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Shaq Thompson profootballfocus #most overrated player.

24 April 2015 - 01:02 AM




8. Shaq Thompson, S/LB, Washington

People have been in love with Thompson's athleticism since he was a five-star recruit coming out of high school in Sacramento. However, all the athleticism in the world won't make up for poor instincts as a linebacker, and Thompson has yet to show he can make the necessary reads for the position. His 7.3 run-stop percentage was 41st among 58 draft-eligible starting inside linebackers, and he was an overall ineffective player against the run, outside of forcing and recovering fumbles.

Thompson's skill set translates better to safety, as he was smooth in coverage and has nickelback experience, but it's hard to feel comfortable picking a player early for a position you've never seen him play.


Have to agree the guy has bad instincts and is a chase and run down from behind type LB. Then all this talk about safety...Just don't see it. He is a tweener who is a jack of all trades master of none type guy. Even his sparq rating was only average while so many hype up how athletic he is. This is not the way to go(in the first) DG. Sorry about the title..he was number 8 on a list of ten.

The Forgotten CB Stud.

20 March 2015 - 12:20 AM

Ifo Ekpre-Olomu was once projected to be the top CB in last years draft. After destroying his acl this year I haven't hear much from him from scouts or seen where he is projected. I believe If he is there in the 3rd or maybe even second I would consider pulling the trigger. What say you????



With opponents forced to try and keep up with the Ducks' high-octane offense, Oregon's defenders are often in position to make big plays - something that Ekpre-Olomu has proven quite adept at doing in earning consecutive First-Team All-Pac-12 honors the past three seasons, including All-America recognition as a senior in 2014.


Athletic, physical and instinctive, Ekpre-Olomu (full name is pronounced ee-fo eck-pray-olo-moo) is a turnover machine, registering 18 takeaways (nine interceptions, eight forced fumbles and one fumble recovery) in his career. However, his draft projection remains in limbo after suffering a severe right knee injury in practice prior to the Rose Bowl.



STRENGTHS: Competitive and alert with the tracking skills to locate and attack. Possesses broad shoulders and a well-built frame, overall and is sound in run-support, traits that could make him one of the country's best all-around cornerbacks. While undersized, does not shy away from throwing his body around in run defense. He has many of the requisite skills to survive in both press and off-man, displaying quick diagnose skills, twitchy reaction time and the athleticism to break on the ball. Ekpre-Olomu shows swivel hips, smooth footwork and explosive lower body skills to close in a hurry on the ball.


WEAKNESSES: He lacks prototype size and relies on vision, timing and hand-eye coordination rather than extraordinary speed or fluidity to shut down opponents. Doesn?t have ideal height or length to match up with physical targets at the next level. Will struggle to recover after false steps, lacking make-up speed. Can be easily tied up by blockers on the perimeter and lack of strength shows often. Perhaps best suited to playing the nickel in the NFL. Currently rehabbing from a knee injury that will keep him from working out prior to the NFL Draft and could keep him sidelined for NFL training camp.


Compares to: Brent Grimes, Miami Dolphins - Good things come in small packages, at least that's the case with cornerbacks like Grimes and Ekpre-Olomu who both lack ideal height and frame for the position, but they make up for their physical shortcomings with quick reflexes, natural instincts and ballskills.



Does Hardy situation scare panthers away from Green-Beckham?

17 February 2015 - 03:20 AM

I'm not one to judge a young kid on "youthful transgressions" but,i am of the thinking our brass might not want to deal with someone who has already been knocked for putting hands on a woman. We all know his baggage but could this one incident in particular already count against him with us because of hardy?

colts know a good thing when they see it.block chud from other job offers.

21 January 2015 - 02:46 PM


Via Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Colts aren’t going to allow offensive assistant Rob Chudzinski to interview for any of the open offensive coordinator jobs.

Im sorry but even through the bad I always liked chuds creativity. Even though most of the huddle panned him and hated the read option. We had one of the top offenses in the nfl and now....well Shula. Sorry chud is superior to every coach not named McDermott in Carolina (yes talking to you ron).

Kelvin Benjamin Still Looks Boom or Bust

14 October 2014 - 10:54 PM


By Ryan Riddle


according to ryan riddle.... He has his reasons and a host of other crap to read If you ready the article.


From film studies, its clear Benjamin is capable of some impressive plays, but when you put his entire body of work together, several limitations are also presented. In all, I’d say the 6’5”, 235-pound rookie wideout is a one-dimensional weapon who landed in the right place to maximize his early production.

Don’t get me wrong, Benjamin is certainly valuable and has done a nice job in his first five games as a pro. But his skillset as a wide receiver is still limited.





Benjamin still has value as a quality weapon in this league and should be able to improve some things about his game. But for those of you expecting him to be the next Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant or Julio Jones, think again.