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SOJA - 4 Round Mock

14 March 2014 - 10:21 PM

no trades just first 4 rounds 



1- Brandin Cooks WR- Oregon St. 





-small, speedy explosive guy. This is the pick I'm most unsure about. I feel at this point all the premier tackles will be off the board and hell this guy might be too. TBH it's a goddamn mock and WR looks painfully thin right now.



2-Morgan Moses OT Virginia





Would you take a look at the motherfuger, talk about hog molly! Might not start from day one, but could be great. His nfl comparison is Cordy Glenn who we should have drafted a few years ago. And while I've got your attention. I don't want Cyrus at all. 



3- James Hurst- OT UNC-Chapel HIll




At one point considered a fringe first rounder and a former five star recruit. Nasty leg injury in UNC's bowl game will cause him to slip a bit. More of a sure bet than Moses but definitely not as high of a ceiling. 



4- Brandon Coleman- WR Rutgers 




Honestly probably won't be here by this pick. Huge, huge upside but also a risk. I read somewhere that if he had stayed in school another year he would have been a sure fire first rounder. 




Is this going to happen? No, but it made me feel better. Also fug rounds five to seven. We have no idea who is going to be there nor do we have any clue if those guys will be good. I will say this though. NO CORNERS EARLY. Look at the best corners in this league and where they were drafted. Rarely were they early picks. 

Mike Florio- Panthers not interested in Nicks

13 March 2014 - 05:16 PM






A league source tells PFT that, as of last night, the Panthers had shown no interest in Nicks.




Munnerlyn to Vikings- 3 year deal

13 March 2014 - 05:02 PM


Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet  1m

Captain Munnerlyn is signing a three-year deal with the #Vikings, per source.





Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet  25s

Captain Munnerlyn’s three-year #Vikings deal could be worth as much as $15M, per source. Reemerged last year, should help big-time.




fwiw good for Captain that's a great contract for a 7th round short guy who was never supposed to make it in the league 

Spirit Airline: You get what you pay for / Never fly Spirit

19 February 2014 - 02:00 PM

I'm here today to tell you all why you should never book a flight on Spirit Airline.


Spirit is known for having cheap, affordable flights- similar to Ryan Air for those of you across the pond. They also have cheap and terrible customer service.


After spending an hour on the phone with them today to simply change a low cost flight ($35) to a few days later, I was told it would cost be $120. Any flight change made outside of 24 hours of booking costs this. Now, if I booked a completely new flight it would still only cost me $35. Thus, I was advised by a supervisor to book a new flight or cancel my old. So now I have one completely useless ticket that is completely non-refundable


On top of this, you are allowed one personal item, but a carry on will cost you another $100.


This is how they nab you, they basically expect you to show up with minimal items and make absolutely no changes in your work/social life and then, only then, in this utopian vision they have- will you be guaranteed your low cost flight.


Thus we see what you get when you buy cheap things. With all the feel good customer service stories I see on the internet, this is exactly the opposite. I realize this is only $35 dollars, but the money is not the real issue here. It's the inflexibility and overall unresponsiveness I received. In my years of traveling I've had poor experiences with other Airlines, but they have always been willing to refund or give future flights in exchange. Spirit not only didn't offer anything, they patronized me saying they had already explained their policies to me.


I have never felt more alienated by a company over what would seemingly be a very easy change.


In your future, if you have the option of flying either Spirit Airline or any other airline, choose the other airline. God forbid life would happen and you would need to make a change.

Pick 3 of 4 RB's

12 December 2013 - 11:46 AM

Alfred Morris at Atlanta - Projected 17

Gio Bernard at Pit- 8

Fred Jackson at Jac- 14

Steven Jackson vs. Was- 11




also for shits and giggles Mason Crosby (at Dallas) or Alex Henery (at Minn)

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