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In Topic: Micheal Sam released

Today, 04:27 PM

This topic wouldn't exist if he was straight.

If he was straight he would have been drafted before the 5th round guaranteed.

In Topic: Robert Lester is not Practice Squad Eligible #HeGone

Today, 04:07 PM

What if no one signs him soon, you think we could or would pick him back up?

What the fug kind of sense would that make?

In Topic: Is Cam Newton Really A Franchise QB

Today, 04:07 AM

Well, I don't want to get it so far but stfu you motherfuger.

You think you know some stats and your God? fug you.

•••Sent from my couch while fuging the Saints•••

Whatever. I'm fuged up at 5am. Blow me

In Topic: Is Cam Newton Really A Franchise QB

Today, 04:00 AM

This might seem to be a stupid question but after thinking about it, lets face it, Cam has to win some playoff games to be our real franchise qb like Rodgers, Brady, Manning.

Like it or not, Cam is not that good yet and when he's as good as those above guys, I would say he's our franchise quarterback.

•••Sent from my couch while fuging the Saints•••

Rogers didn't start till third year and didn't go to the playoffs till his fifth.

Manning didn't get to the playoffs till his fourth.

Brady went in his second year.

So in summation.....stfu you're clueless

In Topic: Kuechly Ranked 4th Best Defender in the League by ESPN

Today, 03:39 AM

Oh yeah. Thomas deserves his ranking.

Thomas/Sherman - Like with the old Willis/Bowman rankings where they were considered two of the very top defenders in the league , one deserves the credit.... and one doesn't.

Thomas is amazing. Best in the league at his position.

I would take PP over Sherman.

While I agree Sherman shouldn't be so high, I'm damn sure that pp shouldn't be that high either.

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