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In Topic: Crater in Russia

Today, 12:52 PM

its natural, if you notice, there's almost a perfect circle of water just a couple hundred feet from it. permafrost melting and collapsing, soon a small lake will form. the north end of that peninsula is covered with them.

It actually exploded outwards as there's a debris field rim. Its been speculated that melting permafrost allowed a gas pocket to explode to the surface.

In Topic: Huddle-isms

Today, 09:58 AM

Jim Stone

In Topic: Asheville Restaurant Recommendations?

Yesterday, 12:39 PM

The mutts thing is honorable, but different.

The disdain for tourists was palpable, and not attractive at all. Every young person seemed to work in the "tourist" biz, I would have put a smile on my face, and worked as hard as possible.

The cars I get, but the lack of "nice" cars was noticeable.

Wicked Weed, Admiral, Curate, Sunny Point, Rhubarb, trying to remember the rest.

As a Boone native a lot of the mountain town disdain for tourists comes from a fairly prevalent perception of every local being a barely literate hillbilly.

I used to want to punch every fuging Yankee twat or Floridian who would talk all slow and loud to me like I spoke a foreign fuging language.

In Topic: A little perspective on the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Yesterday, 10:03 AM

What do you consider it when someone detonates a suicide bomb on a school bus?

Pretty sure what you quoted provides your answer.

In Topic: NYPD kill a man after placing him in a chokehold

Yesterday, 09:47 AM

Where is the outrage over citizens murdering cops in cold blood? That happens a lot more than cops murdering citizens.

Umm actually the ratio isn't even close. Police unnecessarily kill way more than they themselves are killed in the line of duty.

Murder is murder and all cases deserve outrage, but murder by those chosen and employed to uphold and enforce the law is always going to garner more attention.

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