ran the ball and played to all guys more effectively. But he isn't....it is the Cam show with this guy ( and I don't agree with it to the extent he makes it). But running the Cam show....means Williams doesn't fit the core do what we do....makes him a complimentary piece.

And your Cam Newton could also then be argued not to fit then analogy doesn't work. Newton is a record setter in it.

#1894317 Williams flat out doesn't fit

Posted by DeAngelo's #1 Fan(CRA) on 10 September 2012 - 10:57 AM

Great RB and has I have said I personally believe he is one of the best, if not THE best pure runners in the entire NFL.......he doesn't fit this offense. Didn't last year.

Williams didn't run the zone read once last year and Chud as opted to make that a key cog in this offense. Chud had to make an effort to get Williams involved last year....and he can make big plays. But he is a high paid luxury Carolina has to find ways to keep involved outside of what they really want to do offensively.

Stewart played the most reps last year bc he fits. Stewart and Cam can play college ball. Stewart can and has dictated how a DL plays bc of his zone read ability.....and that made the offense take off midseason last year. Stewart can take a zone read up the gut and make a guy miss.....from that point forward the DL has to then account for Stewart and NOT pin their ears back as we operate out of the shotgun.....if they do what they did on Sunday Stewart eats them up for 3-5 yards chunks as they flat out pass rush.

My stance has never been about not liking Williams. It is not liking what he brings paired with what Chud does....

Sunday was the first real look at Williams and how he purely fits our scheme....he doesn't. Not Williams fault or a knock on his play. If he was in the Tampa offense he could lead the NFL in rushing.

And to my friend panthers55, Sunday to start the game were the first and only looks of Williams attempting the zone read under Chud.....you now have examples of it. He isn't a zone read RB. and again, that isn't a knock on Williams. I feel bad for Williams. Too talented to be misused....when Stewart is on the shelf. Chud can get by playing away from Williams' absurd and great talent if Stewart is healthy bc it plays to Cam, Stewart, the O and let's Williams get involved on special plays to the outside.

But if Stewart is hurt, Chud has to play to Williams....Cam can make plays under center. Not ideal but that gives us the best offense with a hurt Stewart.

Rant over ( and that is a rant based on the Chud era....not a single game)

#1894126 Don Gregory and the Scouting Department

Posted by DeAngelo's #1 Fan(CRA) on 10 September 2012 - 09:23 AM

Don't let Cam Newton fool you

The 2010 and 2011 drafts were the type that severely hurt a team that claims to build through the draft

#1894034 Did the Bucs scout us @ IMG?

Posted by DeAngelo's #1 Fan(CRA) on 10 September 2012 - 08:34 AM

That isn't realistic

What most likely happened is they hired that guy from the movie Inception and the Bucs had him plant the idea in Chud's mind that he should fart in the general direction of our highly invested backfield.

#1893789 Ron Riveria can't coach..

Posted by DeAngelo's #1 Fan(CRA) on 09 September 2012 - 11:54 PM

Did I say that?
I said I wouldn't want RR to strips plays from Chud. You don't want a coach who knows little offense to start stripping plays away, do you?

Post was about Rivera taking some control ...you said no to that. and yes, when Chud does what he did today...Rivera needs to step in and correct it. Not with him making the specific calls but telling him to run and do it the right way

#1893514 Week 1 perspective

Posted by DeAngelo's #1 Fan(CRA) on 09 September 2012 - 09:46 PM

2011 Playoff teams

Week 1
Steelers lost by 28
Falcons lost by 18
Giants lost by 14
Saints* lost by 8

Week 1 is just one week of quirky football. There also were some poo teams that looked like legit contenders like the Bills who put up 41. We aren't doomed yet. Week 1 should be taken with a grain of salt....who we are will be defined by the next 3 games.

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