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In Topic: ESPN's Newton Revisits Bell Topic: Avoid if you don't want more (Cow...

20 April 2014 - 01:31 PM

on the OL, we couldn't afford to upgrade either OT spot or either OG spot. at C we have the 2nd-highest paid center in the NFL who is costing us $7M/$12M/$10M against our cap for the next 3 years. but the 2014 cap cost of the rest of our projected 2014 starting OL is only:

LT Bell - 2, 187 ,000

LG Silatolu - 1, 346 ,483

RG Scott - 730 ,000

RT Chandler - 570 ,000

We couldn't afford to sign a single FA at any position for more than even just what our OT Bell costs. Here is what our new FA additions are costing us against the 2014 cap compared to Bell per spotrac:

OT Bell - 2, 187 ,000

WR Jerricho Cotchery - 1, 700 ,000

S Thomas DeCoud - 1, 343 ,750

S Roman Harper - 1, 250 ,000

QB Derek Anderson - 1, 100 ,000

WR Jason Avant - 1, 050 ,000

WR Tiquan Underwood - 925 ,000

blocking TE Mike McNeill - 710 ,000

CB Antoine Cason - 635 ,000

receiving TE Ed Dickson - 619 ,750

replacing Bell via a 1st R rookie from the draft would only cost us at maximum 2-3 million on the 2014 cap

it is not uncommon teams can't afford to replace weak links due to their cap situation. look at the last team from the NFC South to win it all, the Saints. they won the Super Bowl with all five starting OL having gone to at least one Pro Bowl in their careers. but they have only been able to afford to keep one of them: OG Evans who is costing them $11,000,000 against the cap for each of the next 3 seasons. the rest retired (the RT) or left to make more money: the LT Bushrod (who is costing the Bears $8 million against their cap for the next four years straight), the C Goodwin (who cost the 49ers $3M vs the cap over each of the last 3 years before he just turned 36 after 12 seasons), and the OG Nicks, who will cost the Bucs $10 million vs. the cap for the next three years straight...and the Saints replaced Nicks with a Ravens pro bowl OG the Ravens couldn't afford anymore, Grubbs, who is costing the Saints $9 million vs. the cap the next three years straight)

last year, the Saints were in a similar boat we are in now at LT. they had just lost their pro bowl LT Bushrod from the Super Bowl team (again, he is costing the Bears $8 million against their cap for the next four years straight). So the Saints were stuck with a terrible LT entering his 4th year in the NFL without ever being a regular starter for anybody at any position before named Charles Brown who got beat like a drum regularly when he did get a chance to start just like Bell. Saints had so many needs they weren't able to replace him with their 1st R pick last draft (they went S which was a huge need for them too). Saint's 2nd pick last year wasn't until #75, and they went with the best LT prospect available, a small-school very raw prospect named Armstead (who will only count $679,359 vs their 2014 cap). He wasn't able to beat out their terrible LT Brown (who the Saints have now let go) until Week 16 vs. us, and when he finally did, he looked terrible in his 1st start...but at least they could chalk that up to him being a rookie and lining up vs Hardy (who is costing us $13 million vs. the 2014 cap)...but as Hardy said of Armstead: "He got a lot to learn and a long ways to go." Let's hope the Saints don't upgrade at LT (and, like us, they haven't been able to afford to do so, and they have so many more pressing needs for 2014 it is rare to see anybody projecting the Saints to draft a new LT with the 1st R pick they have just before ours

I understand all that. The salary cap, however, can be manipulated. Restructures just move the problem to any other year, but G-man has restructured in the past. My point was just that the result of the cost benefit analysis was that Bell is serviceable enough to not warrant needing an immediate replacement.

In Topic: Number One Receiver vs Two Tight End Sets

13 April 2014 - 06:48 PM

Who runs 2 TE sets anymore?

The Carolina Panthers

In Topic: ESPN's Newton Revisits Bell Topic: Avoid if you don't want more (Cow...

13 April 2014 - 06:46 PM

Let's suppose for a moment that the front office actually didn't believe in Bell.

What would people expect them to say publicly?


Does the team leadership really believe in him like they say they do? No idea.

But the one thing I do know is that if they didn't, you sure as heck wouldn't hear about it.

Very true, however, from what I've seen there has been 0 attempts to replace Gross. If they didn't believe in Bell as at least serviceable, they would have tried.

In Topic: Worst Case Scenario

06 April 2014 - 03:41 AM

Cut Cam. Draft Bridgewater

Not serious

In Topic: McNabb weighs in on our lack of a threat at WR (via D. Newton)

06 April 2014 - 03:33 AM

McNabb didn't even know NFL games could end in a tie.

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