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In Topic: No, this isn't Panthers related...

Yesterday, 06:23 AM

Baker's hit was completely legal. He didn't get fined for it. Which is tacit admission by the League that the penalty he got was BS. And iirc, he got ejected for fighting; not the hit.

I thought he got ejected for the hit and Trent Williams and Jason Peters for fighting.

In Topic: No, this isn't Panthers related...

Yesterday, 06:22 AM

Brady was looking to get back in the play. Foles was literally in lala land. Defensive less QB will get the benefit of the doubt every time.

Foles was moving directly towards the ball carrier. He was no where near lala land. He wouldn't have been hit if he was.

In Topic: No, this isn't Panthers related...

Yesterday, 06:13 AM

Didn't a guy on Washington do that to Nick Foles last week and get ejected?

In Topic: Top 4 reasons for current losing streak

Yesterday, 06:09 AM

Cam can't even be himself behind this line. The snap count doesn't help either. When it is 3rd down and you snap the ball at the end off the play clock every time it's very easy for the D line to get a good jump. Cam also can't do anything when Shula is calling running plays just so he can say he ran it more than 10 times. The Panthers can't score points and the majority of the blame should be on Shula.

In Topic: Shula Has To Go Soon

Yesterday, 05:07 AM

When a team can barely score over 10 ppg, and cannot move the ball in the red zone there is probably something wrong with the person running the offense.

25 yard passes on 3rd and 2.
Draw plays on 3rd and 7.

Give this man a raise.

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