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In Topic: What would you do if John Fox and the Bears made the playoffs with Jimmy Clau...

Yesterday, 04:12 PM

Would mean that Fox actually did his job,  and helped Clausen out.   When both were here,  Fox and his entire coaching staff seemed like they didn't want anything to do with Clausen.      Looked like they gave up on the kid before he even took his first snap as a pro.

In Topic: best coaches 2015 per rotoworld

24 March 2015 - 09:47 AM

If the Panthers finally play well at the start of the season.....AND the middle of the season......to go along with how well they play at the end of the season...             He will be considered a good HC..  Not by a lot of Panther fans,  of course..   since a lot of Panther fans expect perfection at all times....since we've come to expect that with our franchises' long and trophy filled history.

In Topic: Greg Jennings Leaves Without Contract...

22 March 2015 - 08:49 PM

Good update.




Also.  The other thread is 20 pages long... there is no indication in the thread title that it is a Greg Jennings Megathread.


  I'd agree with some of you if the other thread was called "All Greg Jennings Talk Here"  or "Greg Jennings Mega Thread"  To basically let everyone know that all things they may have that has to do with Jennings,  goes in that thread.

In Topic: Dallas Sportscaster blasts Cowboys for signing Hardy

19 March 2015 - 11:53 AM

I've grown to not care about most of the things players do or don't do off the field.





It's not my place to judge anyone.

In Topic: Average Gain from Big FA Spending Sprees? 0 Wins

17 March 2015 - 08:36 AM

I read it.


Was Ed Reed considered a top FA in any area?  Wasn't he broken and used up by the time the Texans picked him up,  also coming off of a big injury (I'm not googling it yet,  just off the top of my head)


Smart teams are smart teams.   Sometimes they pick up highly targeted FAs not for a possible increase in reg season wins,  since it's already assumed they will win enough to get into the postseason,    they pick up highly targeted FAs so they can possibly get further in the playoffs than they did the previous years.


Teams like the Bucs believe they can just throw a bunch of money at free agents and they will somehow win games.   The fact that,  the Bucs are on their third HC since even Cam was drafted...should tell everyone what they need to know about them.     They rarely pick the right players for them...whether the FAs are bottom tier or top tier.        Mix that with their inability to draft like G-man.....and you have one of the worst teams in the NFL over the last few years.         Same thing with the Raiders.