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In Topic: Top 5 favorite movies

Yesterday, 03:12 PM

I've seen so many it is hard to pick 5.

I'd say go to IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes top lists and start on the ones you haven't seen...

If I had to recommend a couple recent ones that are probably under the radar, I'd say Coherence, The Signal, and John Wick.

In Topic: a thread where we talk about people who hate experts/professionals

Yesterday, 02:54 PM

A lot of the problem is that information today is so easily accessible, it is hard to do adequate research on any given field... especially when it comes to things that involve actual science. Anyone can be an armchair expert.


I mean, for all intents and purposes, we have the capability to become "experts" in any given field if we so desire. You could litereally spend years of your life today and "learn" things that it has taken our predecessors hundreds of years to "learn." If technology was up to it, we could download entire libraries worth of established knowledge bases on any subject and input it directly into our brains. We can come pretty close.


What better example than this very forum. We can analyze the Panthers and the moves they make, etc. and make predictions about who we'll sign, who we will draft, who will have good years, etc. We are all armchair QBs and GMs and ultimately can get some things "right" regardless of how subjective the thing is. None of us are experts and know 100% what will happen with the Panthers, though. Hell, I even remember killing time in the past coming up with simple algorithms about the Panthers' roster in the offseason, and trying to predict the positions we would draft based on scheme, etc.


Ultimately, it comes down to life experiences. I think this is especially true once you get out of your early 20's and adult life really sets in. The truth is, we only know what we have personally experienced. Anything else is second (or even more) hand. The only way to truly know something is to put yourself in the situation to experience it.


You can't really experience snorkeling or become an expert on it by reading about someone else's snorkeling. It will make for a nice read, but get out there and snorkel.

In Topic: Season 5: The Walking Dead

Yesterday, 02:18 PM

I told my wife last night that I feel like this season could be the best of the series so far. That says a lot, because I have been a harsh critic in the past at times.

I think it is partially because they are sticking more to the comics.

In Topic: Season 5: The Walking Dead

Yesterday, 02:09 PM

also, this...




If stuff like this is intentional, then the showrunners have stepped up their game BIG TIME!... props to them if so...

In Topic: Season 5: The Walking Dead

Yesterday, 02:08 PM

Also, some other symbolism...

Daryl killed a possum.


Jessie was building an owl sculpture and had an owl tattoo on her forearm (seen in the Rick haircut sequence.)


Another reference to the "wolves" with the back of the comic book.


Possums play dead to survive.

Owls are wise predators and extremely protective and territorial of their young.


Wolves are pack predators.


I think this could have tons of meaning moving forward.

Carol is a possum, btw. She immediately switched to her old role of Helpy Helperton so that she could get an inside job with the community.


I think Jessie being an owl will play out on screen.

I think we'll see some more wolves, in time.