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Does anyone else think cam personally got sacked to prove a point?

11 November 2012 - 04:49 PM

It seemed to me throughout the game, Cam was waiting till the last second to throw the ball on purpose, there was a couple of times where it was a unavoidable sack because someone missed a block, but the majority of the time he held the ball way to long and made little attempts to avoid it.

Too me it felt this way, like he got frustrated and just gave up and decided to make the o-line look bad, I hate this attitutide, he never talks to anyone unless we score a TD, why doesn't he talk to his teammates, he doesn't even yell at them when they mess up. I don't know i don't like it though.

Our Linebackers...

21 September 2012 - 10:09 AM

Wasn't this suppose to be our strongest part of our defence this year?

Beason isn't the same, he was missing running holes, missing tackles and his pass coverage was awful and that is the best part of his game, Luke and Anderson played okay, but nothing amazing, and of course TD is banged up.

I just feel with the amount of potential talent we have at linebacker, we shouldn't be getting carried to the 2nd level by running backs, when we blitz LBs we never get close to getting a sack, and when we don't people are still getting open on them.

Could be just a bad game, but beason and the LB core looked horrible last night/so far this season.