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Intent of the LT position

02 April 2014 - 11:53 PM

The versatility of starting right guard Nate Chandler, Gross’ back up in 2013, allows the team to move him to left tackle to replace Gross; Scott, Chandler’s back up, could move to starting right guard seamlessly. These moves essentially allow the Panthers offensive line to stay relatively intact, and chemistry cannot be overstated, especially for a young quarterback.-quote from isportsweb.com article

I think this has been the plan the whole time. Amid all the hoopla over Gman's left-handed talk, Rivera stated Bell would be competing for the LT job. I think the staff feels they have a diamond in Chandler. Have read several quotes about him being our most athletic O-lineman and developing nicely as pass-blocker.


Most likely Draft in which BPA can align with need....

30 March 2014 - 12:48 AM

1st Rd:

David Yankey, G/T Stanford

Some deviation on big boards, but tends to be late 1-early 2 guy.

2nd Rd:

Jordan Mathews/Davante Adams/Donte Moncrief

One of these three will be available. Prefer Mathews, but any will do!

3rd Rd:

Keith McGill CB, Utah

Utah! Nuff said! We know how these Panthers gel with the Utes!

4th Rd:

Brandon Coleman/Abbrederis

Again, each have pros and cons....pick one

5th Rd:

Michael Schofield, T Michigan

Lurking in Lewan's Shadow

6th Rd:

Shamar Stephens, DT UConn

7th Rd:

Dontae Johnson, S NC State

Something that is out of character

26 March 2014 - 01:44 PM

Anybody else find that signing Tavarres King to a 4 year contract is a little unlike Gettleman? Maybe he knows something we don't? After all he was drafted by Denver.

Is he the next Cruz?

Things we know about Gman!

10 March 2014 - 11:14 AM

He seems to be very direct and a man of his word, that said, let's review!

1)Draft BPA-proven! Which means we will not go into the draft "looking" for our starting LT!
2)Fill all roster holes via Free Agency-proven! Not to say he won't pick up some more players after June 1st cuts!
3)We are cap strapped-true! Only obvious relief is with June 1st cuts!

Now, restructures are bad, unless equipped with void clauses. Essentially, a restructure is moving base salary to guaranteed money the following year(s). We know we don't have enough money to sign our draft picks, minus the free agents to fill the holes. We know his philosophy is fill holes with Free Agents! That being said, something big is about to come out of Charlotte that has us freeing up cap space!

Only logical immediate choices(add more if you see them)-

1)Extend CJ-same core deal, just over a long span......guarantee more of the money. CJ would make out better being a June 1st cut so he has no incentive to extend other than taking one for the team!
2)Sign Hardy to a long term deal-obviously they aren't on the same page or would've been done.
3)Trade Hardy for draft picks!

Kalil, JStew, and Dwill have already restructured....meaning no solutions there. Nothing substantial can be done at the moment with anyone else! A lot can happen with June 1st cuts. But something has to happen now in order for Gman to follow his team building philosophy.......so which is it?

When we sign

08 March 2014 - 01:41 PM

Peppers or Tuck and trade Hardy, will Gman be a hero or zero?

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