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In Topic: Lets talk about Seattle

04 January 2015 - 07:43 AM

Seattle D is significantly better than Arizona's.


Seattle's D is better than the Cards on paper, but I think it was the 3-4 look with all of the disguised blitzes that really threw Cam off.  I think he will be much more calm and make better reads against a more traditional defensive style (that he's seen 3 years in a row).  That's not to say that I think we will score a lot of points.  Seattle's secondary is rediculously good and their pass rush is adequate, but our strengths on offense match up well against them.  Running game, mobile QB, pro bowl TE. 


Cards defense is another kind of beast that our offense is not used to playing against and our coaches are not used to game planning for.


Not saying AZ's D is better than SEA, just saying the matchups and schemes for AZ are the reason Cam looked uncomfortable a lot of the game.  The offense still managed to score 27 points.


Our D is on par with Seattle's.  That means it will be a close game and one that we can win.


Does their D concern me?  Yes, but not as much as GB's offense in Lambeau in January.

In Topic: The Bersin Factor ?

04 January 2015 - 07:23 AM

Coverage and protection is the problem, not Bersin.  Sure, I have been holding my breath too, but Arizona absolutely had our number on kick coverage.  We couldn't stop them and there were sometimes 2 or 3 AZ players around Bersin when he was fair catching.  1 AZ gunner always managed to get down there.  Our protections are just not working.  Similarly, the coverage is usually pretty shoddy on punt and kick returns.  Bersin made a mental error that haunted him all night.  Keep in mind that Ginn also struggled to pull the ball in securely.  We capitalized on that as well. 


Bersin's role as the returner was magnified by the weather.  After the game, Jordan Gross, who was down on the field, said on the radio show that the conditions were a huge factor in his catching style as the game went on.  He pointed out that the air was misty all night and that no one on the team (in his experience) would take issue with the job he did (1st half mental errors aside).


We definitely got outcoached on special teams all night.  Bersin will be fine.  Our coverages and protections won't.  That's a problem going forward.



In Topic: Norman should be our Sherman

02 January 2015 - 07:41 AM

Norman has a lot of maturing to do before he can be placed in the same sentence with Sherman.  However, I like what he brings to the field.  With Bene on the other side, Norman has been in great positions.  He has dropped at least 2 INTs over the lst few weeks, but still, his coverage of Gordon and Jones was very professional.  I just think that Bene has been the difference...also, Boston.  Getting Decoud off the field and Bene and Norman locking down the starting positions has been a huge plus.  The secondary coaches have shown that they can get it working with some consistency and some young talent.

In Topic: Looking back, how did we manage to hold Detroit to just 7 points?

26 October 2014 - 07:00 AM

Confidence is the biggest factor in my opinion.  Confidence leads to focus.  The defense had focus in the first two games, then they came unglued.  Pittsburgh exposed a lot of weaknesses.  Those weaknesses have now become glaring.


I think it was a mistake to jettison the entire secondary.  I understand it was a business decision but the guys we have now are NOT better.  They are older and less skilled.  There is no leadership in this secondary.  Godfrey was freaking atrocious (now he's gone…fine).  But i don't see where Harper is helping or Cason or the other safety.  


Of course the pass rush has been less than stellar and the linebackers have been outplayed. Let downs in focus (angles, tackling, getting off blocks, etc.) have led to the team looking lazy and tired (GB game first half we were absolutely not ready mentally or physically).


Finally, the offense sucked against Pitt., Bal., and GB in the first half.  We got down early and the defense ended up on the field for long, long stretches and giving up long drives and big gains.  The D ended up getting pummeled by Cincy, but the offense kept us in it and they D/ST did make some plays in that game.  The difference was Cam opened up the running game vs. CIncy.  It's been said many times: when Cam runs the ball 4-5 times in the first half and especially if he converts 1 or 2 3rd downs, this offense begins to click.


This game could very well come down to a battle between Cam and Wilson.  All other things aside (defense included) whichever team gets the most running yards from their QB will likely win this game.  That will show how effective the offenses can be.


I expect it to be close late.  Outcome is 50/50 IMO.

In Topic: Here is the thing about Belgium v. USA

29 June 2014 - 07:07 AM

Belgium are very much like Portugal in that they have amazing individual players and are overall more talented than the US. However, they are underperforming, barely beating the competition in the cake-walk group H. They have yet to be challenged and thus have not needed to play up to their potential. They have played down to the level of competition and that lack of drive and competitive effort is going to hurt them against a true team like the US.

The Yanks have played 3 very difficult matches, outlasting a frenetic Ghana and simply out classing the mopey Portuguese (at least for 44 and 1/2 minutes of the second half). The loss to Germany was a total loss and we were dominated in many phases, but after only 3 days rest coming out of Manaus...it's understandable and we came close to an equalizer.

Belgium played like they felt they were entitled to go through. They have not faced adversity. Their top striker is playing like crap, they lose a starting midfielder to suspension and captain Kompany is injured.

US will be a tough draw for Belgium, a team than can move quickly on the counter and is dangerous on set pieces. But the thing that the Americans have that the Belgians clearly do not is freaking heart. They will not give in and they are a tough physical team that is willing to suffer more than the other team.

I see a 2-1 win that really isn't as close of a match as that scoreline would indicate. Belgium are not ready for this challenge. US are built for it. Look for Bradley to have his best game yet and I look for goals from Johnson and Dempsey.

Now, Argentina...that's a long shot.

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