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In Topic: Positions of Need

Yesterday, 08:23 PM

1.) Safety

2.) Safety

3.) Right Tackle

4.) Safety

5.) Defensive End

In Topic: the official "Dave Gettleman fuging sucks" thread

Yesterday, 08:15 PM

Gentleman signed Chandler to a 4-year extension...gotta criticize him for that and the Harper signing

In Topic: Godfrey

Yesterday, 05:38 PM

I take pity on Godfrey nowadays...

In Topic: So Greg Hardy has now sat for 6 games. Status for next week?

Yesterday, 04:12 PM

Hardy ain't coming back this year and we lose him withowt gaining anything after the season...

In Topic: Is this the worst secondary in NFL history?

Yesterday, 12:35 PM

Gentleman going to learn a rough lesson this year...every position isn't a one-year fix

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