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#1713765 Go Troll The "free Sean Payton" Rally Event On Facebook

Posted by stsgrl on 02 April 2012 - 01:18 PM

You know what is ironic? The Panther fans that have been trolling that facebook page can make a good argument that their trolling was retaliation for Alejandro Lastra and breezing2anotherdayathomeduringsb constant trolling here for months.

I am sorry for that but those person(s) does not speak for or represent the entire Saints fan base.

what's up girl. how you doin?

Doing good other than this Bountygate BS and you?

I will say this, while I realize that most of you think what we Saints fans are doing is stupid, what else are we supposed to do? Let me ask you this??? If you got kicked in "jewels" would you not stand up and try to defend yourself???? That is how Saints fans feel. We took this personal because it sure seems to be. He still won't show the media, the public or even Payton and Loomis the "proof" he so called has! Goodell is an money hungry, control freak, ego maniac! He is slowly destroying the NFL with all the new rules he is putting in place and I am not just talking about the bounty issues. I can't and won't expect you to really understand how we feel because it didn't happen to you, at least not yet.

#1713669 Go Troll The "free Sean Payton" Rally Event On Facebook

Posted by stsgrl on 02 April 2012 - 12:11 PM

Don't you guys have anything better to do than concern yourselves with our team and troll our Facebook pages. We will be fine, either Payton will win his appeal to have his suspension reduced or Bill Parcells will coach. We still have a championship team in place, Payton or no Payton. I would start worrying about your own team. On the field, you have more issues than People magazine!

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