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In Topic: Important All-Pro News

Yesterday, 04:21 PM

What if we are currently on Paypal but want to switch?

In Topic: Godfrey Question for the Cap Experts

Yesterday, 01:01 PM

He would have counted for $4.1m in salary next year, $3m in dead money. So we net out and gain $1.1m in cap space for next year, I believe.

In Topic: This might be the week the NFC South bounces back.

Yesterday, 11:41 AM

Saints will get smoked by GB.


Detroit's pass rush will eat Matt Ryan alive.


Bucs and Vikes are two terrible teams, so Bucs might have a chance.


I would love nothing more than another 1-3 NFCS week, with Carolina being the only victor.


I don't care what others think about the division.

In Topic: Gameplan for Wilson?

22 October 2014 - 04:58 PM

Yep. Keep him in the pocket. Contain, contain, contain. D-line need to drill that into their heads. 

In Topic: Bad Hurney Contracts: Who's Left?

22 October 2014 - 11:10 AM

We all know about CJ and the RB's, that's been discussed to death. But the numbers for both Kalil and Davis are much too high as well. I'm sorry, but 10 million allocated to a 4-3 OLB and over 11 million for a center are just crazy numbers. Neither of those are considered critical positions in today's NFL. 


Gettleman has some very tough decisions to make. I expect he is going to become less popular around here short of us winning a Super Bowl.


We'd save $4.5m by cutting Thomas Davis, but considering the state of our secondary, we need Luke and TD to cover them up. I think it's more likely Davis either restructures or takes a pay cut. It's also the last year of his contract next season. 


I think Kalil will be fine - he's hampered by the total slop around him. When we had Velasco and Turner alongside him vs Cincy, he looked pretty good. Also, it'd actually cost us about $300k in cap space to cut Kalil this offseason. Doesn't really make sense to cut him when he's the only guy on the offensive line worth anything.

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