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23 October 2014 - 08:21 PM

ROTY? Awards are given by the media. Kyrie is hyped to no end by the media. Nobody is denying that.

He's one of the most injury-prone players in the NBA.

He's the worst defensive PG, & possibly player, in the entire NBA.

He's not even a top 10 PG in terms of Assists or Assist-Turnover Ratio.

He gets dominated head to head by elite PGs such as D-Rose, Parker, Paul, etc. Hell, even Kemba has owned him head to head.

He's never won anything, his team's have always sucked.

A PG supposed to be is a distributor & floor general or leader. He doesn't make his teammates better & he has a poor attitude.

He's a volume shooter with a bad FG%.


i agree with all of that but still think he is a lil better than Kemba.. i dont think this board hates Kyrie, i dont.. i think we hate that Kemba doesnt get any exposure and goes un-noticed.. my fear- like i said in another thread, is that we will get double maybe tripple the exposure we have had as the Bobcats this year as the Hornets and people will see Kemba - FOREAL and he will cash in on a niice pot of gold deal that we will be forced to offer/match (ie Gordon Hayward, *gulp)

In Topic: Pacers @ Hornets- final tune-up

23 October 2014 - 07:33 PM

Anybody scared about our backup PGs? Roberts and old man Pargo haven't looked entirely solid this preseason.

I wouldnt rule out a West/Hill trade for Zeller/Hendo

In Topic: Newton Positive? Reed's latest article not too convincing to me for some...

23 October 2014 - 02:22 PM

once you give up hope of a Superbowl this year- it becomes more fun.. I will consider this season very good if we can hold onto the lead in the NFCS and have another home playoff game.. we should have back to back winning season for the first time in our history.


I have just looked at it like this: we aren't going to make any waves in the playoffs, we are a year out of cap hell. Once we have to room Gettleman will find pieces to protect Cam and give him weapons too. This year is just a moment in purgatory

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23 October 2014 - 01:51 PM

cool, thanks

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