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In Topic: Chances Riverboat Ron gets Canned ?

Today, 12:49 PM

I think it's low, but not 0%.

In Topic: Should tackles pass the LOS be counted?

Yesterday, 12:47 PM

No one say tackles should not count. There are tackles of value and garbage tackles. Tackles for no gain are of value. Just like sacks. If tackles any tackles should count then in-completions should be credited to the CBs. But they're not. A CB's bread and butter on the stat sheet is INTs. Yards allowed by a CB is not even considered. In this passing league I think yards allowed is of higher value than tackling after a 1st down.

Except, you know, Pass Breakups are credited to the player who makes the deflection.

This is honestly the worst thread the huddle has had in a long time, and you should lose thread starting privileges over it.

In Topic: Should tackles pass the LOS be counted?

Yesterday, 12:42 PM

Hall of fame thread.

Almost tomy jone worthy.

In Topic: Ideal 1st Round Pick for Carolina [UPDATED]

Yesterday, 11:43 AM

Landon Collins

In Topic: Soon, Very Soon

Yesterday, 11:42 AM


I think it has a lot to do with expiring contracts. We overachieved last year. We're overachieving this year. We just got our asses kicked yesterday so you're losing sight of this.

3-3-1 is overachieveing?


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