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Will someone smarter than me answer this Hardy franchise tag question?

26 January 2014 - 06:14 PM

It seems most think that the Panthers will tag Hardy this offseason due to the cap situation. Now I'm not very cap smart, but I don't see how this helps at all. IIRC, the franchise tag on a DE is about $16M. So if he's tagged, that's $16M we're paying heady next season that's not going towards a long term contact. If we can afford to pay the man $16M next year (I'm pretty sure we can't) wouldn't it be smarter to put that towards a long term contract? Maybe there's something I'm missing.

Also, there seems to be a lot of talk about a tag and trade. When we were going through this with Peppers, I seem to remember the idea of a tag and trade being mentioned, but not being talked about as much. I seem to remember reading that due yo the CBA, you couldn't tag with the intention of trading. Tag and trades happen, but I thought I read it had to be a trade that was proposed after the tag. Obviously it's difficult to enforce, but it seems like there's more open discussion about it. Did that change or do I just remember incorrectly?


Will these last three games make Newton a bunch of money?

12 December 2013 - 10:48 AM

Random thought. There's been a lot of Cam doubters the past couple years due to The Panthers not winning. I (and others) have basically given him a free pass believing he didn't have the talent around him to win. Obviously the team has shown over the past month that they can win. I think these last three games is Cam's opportunity to show that he can be the leader and franchise QB the team needs to get to that next level. Can he rally the troops and close out the season strong? I believe he can and will. However, my question is this... If the team drops some bad games, loses winnable games, or doesn't put them in a position to be successful in the playoffs, does this impact Cam's next contract? Is the blame placed on him? Or is Cam already set as our future QB regardless of the end to this season. Here's to a 3-0 finish and a playoff run, but just wanted to get some thoughts.