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In Topic: Another "suck it" game to Kemba haters...

15 November 2014 - 11:38 AM

Kemba is a SG.

Lance is our floor generator.

Al called McBob our PG last year. That's saying something.

it says what I already knew & have accepted, Kemba runs the point well enough but is at his best when isn't burdened with the offense running thru him at all times. Eric Snow ran the point during the Iverson yrs in Philly , so it's not unusual to have a non tradional point man.

In Topic: Another "suck it" game to Kemba haters...

15 November 2014 - 10:29 AM

Kemba is not a natural point guard & most of us who follow the game knew this even before we drafted him. Lance on the other hand is a more natural distributor & will become the defacto point guard IMO.

In Topic: Hornets vs. Heat Game Thread

06 November 2014 - 12:50 PM

Hairston does bring some energy similar to Dell back in the day. Most of his shots look good but at the same time most of us realize he needs to improve in a lot of areas to become a consistent impact player

In Topic: Do you think we are better off with lance or Gordon Hayward.

06 November 2014 - 12:32 PM

Both have similar skills as far as ability to run the offense but Hayward would spread the floor more & open things up for Al & Kemba while Lance strength is his ability to get into the paint & create shots for his teamates. Neal,Roberts,Hairston,Zeller & Williams can stretch the floor.

In Topic: How much longer can Clifford keep Neal on the bench?

06 November 2014 - 10:36 AM

Neal is better suited for the sixth man roll. In fact I really like the production we're getting from bench period.

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