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In Topic: Corey "Philly" Brown = Our best WR

16 November 2014 - 04:28 PM

Let's see, he doesn't quite on routes, fastest WR on the team, doesn't let crucial balls go through his hands unlike the other WRs. Yeah I'd say he's better.


Look at the small sampling size you are judging him on. Remember when bersin was catching everything and everyone was saying the same thing about him? Same situation. It's easier to be the best when your out of the spotlight for the majority of the time.

In Topic: Corey "Philly" Brown = Our best WR

16 November 2014 - 04:24 PM

He has 12 catches. Look up facts before posting.

Ever since his week 3 break out with 7 catches for 66 yards against the Steelers, we haven't seen much of him.

When the ball is thrown to him positive things happen, but our coaches don't put him on the field more. They like the feel good story of Bersin more than actually putting the better player on the field.

The other WRs stop on their routes and let balls go through their hands, yet Brown is on the sidelines most of the time.

So 12 catches makes him better than Benjamin and ever one else? Man sit down.

In Topic: Corey "Philly" Brown = Our best WR

16 November 2014 - 04:18 PM

This guy has all of 5 catches and is suddenly our best wr? Man I hate our fanbase.

In Topic: 1st take destroys the Panthers FO, "Panthers Sold Cam Newton Out"

12 November 2014 - 10:35 PM

why assume that the Broncos want Newton and even if they did he won't be available anyway. He isn't exactly a great fit for their system and lacks the accuracy to run that system. People think everyone wants Cam and that isn't true. Right now he would have a hard time convincing anyone that he is worth trading for,.


In Topic: Your the GM, how do you fix this train wreck?

11 November 2014 - 09:48 AM

Can Shula, pick up Lane Kiffin OC. This will not be popular by no means but the guy can coach an offense. The guy has that fiery personality which would be good for Cam imo.


JPP: We need to get back to the strength. JPP in the line to replace Hardy is what we need. Also a former guy Gettleman scouted. Give Ealy another year to groom before we part ways with CJ the next year, letting him slide into the starting spot

Brandon Tate: Decent return man and 3rd WR like Ginn was

Bruce Carter: Athletic LB. Perfect to play under Rivera and Shadow Luke/TD. Could replace TD down the road.


1st: Trade with Browns. I'd love Cooper but think we can get a better value trading the pick to Cleveland. The Browns filled some holes last year. but with the uncertainty of Gordon, Cooper sitting there would make their mouth water. So the 2 first rounders for Cooper would be a deal for a team like us who multiple needs

1st #1: La'El Collins- Kids has the tools to be good LT. If not could be a force at RT, Think a Healthy Otah if not possibly better (would make our RB's feel like christmas day with the thought of that beside Turner)

1st #2: DeVante Parker- Now he is no slouch either and would be perfectly with KB. Kids name was thrown around as a potential 2nd rounder in Last years super deep WR class. He came back but missed the first part of the year, since hes returned he has dominated. Reminds me a little of a poor mans Dez Bryant (talent wise)

2nd: Spencer Drago/ Flowers- If Drago comes out and falls to here jump all over it. If not Flowers would be good. Whoever it is will compete with Collins for LT. The loser will get RT

3rd: Laken Tomlinson- Athletic, Smart Kid with all the tools. Amini has looked decent when Healthy, but thats the key word when Healthy. He seems worse than Stewart when it comes to that. If he can stay healthy and look good. We just built some Depth at a spot you need depth, look at this year. Think Tomlinson could beat out Amini anyways.

4th: Terry Williams- Depth in the Trenches. Where you win ball games. Star when we drafted him, the biggest concern was him playing to many snaps and wearing down. He has not looked the same this year, think mainly to being on the field more. With teams having much more success against our D this year keeping them on the field along with our Offensive failures he has played many of snaps. Williams would be perfect for those times to give Star a breather.

5th-7th: BPA

We have a ton of holes, but people need to remember we had a really good year last year. Worry about fixing those holes from last year first (Hardy and Gross). Get that front 7 back to what it was. We can add the DB's but when team can run on us, its not going to any good on 3rd and 3-5 with our zone D where DB's are 5-7 yards off the WR. Worry about the trenches and getting after the QB. Ask Cam this year how taking hit after hit after hit effects you mentally. Then a nice overhaul to this OL is needed.

So 2015:

QB: Cam, DA

RB: Stewart, Dwill

FB: Tolbert


WR2: Parker

TE: Olson

LT: Drago (or Flowers)

LG: Tomlinson, Amini

C: Kalil

RG: Turner

RT: Collins


DT: Star

DT: Short

DE: CJ, Ealy


MLB: Luke

OLB: Carter

CB: White

FS: Boston

From what I'm seeing Cooper could be going as high as top 5. With that said the browns have a better record than us. Not even going to dive into the dream of getting jpp. But this would all work out on Madden.

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