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Gman Logic

23 February 2015 - 05:29 PM

With Dwill released and Dave constantly reiterating the concept of using FA to fill team needs, does he

A.deem Fozzy and Reaves as viable options for #2 and #3 RB's?


B.Pursue a FA RB?

Hoping this means he may make a run at Spiller

New waters for the NFL

10 February 2015 - 10:46 AM

To have a franchised player go on the exempt list 2 games into the season is unprecedented!

I see only 2 fair resolutions for the NFL towards the Panthers org:

1. Credit back a pro-rated amount of the 13.1 to our Cap space! It will be like we just rolled it over into the next year!


2. Being that Hardy was Exempt from NFL formalities, Goodell could state that he still has to play out 14 games under the tag!

Option 1 is least muddy.

GnJ Mock Ver1.1

18 January 2015 - 03:30 PM

Combine puts Devin Smith in top 3 WR, dropping the group leaving us taking

1st-Kevin White

2nd-Jake Fisher(better LT option)

3rd-Tevin Coleman(the trend of RBs dropping continues)

4th-Rob Havenstein(our RT will never be a weakness again with Remmers backing)

5th-Preston Smith(keeping the pass rush growing)

6th-Isaiah Johnson(SS out of GT)

7th-Ladarius Gunter (CB out of Miami)

Hardy's Intent

05 November 2014 - 08:34 PM

Starting to wonder if this fiasco surrounding Hardy is by design on his behalf?

Fact: Players hate the tag because if the player suffers a career ending injury then a huge payday is lost.

Some parts of this ordeal seem so ridiculous that you would almost think Hardy has no desire to play this season. What say you to the notion that Hardy has fabricated this event in order to keep the current payday while hitting the open market next year in healthy form?

Soon, Very Soon

19 October 2014 - 10:25 PM

It looks bleak at the moment, but for some good news, Rivera teams close out the season well! There is hope and there is even more hope on the horizon.

For all the Gettleman bashers, I'm not quite on your train yet and I don't think I will be for at least two years. Here is why:

-with the exception of Hardy and Bell, we aren't scheduled to lose any heavy hitters
-our salary cap really begins to open up

On the salary cap:

-we currently hold contracts that total 130mil for 2015
Ok, let's assume that the cap set by the NFL increases from the current 133mil to 135mil. We also have 7mil rollover.

135 mil + 7mil=142mil Cap
142mil-130mil=12mil Cap Space

That's not all. No Way Godfrey stays! In 2015, he has a cap hit of 7mil and his dead money hit is 3 mil if cut. Let's assume we cut him pre-June 1st. We can then add an additional 4mil to our cap space for the year. Also, DeCoud has a 2.2ish mil cap hit/.25mil dead money hit. IMO, gone!

We are now looking at 18mil in cap space.

That's still not all! We can except that CJ will be here awhile longer. There is roughly 9 mil to gain in reworking his contract. Let's assume we get 5mil of it, which we can do and still be clear to cut ties with him in 2016 and gain monster cap space.

If we get 5mil off his base salary converted to bonus, then we are now:

23mil in cap space.

What about Cam's contract? He is on the books already for 14mil. That 130mil 2015 commitment includes the start of Cam making huge bucks. Signing to a properly balanced deal can actually reduce that 14mil number in 2016, but only moderately.

We can also cut D-Will as a June 1st cut. That would add another 6mil to our cap space for 2015, but count as 6mil worth of dead money on the 2016 books(basically replaces the dead money of Smitty/Godfrey).

The Good:

Potentially 29mil in cap space with Cam's "blockbuster deal" numbers already starting. If done right, that's enough to keep Hardy and sign JPP. It's also enough to sign some quality OL and DBs.
A good draft(Gordon/Coleman and 3 more starter quality guys) and we get very well rounded.

The Bad:

We stuck with Stewart at least till 2016