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Jordan: "We're just getting started"

14 July 2010 - 09:56 AM

If you remember what it is like to be a kid, you remember how much fun it is to trade things.

For the current generation, it might be Silly Bandz. For the older generation, it might be baseball cards.

Still, the appeal is universal. There's a certain feeling you get when you can get rid of something you're tired of and acquire something you are excited about.

The Charlotte Bobcats are addicted to that feeling.

There is a childlike enthusiasm about the way the Bobcats deal with their roster, as owner Michael Jordan, general manager Rod Higgins and head coach Larry Brown constantly make trades in search of a team that can actually win a playoff game.

On Tuesday, they shipped Tyson Chandler to Dallas - Chandler had been shipped in here less than a year ago. The Bobcats acquired Matt Carroll - who they had traded away in 2009.

This was trade No.11, in case you're counting, in the two-year-old Larry Brown Era.

Dallas also sent the Bobcats Eduardo Najera and, most valuably, the non-guaranteed contract of Erick Dampier (as well as Dampier himself, although he's just the velvet backdrop for that glittery contract that can subtract $13 million off the payroll of any team that wants it bad enough). Charlotte sent Alexis Ajinca to the Mavericks - it's a shame he couldn't take Gana Diop with him.

And this trade is not it for Charlotte.

Far from it. It's little more than a bridge to the next deal. At least that's what I'm sure the Bobcats hope. They figure that they can turn Dampier's contract or possibly expendable forward Boris Diaw into a decent starting point guard.

That's a necessity, because I believe Brown doesn't want D.J. Augustin to be his starter at point guard if he can possibly help it.

And for all the trades the Bobcats make - and they are widely considered one of the two or three trading-est teams in the league - about 95 percent of the deals they talk about never come to fruition. That's what Higgins said Tuesday.

"You envision these trades all the time," Higgins said. "But it's like Reggie Miller or Ray Allen, taking thousands and thousands of shots just so that in a game, when they have an opportunity to hit one or two shots that are important, they can make those. We have conversation after conversation, brainstorm after brainstorm, and then a real small amount of it actually gets done."

A real small amount?

The Bobcats only have two players left on their roster since Brown got here two years ago - Gerald Wallace and Nazr Mohammed. That's stunning. It's not all because of trades, but most of it is. I guess Higgins has unlimited minutes on his phone.

But give the Bobcats this. When they do have a chance to make a shot, they have swished them far more often in trades (for players like Stephen Jackson and Tyrus Thomas) than in drafts (Adam Morrison and Sean May).

So all these trades aren't a bad thing, which is a good thing since the Bobcats have averaged almost one trade every two months since Brown has been here. They once made two trades in a single day. They've never gone more than five months during Brown's tenure without making a deal.

Jordan told me Friday, shortly after the LeBron hullabaloo: "We're not done. We're just getting started."

So the Bobcats have.

And in a matter of weeks, if not hours, you're going to see their trigger finger get itchy again

Read more: http://www.charlotte...l#ixzz0tfW671WD

Just a little something to calm some nerves around here. MJ and company have come up pretty good in trades and they're still working hard to make the team better.

Magic MATCH Bulls offer to Redick

09 July 2010 - 10:56 PM

chadfordinsider Breaking: Bulls sign J.J. Redick to a 3 year, $20M offer sheet according to sources. Link coming ...

With Redick and Korver, they've added a pair of sharpshooters to that team. Miami may have the biggest splash of the offseason, but you'd be hard-pressed to convince me that Chicago isn't having the best offseason.


I think Orlando still has they chance to match the offer sheet, but I don't see how they would.

Hi, I'm BF91

01 May 2010 - 10:14 PM

Alright, as the title suggests, I'm BF91. Nice to meet all of you. I'm a super moderator over at Braves-Nation.com and a fairly active member of the SB Nation Blog, Catscratch Reader. Obviously I'm a huge Panthers fan and I've been looking for an active Panthers forum. Hopefully I've found it here.

I'm also a freshman Criminal Justice/Political Science double major at Appalachian State, so I'm VERY excited about us drafting Armanti. Hope to see you guys around!

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