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Trade talk

15 January 2015 - 03:01 PM

Any trades you'd like to see get done this off season? Maybe trade up in the draft or trade for a player. 


Two I think would be interesting would be trade a draft pick to the Vikings for Cordarrelle Patterson or Matt Kalil. 


Patterson would be a nice deep threat and a guy that can take a short screen pass or end around for a touchdown. Would also be a HUGE upgrade at kick and punt returner. I've even seen him play running back and score some big touchdowns there. The guy is just a play maker. The downside on him is he has questionable hands and route running, but he would be a nice weapon on offense and special teams for us. 


I believe Matt Kalil hasn't lived up to expectations and hasn't preformed very well for the Vikings. Maybe he could use a fresh start on a new team. He is for sure a solid player and would be a nice upgrade at tackle. It would be pretty cool to watch him and his brother Ryan Kalil play together on the same line.  


I would think to get either of these guys we would have to trade away a second round pick which I think is worth it. 


What do you guys think and what other guys would you like to trade for? 


Also would like to add that if Carter comes to Carolina, the Patterson trade would be very unlikely, but if Carter signs with the Vikings then I think Patterson trade would be a real possibility.  


Brandon Williams

16 November 2014 - 10:35 PM

Does anyone else think that if he was on Denver he would be almost as good as Julius Thomas? He's another former basketball player like a lot of these star TEs tend to be. He has almost as much athletic talent as any TE in the league and from now on the only way he is going to learn and get better is playing. I'm not saying he should play over Olsen because Olsen is a top 5 TE but he can at least take Olsen's third down pass protecting role so Olsen can go out for a pass more often. He should be on the field more and we should be running more two TE sets because he can block catch and run after the catch.