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#1902878 Observations from inside the stadium

Posted by panther4life on 16 September 2012 - 05:36 PM

Does she have a nice butt?

she's the oldest wife of all the coaches, that being said she's doing just fine for her age. I may sit to next to her again so that's all I am saying.

#1902851 Observations from inside the stadium

Posted by panther4life on 16 September 2012 - 05:26 PM

Soo much to like about this game.

First and foremost Godfrey played his ass off today. That pick 6 was a game changer and got the crowd involved in a big way from then on. He also knocked the absolute poo outta Graham in the 4th, sending him to the sideline.

Props to the section on the away side on the 30 yard line...they refused to participate in the wave, but the section by the panthers tunnel was so persistent they got it to go the other direction.

Cam Newton is so awesome for the fans. When we took the lead,his enthusiasm in the end zone jumping up and down and waving his hands and acknowledging the crowd was priceless.

The crowd was awesome today and my section 127 nearly stood up the entire game without 1 complaint.

We truly had homefield advantage today with the D being electrified by the crowd.

I hate the over usage of this word but Thursday Nights atmosphere should be epic.

So nice to see Beason seal the win with the final interception today.

Deangelo still has that home run ability and I am glad we have him regardless of CRA's vendetta against him.

Gamble showed why he was the man again in that pass deflection to force 4th down for the Saints* in the 4th.

By the games end you could tell we totally demoralized the Saints* Defense.

The trick play on the Lafell reverse was a thing of beauty.

Saints* fans behind me were good sports and were genuinely fun to go back and forth with all game.

Met the tight end coach's wife, she was a sweetheart

#1900577 Panthers vs. Saints**** Gameday

Posted by panther4life on 16 September 2012 - 09:33 AM

True story, I ran out of toilet paper and just wiped my ass with Bounty paper towels. On the way up the stadium now!
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#1899797 So you want a new GM huh?..Check this out and maybe you'll reconsider.

Posted by panther4life on 15 September 2012 - 12:15 AM

Here are the the guys who have been running their respective team since at least 02 and their records.

Arizona gm Graves took over in 2002 65-95(40% win percentage)
Baltimore gm Newsome took over in 02 94-66 (58% win percentage)
Carolina GM Hurney took over in 02 79-81(49% win percentage) throw out 2010 (Jerry tanked this season and everyone knows it). and he's 77-67(53% win percentage)
Cincinnati Mike Brown Owner since 91 124-244(46% win percentage)
Dallas gm/owner Jones since 89 198-170(53.8 win percentage)
New England, Bill Belicheck since 2000 139-53/(72% win percentage)up until on 09 he split power with pioli but always had final say…by himself he's 37-11(77% win percentage)
New Orleans Mickey Loomis since 02 90-70(56% win percentage)
Oakland Davis since 63 but ill start in 02 56-104 their new GM is in first year(35% win percentage)
Pittsburgh- Kevin Colbert since 2000 127-64-1. (66% win percentage)

Below is the rest

Atlanta gm Dimitroff took over in 08 and the Falcons have been 43-21 under his tenure(67% win percentage). Before him was rich mckay who started in 03 35-45(43% win percentage)…previously they had a gm but the previous owner had final say over personnel decisions. mckay was the first full time gm of the falcons after blank purchased the team in 02

Buffalo Buddy Nix- took over in 2010 and the Bills have a 10-22 record since he took over.(31% win percentage)Before him was Russ Brandon who went 13-19 for 2 years(08and 09)(40% win percentage), now the teams ceo and 2nd man to owner Ralph Wilson. Before Brandon Marv Levy handled the gm job for 2 years (06 and 07)the Bills record under him was 14-18(43% win percentage). Before Levy they had Tom Donahoe run things from 01 to 05, in this time frame the bills were 31-49.(38% win percentage).

Chicago Jerry Angelo took over in 01 and went 95-81.(53.9% win percentage) The bears hired Phil Emory to replace him this year after deciding to fire Angelo.

Cleveland GM Tom heckert has been there since 2010. The Browns record under him so far is 9-23.(28% win percentage) The predecessor to Heckert only lasted 8 games(yes half a season) in 09 before being fired after a 1-7 start. That gentleman's name was George Kokonis. Before him Phil Savage was the gm from 05 to 08, over those 4 years the Browns had a record of 24-40(37.5% win percentage). In the 01-04 seasons Butch Davis was the head coach and de facto gm and during this time they were 25-49.(33.7% win percentage)

Denver now has Elway in charge but before him Brian xanders was the gm for the 09-11 to seasons and was fired/"mutely agreed" to step down in favor of Elway going forward earlier this year. Under his 3 full seasons the team was 20-28(41% win percentage). From 02-07 Ted sundquist was the gm and did well(56-44)(56% win percentage) but shannahan had him fired after the 07 season when they went 7-9.

Detroit GM Martin Mayhew has been with the club since 08 and has complied 16-32 record so far.(33% win percentage) Before Mayhew the infamous Matt Millen ran the Lions front office from 01-08. His terrible tenure finally ended after he capped off the worst career of any GM with and 0-16 season. The Lions overall under Millen was a miserable 31-97.(26% win percentage)

Green Bay GM Ted Thompson joined the franchise in 05 and the Packers have had a 67-45 record since he joined them.(59.8 win percentage)Before Thompson Mike Sherman was the head coach/gm from 01-04(granted Ron Wolf handled the 01 draft). Sherman did well in his duel roles leading the team to a record of 44-20 in 4 seasons as gm/head coach.(68% win percentage) In 05 Sherman committed a major crime in Green Bay by having a losing record (4-12). You would have to go all the way back to 1991 to find a year where the Packers had a losing record before this happened. its only happened once since then too, in 08- they went 6-10.

Houston' GM Rick Smith has been with Texans since 06 and they have had a record of 47-49 since he took over.(48.9% win percentage) Previous to Smith Casserly was the only other GM of the franchise and he ran things from their first year(2002) through 2005. He had a total record of 18-46. Started with 4 wins, then 5, then 7 and in his final year they went backwards for the first time only winning 2 games.(28% win percentage)

Indianapolis GM Ryan Grigson is in his first year with the Colts. Before him Bill Polian joined the colts in 97 after he was given a promotion(named President of the colts vs GM of Panthers). After a terrible first year he acquired the rights to the first overall pick in the draft (Peyton Manning) in 98. Things started off slow only winning 6 games in his first 2 years but after that it was mostly smooth sailing. When it was all said and done his record their was 152-88 after his 15 years with the Colts.(63% win percentage).

Jacksonville's Gene Smith is the first "GM" in Jaguars history . He started in 09 and has a recored of 20-28(41% win percentage). James Lanell "Shack" Harris was the teams VP of player personnel since the teams inception. The Jags overall record under his tenure was 118-106.(52.6% win percentage)

Kansas city hired Scott Pioli before the 09 season. Since 09 the Chiefs have had a record 21-27 under Pioli's control. (43.7% win percentage)The chiefs previously had Carl Peterson running the team for 20 years. Under Peterson the Chief's record was 176-141-1(55% win percentage).

Miami GM Jeff Ireland is probably closest to being on his way out the door of any current GM. His record since taking over in 08 is 31-33.(48% win percentage)His first year the team won 11 games, then 7 the next 2 and now 6 last year. The team is a mess and Ireland has nothing to hang his hat on right now. Randy Mueller was the previous GM but only had final say for the roster in 2007. In his lone year of control the team went 1-15(.06 win percentage). In 2005 and 2006 Saban was head coach and had the ultimate say in roster decisions. He went 15-17(46.8% win percentage) during this time and then took off for Alabama when the job became available after Mike Shula was fired(yes the panthers qb coach).From 2000-2004 Rick Spielman ran the personnel decisions. The Doplhins record under this time was 45-35.(56% win percentage)

Minnesota- Rick Spielman took over the front office duties in June of 06,compiling a record of 45 -51.(46.8 win percentage) Granted his first draft was in 07. Before Spielman Rob Brzezinski ran the front office. He had full control from 02-06. The vikings went 43-53 during this time frame.(44.7% win percentage)

New York Giants current GM Jerry reese has held his position since 07 and the Giants have a record of 49-31.(61% win percentage) Ernie Acorsi was promoted from assistant GM to GM in 98 and held that title through 2006 before Reese took over. He had a record of 73-71.(50.6% win percentage)

New york Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum since has been there since 06 and the Jets have been 49-47 during his tenure.(51% win percentage) Terry Bradway was the Previous GM and he held the title from 01-06. His record was 39-41(48.7% win percentage).

Philadellpia GM Howie Rosemann has been with the team since 2010 and before was Joe banner but Reid has had final say in roster decisions since 01. Since 2001 the eagles record is 110-66.(62.5% win percentage)

San Diego gm a.j smith since 03 88-56(61% win percentage)

San fran has made a nice turnaround so far under Trent Baalke who took over in 2011. Last year they went 13-3… Before Baalke was Scott Mcloughlan who ran the front office from 05-2010. 49ERS record under him was 23-41(35.9% win percentage). From 01-05 Terry Donahue was in charge. From 01-05 the niners were 31-33(48% win percentage) but declined each year. His first year they won 12, then 10,then 7, then 2 and was promptly fired.

Seattle Gm John Schneider has been there since 2010. The Seahawks have been 14-18 under him after 2 years.(42% win percentage) Tim Ruskell ran things from 05-09. He had a winning record of 34-30(53% win percentage) but he inherited a 13 win team his first season(thanks to mike holmgren) and his drafting was horrible. Before that Bob whittstitt split power with Holmgren.

St.Louis les snead is in his first year. From 08-11 Billy Devaney ran the Rams front office and was his record is amongst the worst. The Rams went 12-52(18.7% win percentage) during this time span. Jim Zygmunt who was with the team for 27 years made personnel decisions from 00-07. During this time they were 68-60.(53% win percentage)

Tampa's GM Mark Dominik has held his post since 09. In this time frame the Bucs are 17-31.(35% win percentage) From 04-08 Bruce Allen was the GM.The Bucs were 41-39 under Allen(51.2% win percentage). His drafts were likely what did him in. His first round picks over those 5 years were Michael Clayton,Cadillac Williams,Davin Joseph,Gaines Adams and Aqib Talib. Of all his draft picks only Joseph,Trueblood,Black,Hayward,Talib and Zuttah remain.

Tennesee's Current GM Ruston Webster is in his first year with the team. Previously Mike Reinfedlt ran the team since 07 and went 45-35.Reinfieldt (56% win percentage) has been promoted to Executive VP and CEO.Before that Floyd Reese ran things for a long time(from 94-thru 06). In those 13 seasons he went 106-102.(50.9%) win percentage).

Washington hired GM Bruce Allen in late 09 and the Skins have gone 11-21(34% win percentage) in his 2 years of being back with the team. Vinny Cerrato was in charge of the rosters from 03 to 09. The skins went 47-65 during this span.(41.9% win percentage)

***I only listed regular season records

So since 02 there has been 63 different final decision makers/GM's in the NFL. Only 5 true GM'S(non-owners or belicheck) have been with their team since 02. Those guys are
Rod Graves in Arizona(40% win percentage)- 1-0 in Superbowl since 02
Ozzie Newsome in Baltimore(58% win percentage)0 Superbowl appearances since 02
Marty Hurney in Carolina (49% win percentage)0-1 in Superbowl since 02
Mickey Loomis in New Orleans(56%win percentage) 1-0 in Superbowl since 02
Kevin Colbert in Pittsburgh(66% career win percentage)2-1 in Superbowl since 02

The others who have been running their team since 02 that still are
Mike Brown in Cincinatti- 0 Super Bowl appearances since 88
Jerry Jones in Dallas- 0 Super Bowl appearances since the mid 90's
Bellicheck in New England- 2-1 In Super Bowl since 02

All in all there has been 13 Super Bowl contestants since 02 and they are listed below.
Giants 2-0-
Steelers 2-1
Patriots 2-2
Colts 1-1
Bucs 1-0
Packers 1-0
Saints****** 1-0
Bears 0-1
Seahawks 0-1
Eagles 0-1
Panthers 0-1
Raiders 0-1

So after all that research these are who I find to be the best GM/Decision makers that were in the league through last season with their team and where I would rank them based off what they have done since they joined their team.(I stopped once I got to Hurney)
1.Bill Belicheck-(Patriots)
2.Kevin Colbert(Steelers)
3.Ted Thompson(Packers)
4.Mickey Loomis(Saints******)
5.Jerry Reese(Giants)
6.Andy Reid(Eagles)
7.Ozzie Newsome(Ravens)
8.A.J Smith(Chargers)
9.Bill Polian(Colts)
10.Thomas Dimitroff(Falcons)
11.Jerry Angelo(Bears)-recent drafts are very bad
12.Marty Hurney(Panthers)

All of those teams pretty much built their teams and relied heavily on the draft. Biggest playmakers signed in free agency that led to Super Bowl wins were Charles Woodson in Green Bay and Drew Brees in New orleans. You have to remember the teams who draft well and can retain their own don't have cap space to go and out spend on pricey free agents vs the other teams who don't fare so well in the draft.

For more on that check this very informative site out http://www.profootba...sembled-charts/ (thanks jawnyblaze)

In closing unless we can steal one of those elite guys somehow, we have a very slim chance of finding a stud to replace Hurney. Yes Baalke looks good right now and Grigson and Elway may turn out to be something but history is not kind to many new GM's over the past 10 years. Decosta gets rave reviews but he's paid very well and is the heir apparent to Newsome in Baltimore.
So while I do not find Hurney to be part of the elite crowd, I do think he is well above average even with the Armanti and even worse Everette Brown wasted draft picks. He is at a point where he is running out of excuses if we don't make some major strides in the next 2 seasons but theres plenty of reason to believe that we will be a playoff contender as soon as this season and hopefully much more in the years to come.

And yes I am hypocrite for posting another new Hurney thread. Sorry about that.