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kalil on carolina's biggest flaw so far...

Today, 09:15 AM

run blocking...

"It's a little bit of the offensive line not doing a good job of being consistent,'' Kalil said. "We've done a really good job of pass blocking, but we just have to be better [run blocking]. We can't have a 'my bad' from one player on one play and then another guy the next play.''

"You can't let guys go that we're responsible for,'' Kalil said. "It's one thing to get beat. That's going to happen. But you can't not block a guy that you're supposed to block. That starts with me. I've got to make sure everybody is on the same page.

"But that's a big part of it. You can't let guys run free and take shots at the running back.''

Coach Ron Rivera called it a "tough day'' for the running game. He hopes the return of all-time leading rusher DeAngelo Williams helps on Sunday night against Pittsburgh.

But even with Williams the Panthers had only 54 yards through three quarters of the opener against Tampa Bay.

Jonathan Stewart led Carolina with 37 yards against the Lions. Twenty-two of those came on one run.

"And those yards were all from second effort on his part,'' Kalil said. "Imagine if we could block a little better for him how many yards he could get.''

"Jonathan, he just ran his butt off. Even on the [2-yard] touchdown, he had three guys on him. If you watch film on it, it's unbelievable. We've got to do a better job of blocking for him.''

i expect a much improved performance from the oline this sunday night against the steelers. there was definitely a lot of run for improvement the past couple of weeks, but at the same time the lions' and buccaneers' defensive lines are pretty tough to run on...the steelers, not as much.

mccoy on newton - "any shot i can get on him, i'm going to take"

04 September 2014 - 05:19 PM


"Cam Newton is Cam Newton," Bucs defensive tackle Gerald McCoy said. "He's a two-time Pro Bowler, Rookie of the Year and all that jazz. We're still facing the division champs. Until somebody takes that from them, that's who they are. That team runs as he runs. We're preparing for Cam Newton. We don't care about the rib or the back or whatever it is. We're just preparing for him as if he's 100 percent."

Newton is expected to play with padding covering the rib and the Bucs aren't planning to go easy on him.

"Any shot I can get on him, I'm going to take," McCoy said. "But that's any quarterback, any running back. You get a hit on them and after a while they're going to get tired of getting hit."

deangelo williams apologizes to byron bell

23 August 2014 - 12:23 PM

david newton...

•Left tackle Byron Bell actually had a teammate take the blame for one of the two sacks he surrendered to defensive end Chandler Jones. On the first one, Bell was doing a nice job until running back DeAngelo Williams threw a chip block that freed Jones to get inside for the sack. As the game went on, Bell got into a rhythm and did a nice job. "I felt like I learned a lesson today," Bell said. "I can’t come out slow, I’ve got to come out fast, come out on fire. We’ve got to come out fast and come out swinging early. I feel like if we do that we’ll be fine." Bell said Williams apologized on the sideline afterwards.

avant - "we're getting open"

23 August 2014 - 11:30 AM


from bbr...

“When you look at the film, we’re getting open. But at the same time, you’ve got to develop that trust in the game,” Avant said. “In practice, we have it, but you’ve got to constantly see a person open, and constantly see a person doing the right thing, and then make the decision and say, ‘He’s always in the spot, so I can trust him to throw it there.’”

rivera - newton will play vs pitt

22 August 2014 - 09:43 PM


Jonathan Jones ‏@jjones9 · 8m
Short week is an excuse, Rivera said. Made it clear this wasn't dress rehearsal. But clearly displeased

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