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In Topic: Official Panthers - 49ers Playoff Gameday Thread

12 January 2014 - 08:01 AM

Carolina blue sky overhead.  Cool crisp afternoon in the Queen City.


Enjoy this Panther fans!  Kalil got it right...he was just a year early!


Go Panthers!

In Topic: Fox Football Daily: Thomas Davis

12 January 2014 - 07:55 AM

It's one thing to come back from this injury.


It's another thing to come back from the same injury three times.


It is absolute superhero status to come back from this injury 3 times and be as dominant a linebacker as TD is.


This man is a HUGE reason why this defense is so damn good.  He totally deserves every bit of success he and this team have earned this year and more.


The man is an inspiration.


That interception in week 16 vs. Brees and the Saints was phenomenal.

In Topic: Playoffs...Playoffs?! Playoffs M-Fer!

04 January 2014 - 07:47 AM

This was a good one.  Top 3 all time SCP rants.  Thanks!

In Topic: Wild Card Weekend Predictions

03 January 2014 - 06:41 AM

I just have this feeling that the Eagles are going to get the W.  I think this could be a ver high scoring game, something like 41-38, something like that.


I also just have this feeling that playing Philly in Charlotte is our best match up.  They have a lousy defense and their offense can be contained somewhat by our defense.


Other games:





In Topic: Sound Off: Packers, Niners, or Eagles?

31 December 2013 - 06:38 AM

FWIW I'd rather host the Eagles.  I don't think they will be as dynamic against this Panthers D in Charlotte.  I don't think their defense can stop Cam in the 4th quarter.


Don't forget, we will hopefully have Smitty back...so maybe something will also be there in the running game if the receivers can open up the field a little.


SF IMO is the 3rd best team in the NFC and I don't want to have to play them but at least it would be at home.  Defensive struggle likely.  Could favor us though because Cam is better that Colin K.


GB is beatable I think on any field but getting them away from Lambeau would certainly be better.  Rogers is still a great QB.  They have a lot of weapons.  Their defense gives up a lot of yards and points.


Whatever happens...having the NFC Championship game in Charlotte would be amazing. We beat the Eagles.  SF goes up to Seattle and knocks off the Seahawks.  Niners @ Panthers for a Superbowl berth.  Incredible!



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