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#3135819 Benwikere and Norman are studs

Posted by NJPanthers12 on 14 December 2014 - 05:56 PM

Is this a good or a bad thing?


I was thinking the same thing. Mike Remmers has been extremely impressive to me. He has looked better that Chandler or Bell have at any point at RT. Don't look now but maybe just maybe we are one player away from a solid offensive line.


LT: Rookie/Free Agent

LG: Andrew Norwell

C: Ryan Kalil

LG: Trai Turner

RT: Mike Remmers


Still early but it is possible. 

#3135783 Benwikere and Norman are studs

Posted by NJPanthers12 on 14 December 2014 - 05:46 PM

remember when people 2 week ago were saying Captain is better than Norman. Good times that was funny. Josh Norman is very good. 

#3129666 This accident to Cam is the reason why he needs to HOLD OUT next year

Posted by NJPanthers12 on 11 December 2014 - 12:49 AM

So by this logic everyone should hold out because anyone can get in a car accident. Awful thread.

#3128171 Reality check for a few .....it's only damn football

Posted by NJPanthers12 on 10 December 2014 - 12:45 AM

this is a great thread. people need to put today in perspective. when i first heard the news today i had to get up from work and walk outside for a little. i thought i was going to throw up and i was light headed. i know i don't even know the guy, but when i first saw the tweet and the pictures i instantly thought this could be life threatening. i am just thankful to god everyone was ok. i don't care if we lose the next 3 games by 50, i am thrilled that he 'only" has back fractures. IR him or let him play, i don't care, just do what is in his best interest. i don't need to risk cam newton 4 days after a major accident so we can try to make the playoffs and then lose by 50. the young man dodged a bullet and that is all i care about. i am glad this thread is up.

#3127966 What would the perception be if it was Hardy who wrecked?

Posted by NJPanthers12 on 09 December 2014 - 08:52 PM

who the hell cares? why are we comparing Cam Newton and Greg Hardy, and I am probably the biggest Hardy supporter on this board. just be grateful that Cam walked out of this alive and the other driver from all accounts escaped serious injury. this is not a time to bring up the negative and try to prove points. thank god everyone is ok. 

#3118962 There has to be a campaign in Charlotte

Posted by NJPanthers12 on 04 December 2014 - 08:26 PM

People like Rex because he talks a big game, but he's not a great head coach.  He's followed the same pattern as his brother (come in, look good for a short time, then fade after people adjust to you while you keep doing the same thing).  Rob just does it faster.


It's expected he'll be fired this offseason.  If his last name wasn't Ryan (and the Jets owner weren't a nimrod) he'd probably have been fired already.


i will agree to disagree with you. i think rex ryan is a very good coach who has been undermined and has no talent around him. this guy took a mark sanchez run offense to 2 AFC championship games. He beat Tom Brady in New England, Peyton Manning in Indianapolis, and Phillip Rivers in San Diego to get to those games. i don't think there is a question that he is a top 5 defensive mind if not higher in the last decade. i have never seen a fan base or team support a coach like rex ryan during rough times. give me rex ryan over riverboat ron any day of the week. just like john fox i would bet good money that it doesn't take rex long to find a new head coaching job.

#3118795 There has to be a campaign in Charlotte

Posted by NJPanthers12 on 04 December 2014 - 06:04 PM

jets fans will single handedly be responsible for getting john idzik fired. i wish there was passion in this fan base to do something to at least attempt to get jerry richardsons attention. 

#3114935 Al Wallace said Cam Newton will never be a franchise qb

Posted by NJPanthers12 on 02 December 2014 - 07:27 AM

Yes! Pay the man so we can provide him with no weapons for years to come. Yes, let's pay a QB that kind of money that can't even make all the throws. I have a feeling we are going to be making excuses for Cam his whole career until he retires.

Yup lets never pay any quarterback ever because we will assume we can't afford any other weapaons. It's amazing how somehow these other teams pay quarterbacks and get them weapons but according to our genius fans we will never be capable of doing so.

#3114718 Al Wallace said Cam Newton will never be a franchise qb

Posted by NJPanthers12 on 02 December 2014 - 12:17 AM

What's funny is how most everyone on this board blames 99% of Cam's poor play on everything but Cam. While the number should be more like 65%, it needs to be known that this organization will never and currently can't give Cam what he needs to allow him to play at a superstar level. In other words, there will always be excuses for Cam because we'll never have a perfect team to surround him with.


Cam isn't elite.


Cam is very good.


I can't stress enough that fans are SO in need of having a stud QB to root for that they overlook what I just typed. As soon as you can realize that he's not a superstar on the field, the sooner you'll realize that paying him a top salary is a HUGE gamble. Since this team can't cover his faults, his faults will continue to shine. Now, if they want to pay the man a fair amount to stay here ... great. He'll win some games for us, he'll lose some games for us. The rest of the team will do the same. But at least we won't have to regret him doing so with such a massive contract.


I know you guys love Cam. I know you think he has the highest ceiling of any QB in the history of the NFL. I know you think if it wasn't for Andrew Luck, he'd be the best young QB out there. But the fact is the supporting cast around him will continue to be sub par, you'll continue to always blame that supporting cast and never blame Cam, and you'll continue to wallow in the SUCK that is this team.


DG needs to be smart. Overpaying someone who isn't elite isn't smart.


I'm fine with Cam staying here. But I wouldn't break the bank for Jay Cutler, Kaep, Dalton, RGIII, or Foles either. Cam has not earned the money.  


so your not willing to give big contracts to quarterbacks who aren't elite? if that is the case then you would have a revolving door of quarterbacks in this league. by your logic only Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Andrew Luck would get paid big contracts. that is not how the nfl works.


those 5 quarterbacks have combined for a total of 6 super bowls and 3 in the last decade. put those numbers up against non-elite quarterbacks like ben roethlisberger, eli manning, joe flacco, and russell wilson. those quarterbacks have also combined for 6 super bowls. eli manning is a perfect example. when he had the right team around him he was able to go out and win 2 super bowls. the team he has now doesn't have the talent it did and he has been mediocre over the last couple of years. to say that the team will never be able to put a quality team around him is absurd. if david gettleman can't put a team around cam that only players like brady, peyton, rodgers, brees, and luck could win with then he should be fired. i don't know how you can sit here and definitively say 5 years from now the team around him will be subpar. you stated he isn't elite but he is very good. the fact of the matter is that very good quarterbacks in this league can win super bowls. 


so recap


Elite Quarterbacks= 6 Super Bowls

Very Good Quarterbacks=6 Super Bowls

#3114710 Al Wallace said Cam Newton will never be a franchise qb

Posted by NJPanthers12 on 02 December 2014 - 12:09 AM

lol go back and find where I said Cam is the root of our issues. Geez, you people love putting words in people's mouths. All I have said is Cam still has legitimate QB issues that have dated back to college and that I don't think he is worthy of a huge contract. Now, you want to write me an essay because you can't admit that Cam is not a franchsie QB at the moment.


And you say Cam has shown improvement in the last 3 years, well exactly tell me where he has improved. He still overthrows WAY too many receievers, still holds the ball too long even when he has time, still has leadership problems, still has trouble reading defenses, still has no touch on his throws, still has 0 pocket awarness, his footwork is still bad, his mechanics is still bad, etc. So please, tell me these huge improvements Cam has made.







Two people who know a lot more football then you speaking about how Cam has made improvements out of college. John Clayton goes as far as saying Cam is a franchise quarterback. You also have zero evidence of Cam having leadership issues. That is just completely made up and assumed because the team is struggling. I have not heard 1 negative comment about Cam from his teammates. 


You mention all his flaws and make it seem like he's an awful quarterback. It is funny that the guy with this many flaws and this awful of a player had the best rookie year ever and led his team to 2 seed last year. Again there is also no proof you followed this team until this offseason so you may have missed that. He has also put up touchdown numbers that only Dan Marino and Peyton Manning put up in there first couple seasons. Pretty amazing for a guy who is absolutely not a franchise quarterback, overthrows way too much, holds on to the ball too long, has leadership issues, can't read defenses, has no touch, 0 pocket awareness, awful footwork, and awful mechanics. 

#3114683 Al Wallace said Cam Newton will never be a franchise qb

Posted by NJPanthers12 on 01 December 2014 - 11:51 PM

Umm.... we've been sucking WITH Cam the majority of his career here. 6-10, 7-9, 12-4, and now 3-8-1. That's not exactly what you call winning.


ummm....look at the talent around him. i don't understand what you don't understand, no quarterback can survive behind an awful offensive line. his offensive line has been like musical chairs with new players at new spots each week. lets just take a look at the starting offensive line out of training camp:


LT: Byron Bell-An undrafted free agent out of New Mexico. Not a power 5 conference school, but New Mexico. He was switched over to left tackle after being below average at right tackle.


LG: Amini Silatolu-2nd round pick out of a division 2 school


C: Ryan Kalil-A good player


RG: Trai Turner-3rd round rookie who I believe was the youngest player in the league. he may have potential but that is a lot to ask out of such a young man.


RT: Nate Chandler-an undrafted free agent Tight End out of UCLA. Not only was he a tight end but he switched over to defensive tackle before finally converting into an offensive lineman.


Some notable backups that have also "protected" Cam this year:


David Foucault-Guy played for a team located in Montreal last year

Andrew Norwell-Another undrafted free agent rookie

Fernando Velasco-Undrafted player who was cut by another team

Chris Scott-5th round pick journeyman


That is an embarrassing group of players. If you paid attention and watched games, which I highly doubt you do since you somehow believe Cam is the root of our issues, they usually show a stat of the most hit QB over the past couple of seasons. Cam Newton is by far and away the number 1 player on that list. This team does not give him a chance. They started the season with Kelvin Benjamin, Greg Olsen, Jerricho Cotchery, and Jason Avant as his "weapons". That is the slowest group of weapons in the league. Not to mention they pretty much stripped him of his entire 12-4 offense last year and he missed most of training camp recovering from injuries, so he never had a chance to gel with the new offense. 


You want to say we have been sucking ever since Cam got here, well then your clueless. You throw out records at me of 6-10, 7-9, and 12-4. The only thing I see there is improvements 3 years in a row. This isn't the same situation as the colts and andrew luck. The colts were in the playoffs every year before the year Manning got hurt. The Colts tanked that season for the number 1 pick and brought Luck into a pretty decent situation. The Panthers had not been to the playoffs since 2008 and were coming off a year where they were by far the worst team in football and Jerry gutted the roster for the lockout.


I could understand a fan base like the Packers or Steelers bitching about Cam because they have a rich tradition of quarterbacks. But Panthers fans complaining about Cam is comical. If you think Cam is the issue then your not paying attention or don't know what you are talking  about, it is that simple. The only fan base in the world where they finally find their franchise quarterback and want to go back to the Kerry Collins, Frank Reich, Steve Beureline, Chris Weinke, Randy Fasani, Matt Lytle, Rodney Peete, Jake Delhomme, Vinny Testaverde, Matt Moore, David Carr, Jimmy Clausen, Brian St. Pierre days.

#3114652 Al Wallace said Cam Newton will never be a franchise qb

Posted by NJPanthers12 on 01 December 2014 - 11:30 PM

there is nothing i care about less in al wallaces opinion on franchise quarterbacks. if cam newton isn't a franchise quarterback well then quite frankly there aren't many franchise quarterbacks in this league. this fan base in unbelievable, it is laughable. part of me wants to see him leave so you guys see how bad it can really get. oh wait we've seen that pretty much 16 years prior to cam. 

#3111981 TD refuses to speak with media

Posted by NJPanthers12 on 30 November 2014 - 06:33 PM

I'm getting sick and tired of these morons not speaking to the media. charlotte has quite possibly the softest media in the NFL and we have had multiple players boycott or refuse this year. imagine they actually played in a real media mark? what would they possibly do? they suck right now, they should man up just like cam HAS to do every week. 

#3108697 Rolling Stone Lists Top 15 Owners In Sports

Posted by NJPanthers12 on 29 November 2014 - 08:47 PM

And again, people don't get it.


Everyone who has any experience actually working with Jerry Richardson would tell you he cares a great deal about winning.  He's also hardly a miser given that he's about the only owner who didn't lay off a single person from his team's staff during the lockout.  Lots of owners did just that to save costs, but Richardson chose instead to take care of his employees.  The whole dumbass notion that he's just some Scrooge who doesn't care about winning is something only the uninformed hold on to.  That's never been the problem.


The problem isn't motive.  It's execution.


His biggest missteps have included giving his son Mark a prominent position on the team, Dom Capers full control, handing the reins to George Seifert, hiring a GM that wasn't a football guy, staying loyal to that GM even through consistently bad results (largely because that GM was loyal to him), disastrously bad PR during the lockout and coach hiring processes and fostering an 'inmates run the asylum' atmosphere by telling Jeff Davidson he wasn't even allowed to talk to Steve Smith.


Richardson absolutely wants to build a winner, but he's done a lousy job trying, generally by choosing the wrong people for their jobs.


Happily, I think he finally got it right with Dave Gettleman, and I believe if Gettleman has enough power (to which the cut of Steve Smith would testify affirmative) then he can right the ship. 


Might take time and might hurt along the way, but it could happen.


i am confused by this. you argue why Jerry Richardson isn't an awful owner by pointing out why he is an awful owner? the only thing wrong with this list is that Jerry Richardson is ranked at 15. he should should at the bare minimum be in the top 10. this team has never had back to back winning seasons and there has only been one constant in those 20 years. his resume speaks for itself. 

#3102927 Josh Norman: Munnerlyn Never Helped Me

Posted by NJPanthers12 on 24 November 2014 - 10:48 AM

munnerlyn got chewed up constantly on the outside. he's a nickel and always will be best there. i didn't really notice much of a drop off when bene was healthy and holding that spot down either.

norman was in dumbass rivera's doghouse and is currently proving that he deserves to start on the outside right now. he's better suited for that than captain was.

Exactly. Captain was a solid nickel back but absolutely dreadful on the outside. Calling him absolutely dreadful on the outside is one of the bigger understatements of all time. Nickel backs are replaceable and I think Bene will fill on admirably. Terry Cousin was one of the better nickel backs i ever saw and he wasn't beloved like captain. Lets just call it like it is captain munnerlyn sucked and was loved on here because he went to South Carolina and was 4 feet tall.

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