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#3142640 Huddle Tailgate Thread- *Panthers vs. Brownies*

Posted by Icege on 19 December 2014 - 11:17 AM

Phbbbbt to all of you!

<3 thanks, I'ma wait until after the game and stadium has cleared a bit. Mom is going to do her best to juggle all of the camera phones. Got the go ahead from my girlfriend's dad yesterday! :thumbsu:

#3141540 Huddle Tailgate Thread- *Panthers vs. Brownies*

Posted by Icege on 18 December 2014 - 10:10 AM

I'll be bringing my mom and (hopefully after the game) fiancé :D

#3138079 Good ole B of A

Posted by Icege on 15 December 2014 - 08:45 PM

There was a Steelers fan with a sumo sized Cowboys-loving wife

I thought that there must've been a Walmart advertisement bring recorded

#3135458 Official Bucs at Panthers Gameday Thread

Posted by Icege on 14 December 2014 - 04:43 PM

best part about the game: winning

worst part: listening to drunk racists prattle on about how we don't need Cam

#3131022 Kony ealy at DT

Posted by Icege on 12 December 2014 - 01:20 PM

I'm not a Michael Sam fan by any means, and certainly don't condone his lifestyle. What baffles me is that Sam was in fact a better player than Ealy in college, and yet Ealy gets drafted way higher. Most will say it's because Sam was too small or what not, but the reality is that he's a homo. If Ealy works out in due time, I'll eat my words, but I think that the pick on him was a wasted one. We could have used O-line help or drafted another WR at his spot.

Just my .02 and I realize it's not the popular thing to say, but it's what I believe to be true.

Congratulations on accepting that you're an ignorant bigot.

You know that you've fuged up when Big Boss agrees with you.

#3129829 Cam's First Facebook Post Since the Accident

Posted by Icege on 11 December 2014 - 09:07 AM

I wonder how many of these Christian folks would be reacting if Cam was praising Allah and Philly said the same thing that he did.

I imagine it would be something like, "DA should be our starter."

So glad that Cam came out of this the way that he did. He was very fortunate.

#3129507 This accident to Cam is the reason why he needs to HOLD OUT next year

Posted by Icege on 10 December 2014 - 09:13 PM

Two posts in a row I've read from OP and wondered why they're still here.

#3124289 I admit it was funny...

Posted by Icege on 07 December 2014 - 11:24 PM

I love how OP and the national media don't include the context.

While Cam was celebrating, Tolbert came over to congratulate him and knocked him into Jordan. Jordan got pissed and threw a forearm at Cam's throat. Cam and Tolbert got back into Jordan's face and Cam, "Superman'd dat hooooe!!!"

Loftin got butthurt and shoved Cam in the back while Cam was doing his traditional Superman celebration. Cam turned around, jawed back at him while Loftin kept backing Cam up into the wall. Tolbert, Turner, and Bell were immediately on the scene to protect their teammate.


I admit that this was funny... but come on Dexterity.

#3123255 Notes and Memos - Saints Edition

Posted by Icege on 07 December 2014 - 04:51 PM

Hey Jordan,

You better listen to your corner and watch for the hook.

-Swole Bones


Posted by Icege on 07 December 2014 - 04:50 PM

swoop swoop swag!

#3123246 Pie

Posted by Icege on 07 December 2014 - 04:50 PM

feed me seymour!!

#3123245 Pie is in order

Posted by Icege on 07 December 2014 - 04:49 PM


#3123221 Wow when Cam has time....

Posted by Icege on 07 December 2014 - 04:46 PM

The day Cam fanboys can admit that he still has a tendency to sail passes too high sometimes is the day that Carolina rednecks acknowledge that Cam is our team's franchise QB

#3122859 Alas, it's my fault the Panthers suck ass the year

Posted by Icege on 07 December 2014 - 03:52 PM

Next Sunday you need to park your behind in front of the Keep Pounding drum and let each fan wedgie you for allowing us to be put through everything that we've been through this season.

Don't pre-rip those tighty wighties.

#3121936 Official Panthers - Saints Gameday Thread - Please don't run up the score...

Posted by Icege on 07 December 2014 - 02:26 PM