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#1656129 Brian Quick

Posted by WhiteBoysCanRun22 on 17 February 2012 - 03:27 PM

Brian Quick is freaking awesome. I'll admit it, the past few App State draft picks haven't been all that great (i.e. Armanti Edwards, Dexter Jackson, Corey Lynch) but i've watched this guy play for 4 years & he's the possession receiver we've been needing. Great hands, speed, body frame & work ethics. Nothing like retarded Dwayne Jarrett. I'd say draft him sometime in the 3rd-4th round if possible

#1612338 Honest App State Fan

Posted by WhiteBoysCanRun22 on 13 January 2012 - 12:50 PM

Pretty horrible joke

Your mom's a pretty horrible joke

#1518033 This team is done

Posted by WhiteBoysCanRun22 on 13 November 2011 - 07:05 PM

Quit b*tching like 13 year old girls. Cam's simply a rookie, we've lost a lot of good defensive players this season, the Titan's played excellent D today & we should have won at least 5 of those losses. Let's just hope the best. I'll be happy with at least a 4-12. We were supposed to have the toughest schedule this year

#1069761 Good comment on Gettis/LaFell's stats & production from last year

Posted by WhiteBoysCanRun22 on 28 February 2011 - 11:37 PM

I was reading Yasinskas's article on espn.com about us being not likely in drafting Cam Newton, which I agree on, but a fan made a great comment towards Gettis/LaFell working together from last year:

jstrickl002 said:
I also looked up both Lafells and Gettis's stats. For two guys who basically had no one to throw to them, they both still put up compartively decent numbers. Gettis had 37 catches, 500+ yards and 3 TDs. Lafell had 38, 468, & 1 TD.
Now compared to say higher draft picks like first rounders Thomas and Bryant: Thomas and Bryant - 22 games, 67 catches, 844 yards, 6 TDs with QBs Romo/Kitna and Orton. Now Gettis and Lafell - 29 games, 75, 976, 4 with Moore/Clausen/Pike etc etc as the QBs. Looking at the bigger picture, it seems to me that both Gettis and Lafell did pretty darn well all things considered. Incredibly worse QB situation, conservative playcalling, and having to learn how to sneak around as to avoid the hourly Smith beatdown.

I say sign a decent FA QB to start next year & teach Clausen how to play like an NFL QB & not let the fear get to your head.

P.S. The Bears just released DT Tommy Harris. Would it be a good idea to sign him for a year or two?

#910794 Josh McDaniels as coach?

Posted by WhiteBoysCanRun22 on 07 December 2010 - 09:59 AM

I just found out the Broncos just fired Josh McDaniels this past evening. Would you hire him as our next coach? I say nay

#884756 Draft 2011

Posted by WhiteBoysCanRun22 on 21 November 2010 - 09:10 PM

Now, think to yourself & be honest: Who do you think we'll draft 1st in the 2011 draft? I have three predictions...

1) Marcell Dareus, DT, Alabama (He'd boost our D-line up big time)
2) Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU (Too good to pass)
3) Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford (If the new coach doesn't have any faith in any of our QBs)

#875326 For the last time...

Posted by WhiteBoysCanRun22 on 16 November 2010 - 04:17 PM

1) Fox will not start Armanti Edwards at QB unless he absolutely has to (even though I'm a supporter for him to start). Fox is that stubborn
2) We're not going to draft another QB in the 1st-2nd round next year. Doesn't make sense.
3) We're aren't going to trade neither Williams nor Stewart after this year. Probably just re-sign Williams
4) Clausen's only a rookie & will become a lot better next year. Sanchez & Freeman looked like sh*t a bunch of times last year & now they kick ass.
5) JR has a good reason for being cheap this year, even though he hasn't told us the reason. I have a hunch he'll want to sign an expensive coach & a few good players next year if there isn't a lock-out since he'll have a wallet full of cash.

Now that i've made my point, quit whining & be a real fan. Gonna get some sex now

#835831 I think it's time to say... Steve Smith isn't elite anymore.

Posted by WhiteBoysCanRun22 on 26 October 2010 - 11:36 PM

Smith literally told the press he wanted to be like this (aka a slot receiver). Imagine how ass kicking our passing game will be next year if Gettis & LaFell continue to improve with Smith in the slot

#809696 Give me a list of coaches we could "afford" to hire

Posted by WhiteBoysCanRun22 on 12 October 2010 - 11:02 AM

I say the word "afford" b/c we all know Richardson has become a cheapo. Cowher is likely to be expensive. George Seifert wanted lots of dough when hired & he was still trash. Plus, Pat Yasinkas had a good point in this article:


The best coaches we've hired in the best were "hot" coordinators from another team, such as Fox from NY (i.e. defensive coordinator), not former head coaches. So give me a list of coordinators/coaches, other than Cowher & Dungy, you think would make a big improvement on the Panthers & we could "afford"

#719958 Strengths, weaknesses & solutions

Posted by WhiteBoysCanRun22 on 30 August 2010 - 11:51 AM


Entire Defense team
Running Back team

KR & PR team (despite of Mike Goodson's TD)

Stick with Mike Goodson
Look for Steve Smith A LOT
Use WR #2 on third downs
Start using Jimmy Clausen by mid week (even though this is only pre-season, i'm a little disappointed in Matt Moore)

#711373 6-2 as a starter

Posted by WhiteBoysCanRun22 on 25 August 2010 - 02:01 PM

Ok not bashing MM just want some thoughts and feed back. SO please don't crucify me. If MM is 6-2 as a starter. then that means he has played half a season. So the "getting settled in", "hes new", "WRs Suck", etc... excuses should be out the window when back up QBs have at least threw a TD pass and have a higher QB rating than what 36.something with crappy lines and crappy WRs. I know i know. they play 2nd string Ds, but see the ravens game were the DB position is thin, and you can even make a case for the jets with revis out and cromartie in ( a cast away )and a rookie playing db. I'm all for moore. I actually hope more does well and we can trade clausen (down the road obviosly). I know he did phenominal in the reg season games he has played, and I know its only preseason, But do you think he is taking his role lightly since it was just handed to him and therefore he isn't pushing him self or maybe its nerves of "wow this car is mine now. i might crash it. so i'm gonna drive really sloooow" ya know freaking out and not wanting to let the franchise down ( especially after seeing how fans crucified jake)? I hope the best for him and I have faith in him. if he does well maybe we can get that 2 round AE pick back with clausen! :cheers2:

No worries, i'm not criticizing you but remember two things:

1) This is only the pre-season
2) The Ravens & the Jets were ranked in the top 5 for Defense last year

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