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In Topic: Bwood's Third Annual Huddle Free Fantasy Football League

Yesterday, 05:14 AM


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In Topic: Godfrey:I'm full go

25 July 2014 - 07:26 AM

I think Godfrey will be a very good Nickle back and he will have better coverage and in a larger area than Capt. Also I doubt Capt is really worried because he is getting paid to get burnt in Minny.

Why do people always feel the need to sh*t on former players as soon as they're off the team.

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In Topic: Greatest Movie Characters of All Time

23 July 2014 - 08:10 AM

In no particular order, here are some of my nominations... Also, including some that were based on real people just because.


Dr Schultz - Django Unchained


Hans Landa - Inglourious Basterds


Christopher McCandless - Into The Wild


Fogel aka McLovin - Superbad


Gollum - Lord of the Rings


Daniel Plainview - There Will Be Blood


The Sunday Twins - There Will Be Blood


Ed Bloom - Big Fish


Hushpuppy - Beasts of the Southern Wild


Dory - Finding Nemo


Lil Ze aka Lil Dice - City of God


Jack Sparrow - Pirates of the Caribbean


Jigsaw - Saw


Scrat - Ice Age


Frank - Donnie Darko


Maximus Decimus Meridius - Gladiator


Andy Dufresne - Shawshank Redemption


William Wallace - Braveheart


Aldus Snow - Get Him To The Greek


Ip Man - Ip Man


The Joker - The Dark Knight


Idi Amin - Last King of Scotland


Napoleon Dynamite - Napoleon Dynamite


Petrie - The Land Before Time


Arthur - Arthur (1981)


Raymond Babbitt - Rain Man


Keyser Soze - The Usual Suspects


Mud - Mud


Ron Woodroof - Dallas Buyers Club



In Topic: T-Pain

23 July 2014 - 03:59 AM

T-Pain is dope.

In Topic: I have no game in Spanish..

21 July 2014 - 11:08 PM

Works in Asian countries as well. :thumbsu:

Mmm so excited for Asia.

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