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In Topic: trai turner on beckham catch

Yesterday, 10:59 PM

And there you have it. The 2014 season in one tweet.

U realize they were teammates at LSU, correct?

In Topic: Josh Norman: Munnerlyn Never Helped Me

Yesterday, 09:37 PM

Please lord let him lineup against KB just once

In Topic: RIP KB's OROY chances

Yesterday, 09:25 PM

That catch was absolutely incredible.


He's gonna be a special player.

In Topic: Any PSL owners billed for playoff tickets yet?

Yesterday, 09:20 PM

PSLs are a scam.

I respect those that buy in. I don't know that I'd have the stomach for it.


As a PSL holder of the last ten years, I completely agree.


If you haven't bought PSL's, don't.  You are much better off scalping tickets on Sunday's.  I'd have a lot more money in my pockets if I had just bought tickets to each game individually as opposed to having to pay full face for each ticket (including 20 worthless pre-season games).  Eventually, if the Panthers can ever rattle off a couple deep playoff runs or a few winning season back to back, I think there will be value in having PSL's as tickets may be harder to come by.



With all that said, i'm extremely grateful for the concept of PSL's as they are the reason we have the team. 

In Topic: Any PSL owners billed for playoff tickets yet?

Yesterday, 06:13 PM

Merry Christmas PSL owners from your old pal Jerry.

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