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In Topic: Rumors the Hornets might be interested in Josh Smith

18 August 2014 - 04:42 PM

I stopped reading when the writer said he'd trade MKG for Smith in a "heartbeat".


I would not mind Smith on the Hornets' roster. But if you trade MKG you have to be certain that you are getting a player in return that makes the team legit championship contenders. I do not believe Josh Smith is that guy.

In Topic: Hornets Transformation Thread - Live Press Conference @ 12:30 PM (Updated 5/7...

20 May 2014 - 03:30 PM

Getting back the Charlotte Hornets' history is a nice surprise. I did not expect that.

In Topic: Bringing up the most heated debate in Basketball..

19 April 2014 - 05:31 PM

That's odd, because I honestly rarely see Hakeem inside the top 10... not that he doesn't belong in the top 10, because you can certainly make that argument. He was a monster.






Just a few examples from the 1st page or so of google. 


I feel that the problem with these lists, and probably many others out there, is that they've put too much emphasis on individual accolades and champioships. Instead of focusing on who the better players were. Though I am not surprised to see a few journalist do that. I don't belive MJ is greatest ever just because of his 6 rings. I would still have MJ at #1 even if he never played basketball again after '93. If Kobe and/or Duncan were to win another championship I would not move them up my list just because of that. The reason being is that we have seen how good Kobe and Duncan were. And I don't believe Kobe or Duncan at their best were better players than the ones I would rank in front of them.


If you are wondering, I would rank Duncan at #9 and Kobe at #10. I think an argument could be made for Shaq over Hakeem. But I believe Hakeem's defense gives him the edge. Shaq was a solid post defender and rim protector. However he could be down right awful at times when defending screens. LeBron is a top-10 talent no doubt. But I need to see his career play out a little longer before I consider placing him in my top-10.


I had almost forgot about the Slam magazine rankings. That's where those rankings in the basketball reference link came from. Slam took a lot of heat for their selections. It's one thing to leave one of those guys outside the top-5. But both... Are you kidding me? 


Edit: I meant to say Slam left both Kareem and Magic outside the top-5.

In Topic: Bringing up the most heated debate in Basketball..

19 April 2014 - 12:38 AM

Hakeem is definitely way up there (top 15 at absolute worst). I couldn't take Hakeem above any of those guys though. Shaq was more dominant and won more, Duncan won more and had very similar stats, Kobe has won more and we all know what he has been able to do statistically, and finally LeBron has top 5 stats of all time and is working on winning his 3rd championship. I definitely wouldn't argue with Hakeem being 11th or 12th though.


I'll be honest here. I have NEVER seen anyone rank Hakeem outside the top-10. I don't think the "won more" argument is a valid one when all the players in question have multiple titles. Hakeem absolutely dominated both ends of the floor. He's the only player to rank top-10 in both career blocks and steals! And when you take into account the competition Hakeem faced and the fact that he embarrassed them all at one point... He was a monster and a freak of nature! There is a reason both Kobe and LeBron have trained with Hakeem.


I am not trying to be mean.You are entilted to your opinion. But I do not think it's rational to have Hakeem outside the top-10 under any circumstance.

In Topic: Bringing up the most heated debate in Basketball..

18 April 2014 - 12:01 PM

MJ would have lost with the Cavs team Lebron took..... Lebron gets punished for making it too early in his career and losing to a Spurs Dynasty? 


He is most likely refering to his lost against the Mavs.

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