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In Topic: I contended Deangelo is the 3rd best RB on the team

23 August 2014 - 01:33 PM

I caught a little flack from it from JJ and Sammi on the podcast for saying it.

Am I wrong?

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In Topic: Dear New England, Thank You

23 August 2014 - 01:26 PM

good game guys - i'm a diehard patriots fan. i follow them 24/7 for past 30 years.
you guys have a good board. i've been lurking and i love your passion.

ramblings -

1. sorry guys, but there is no 'revenge' factor from the players and BB. but fans? definitely yes. here is what we are going through internally. we haven't won it all for 10 years. we only care about winning the SB. brady or bb isn't into revenge. at least not anymore. we revenged our losses many times past 10 years. that didn't get us the 4th SB. most treat this season as beginning 'last hurrah' for brady & bb. it's the last tour. we know the window closing. they know it. 3 years? 4 years maybe? we are all deprived. fans, kraft, bb, brady, other pats. we miss that feeling. it's been 10 years. this is the only reason why we take preseason seriously. BB makes players to run a mile after stinkers.

2. many fans feel that we lost the edge along the way. pats used to be nasty. patriot swagger was gone for past few years. in our off season we focused on trying to be nasty. revis signing was huge for us. he will bring nastiness to our D. we saw what seattle did. we are realizing we must fix the D or no 4th SB.

3. KB looked good. i expect great things from him. i envy big WRs. 6ft 5 240lb guy who can run and catch? he definitely stood out.

4. there is no defensive player i would rather have for my pats than kuechly in the entire NFL. not sherman, watt, miller, peterson, bowman, and etc. such a great playmaker with a great instinct. if he was a pat, he probably would've been my favorite player of all time - topping my fav pat, bruschi.

5. i understand the hate on brady. he isn't your typical next door neighbor. dude can be a major a hole on the field. he has everything. guys like that don't make good friends.

but put yourself in his shoe for a sec. he misses that early SB success. he will do whatever it takes to get W. all he ever wants to do is win his 4th. he knows more than anybody how hard it is to win one. it's been 10 years. it's killing him. every scream & yelling is saying 'WTF! this ain't gonna get me my 4th'. he will die trying another ring. let's say he is 40 and he couldn't get it done. he will go to other team and try to get one. he is a competitor. i wish other fans embrace that insane drive to succeed. i wish fans understand that. you can hate his look, hate his antics, hate his lifestyle, but embrace his passion for the game. because IMO, it's amusing to see a man who has everything still loses a sleep over a bad play. and brady isn't about stats either - if he did, he won't keep throwing to thompkins or dobson - 2 talented, but puppies on the field.

6. for panthers to get to the deep in the playoffs, cam must turn into top 7 QB IMO. it's hard to build a team like seattle. that doesn't happen often. but just like peyton, brady, rodgers, brees - QB can change everything. i think cam has all the tools. IMO, he is actually underrated. with all this talk of wilson, kaep, Luck - Cam is often not mentioned from media. regardless, i think Cam has what it takes to be a rising superstar - meaning a face of the NFL. once he become even more mature i think he will eventually become top 7 QB. and when brady/manning/brees leave for good, that means Cam should be top 4.

i don't think cam will ever get to brady/manning level, but i think he can get to prime big ben level but better. cam is big as hell, and he can move. and he is only gonna get better skill wise. but he has to be that crazy insane mania like peyton/brady are. if he is treating monday to -friday like a homework then that's not enough. he has to treat it like a final exam. he must lose sleep over a bad play.

7. i miss steve smith. outside of pats, smith was my favorite offensive player.

8. i lived in SC in 90's. panthers fan base came long long way. mad kudos.

9. sorry about biakabutuka. (i went to michigan)

10. sorry about SB XXXVIII, but it was a helluva game. one of the best SB ever. do you guys miss delhomme? i kinda miss him. i loved watching him play.

good luck to your team, and hopefully we meet again in the SB.

Soounds like the panthers are your second team :)

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In Topic: Dear New England, Thank You

23 August 2014 - 12:23 PM

Yall sound like high school girls with these excuses.lol

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In Topic: Bell getting some love on NFL.com

20 August 2014 - 01:26 PM

Anyone know of a case were a offensive lineman played better at left tackle than at right?  Just seems like Bell is a totally different player on the left side from watching the preseason.



I read somewhere that he is left handed, I wonder if this has helped him in this transition?

In Topic: Bell getting some love on NFL.com

20 August 2014 - 12:05 PM

Training camp our defense beat Bell and Chandler all day!!!!!!!!


In fairness, our DE's can probably beat most if not all tackles in the league.

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