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In Topic: Training Camp Photos and Observations - Day 4

Today, 03:31 PM

I just want everyone to know that I had to stop for a second and wonder how Cam made it downfield to yell at the recievers after throwing the ball.

Carry on.

In Topic: Is Kelvin hurt? <update, "bone bruise">

Today, 02:35 PM

fuging reporters....actually managed to get me nervous for a second.

In Topic: Is Kelvin hurt? <update, "bone bruise">

Today, 02:33 PM

Oh fffffffuuuuuu.....

In Topic: Your afternoon inspiration....

Today, 01:47 PM

I feel "inspired" if that's the polite thing to call it.

In Topic: LOL is Luke Trolling Peter King?

Today, 12:02 PM

The team really needs to stand behind Cam on it. First mention made about Cam having a towel on his head this season, have the entire team come out onto the field with towels on heads and anytime they're on the sideline. Just troll the poo out of the media.

For it. Fans should also make wearing towels on heads at home games a thing.

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